Hey Sandusky: Time to score Ard

Matt Westerhold
Jan 14, 2013


There was a city-wide vote in November 2011 that asked whether the city government should be realigned and reformed; 45 percent of voters said it should. That vote occurred even as Ard was hired, suggesting voters were willing to try again — once more perhaps — to let the city manager form of government work. 

The city manager's job is no doubt demanding and worthy of being at the top-end of the pay scale. Ard's contract paid her $126,000 in 2012 and will pay out up to $141,000 this year and next. It only makes sense that commissioners, and residents, would want to be assured the city was — finally — on a right road. Ard, and residents deserve to know whether this partnership is working and serving the best interests of the city. 

Commissioners should ask for a performance review and take every precaution necessary to assure it is fair and thorough, addressing the worthy goals that were established. 


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What: Sandusky city commission meeting
When: 5 p.m. 
Where: CIty Hall, Commission Chambers, 222 Meigs Street, Sandusky
Agenda: Jan. 14, 2013


The Answer Person

Forget it. It is unfixable. It's the old "You can't make a silk purse out of a sow's ear" syndrome for Sandusky.

Think about it. DECADES pass and nothing changes.

Whiskey Tango F...

Until an area near by drops lower than Sandusky in rent, and handouts, there is no where for the the problems to relocate to. Look at Detroit... Pump million of dollars in and yor can see exactly where the money ran out. This money is often described as "seed money" to start an area which will be so amazing that private dollars will fall from the sky and develop a beautiful community that everyone flocks to. Our waterfront is an amazingly accurate example

BW1's picture

Offer certain offenders a choice of jail or a special probation that includes a one way bus ticket to Detroit, Cleveland, or Columbus, where the only probation condition is they stay out of the county for 5 years.

Clark W

I disagree.
It is fixable.
If the City Commission isn't doing it's job, then elect new Commissioners.
It's that simple. Elect qualified, competent people to do the job.
There's still room for improvement on the board.
Perhaps changes need to be made, to attract more qualified people to the Commission.

And Mr. Westerhold, I've given you some heat lately, but I think you are spot-on here.
It's not out of line asking for a performance review.
An annual review is a no-brainer.


Not having a yearly performance on the City Manager is unacceptable, plus, the city would be in breach of contract with Ard if we aren't already because the commissioners are not following through with the contract. Her contract states she is to be evaluated yearly and a raise, if so noted, is to be given to her. How can committee approve a raise for her and not actually give the raise to her?


The problem seems to be that the commissioners are as unqualified as Ard is. None of them appears to know how to run a government. I know you wanted new faces on the commission but come on, you have to have people who know what they are doing.

Julie R.

Time to score all the public officials.


I knew this was coming....I was told by a girlfriend of mine that these people were at it again and I just simply didn't believe her. NOW I do. What a shame that all this press was to add to the idea that the group trying to "get" Ms Ard was so that group wanting to put the "elect" a city manager could put it back on the ballot again and possibly win this time.

And that instead of DOING their jobs, city commissioners would pawn off their lack of doing their jobs on the present city manager is just a terrible sham.

Perhaps Julie R is right. Its time to SCORE public officials and maybe we should start with the City Commissioners of Sandusky. Shall we? Lets do that.

I would like to review THEIR accomplishments this year based on what the public REALLY knows about their work and not what has just been reported to us in the press. I would like to do so by reviewing the public records, shall we?

I really think that is fair to one and all. I would like to start a committee of citizens who are willing to go through the public records of the city commission and see just what each council person has contributed this year. Any one want to join me?

Then we will give that information to the press for publication and they can give that to the public for a score card.

Do I have any offers of help????? I plan to start this Friday, January 18, 2013.