BGSU FIrelands has class, for leaders

Jan 6, 2013


Excerpt from the editorial Viewpoint in today's Sunday Register: We're hopeful enrollment in the Firelands College government leadership academy exceeds expectations and that every local government will send at least one representative to learn more about how to make our region stronger, better and more responsive to the needs of those who are governed. 

We're hopeful, too, that this opportunity will bring out anyone who has ever considered running for elected office and spur them to get their names on a future election ballot.  Becoming part of the solution and bringing about better local government is a worthy goal. 

So, not just one thumb or two thumbs up; here's a big hardy high-five to BGSU Firelands College for developing the government leadership academy. 


Want to go?

WHAT: BGSU Firelands College government leadership program
WHO: Designed for elected and appointed officials and anyone interested in better government or running for office 
WHEN: The first of nine sessions begins Jan. 17. Classes are at 5:30 p.m. every Thursday
WHERE: BGSU Firelands, Cedar Point Center, Huron Township
COST: $249 includes seven sessions, program materials, dinner before each session and a graduation ceremony
CONTACT: To register or obtain information call Kelly Cusack, assistant director of educational outreach at 419-372-0632


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Are and the rest of the city commissioners need to go to the school


This should be mandatory for every Sandusky Commissioner and our lame duck Manager to attend.


Sign up all seven commissioners and Ard, it will be money will spent. Too bad there is a charge for the classes instead of a straight out public service. Entities can pick up the tab for their elected officials but for perspective candidates, it is hard to come up with the money so it kind of defeats the purpose. I do think no matter how many classes are given that it will ever change anything--just using plain common sense will do.

The Hero Zone's picture
The Hero Zone

This class seems like a great opportunity to learn and advance oneself. I will be making plans to attend! While not in a leadership position in government, this may allow me to better lead my community and find them the guidance and resources we all need to lead better lives.


the problem with leaders is that once they get those positions they forget about the people they are leading and representing.