Pervis: 'Let's forget the money'

Jan 1, 2013

Sandusky city commissioners approved a $21,000 security system enhancement last week, without, it seems, a full understanding of what they were purchasing. 

At least two commissioners made comments about money not being a concern when it comes to safety at city hall. 

"Let's forget the money," commissioner Pervis Brown said. "Our people's safety is more important than 21 stinking (thousand) little dollars."

Indeed, safety in public buildings should be a priority. 

But it's absurd to throw cash at a problem without establishing goals and researching what you're purchasing. 


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Absolutely absurd. It's not about doing the right thing or money it's about responsibly having a plan for money to be spent on right things. If you can't show a plan for your spending then you don't deserve the $ or the position to manage it.

DEEPsix's picture

close city hall and run the town from a barber shop...


Or a hardware store


Can anybody tell that Pervis Brown is not on the SR"s "love list". Would this article been different if another certain commissioner said this? Inquiring minds want to know.

Licorice Schtick

The Register likes exposing brilliance and foolishness. To be fair, they have often found it in the same person.

wiredmama222 get the gold star for accuracy.


Really makes you wonder what they are doing in there. Makes me wonder what kind of things they are passing/funding to feel they are in such danger?


Spending money without knowing what you are getting? Nahhhh, not in America? Piss poor example of horrible leadership yet again. This guy who says 21 stinking little thousand dollars is nothing...well I think thats a lot of money and so would most people. Why do people put the same people back in leadership. Amazes me.


Well, it looks like the firm Status Solutions spelled the program out pretty thorough, and line for line. Anybody that was present, or knows the meeting adjenda can see that pretty well. Why don't you print what the other "at least two" said about the issue. Another half sided article. Inquiring minds what to know the whole story.


I still don't konw why the police department needs a security system. Aren't they a security system?