Pervis: 'Let's forget the money'

Jan 1, 2013


Sandusky city commissioners approved a $21,000 security system enhancement last week, without, it seems, a full understanding of what they were purchasing. 

At least two commissioners made comments about money not being a concern when it comes to safety at city hall. 

"Let's forget the money," commissioner Pervis Brown said. "Our people's safety is more important than 21 stinking (thousand) little dollars."

Indeed, safety in public buildings should be a priority. 

But it's absurd to throw cash at a problem without establishing goals and researching what you're purchasing. 


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This will be fun. :)


What is the potentail cost of just one "incident?" Hundreds of thousands? Even more?

This is probably a good investment. Ill-considered comments do not make it any less so, and should not get in the way of thoughtful consideration of the matter.


Spending money without understanding exactly what it's being spent on? Yep, the government is apparently alive and well! Too bad the "well" doesn't apply to most of those affected by such ignorance or, frankly, an attitude that permits words like "little dollars" to apply to amounts like $21,000 in a cash-strapped municipality!

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Dr. Information

It's the Nancy Pelosi have to spend it first, then figure out what you bought.


Attitudes like his are the reason why this country is in the dire shape that it's in! How irresponsible of him and the others for letting him get away with that statement!


Boy you know when I seen that , just. Couldn't believe what I was reading .
What kind of idiot would just buy something and not have any clue what they are buying is not only a waste of tax dollars , but it just out right careless .
Is that the type of people we want to represent this gone to the dogs city ?
Anyone that would invest in anything weather it be the government or a resident without first finding out the where's and the what fors should be dismissed from sanity .Yes in these times you have to be carefull and in sure the safety of not only city hall , but the city .


Easy to say when it's not your personal funds!!

Second Opinion

Does it REALLY SURPRISE anyone that he said this?


Is this the same commissioner leading the police chief search committee? Sounds like he needs to be recalled.


He isn't the one who needs to be recalled, but there are a couple who could be.


Sounds like he setting us up for the new city hall. "Let's forget about money"

Citizens of Sandusky this is a test. If you pay no attention to what happened and what was said then get ready for the big hit.

Licorice Schtick

I think just the opposite. The willingness to invest in repairs and improvements to the existing city building signals a commitment to it.


Collect the $ 2,800 the Erie County Democratic Party owes for the private party security overtime. Pay up Grubbe!


Are the city income tax dollars also "stinking" little dollars before those who live or work in the city are forced to pay? Look for an increase in city income taxes coming in the future for a few more stinking little dollars.

Did Pervis Brown really make that statement? Sometimes when people are quoted, the news media will take a comment and change it around.


How much money do you put on a human life? How much does it cost for your wife, your husband, your daughter?

If some nut case walks into the City Bldg and fires a gun at someone because they are mad about something and they kill someone, how much does it cost YOU? How much value do you place on that person's life?

THAT is was Mr Brown meant. He doesn't equivicate money with the safety of the people in that building. He cares more about their lives than he does about what it would cost to outfit the building with the safety equipment to make them secure and all of you are complaining.

How could you? How many of you cried over Sandy Hook school a few weeks ago? This is Sandusky and there are a LOT of guns out there. It only takes one idiot with a gun and a grudge to walk into the city building to achieve what they had at Sandy Hook elementary. Let me remind you that adults were killed at Sandy Hook, too. Do you want that here?

Do any of you have friends that work down there? relatives? I do. I don't want that for my firends. I don't want some idiot with a gun walking in and being mad about some dumb thing to shoot one of my friends or her co workers when they could have expended a few measly dollars to protect her and her co workers.

I never put a monitary dollar figure on her life and neither has Mr. Brown, thank God. I am surprised all of you have. How could you?

Dr. Information

Wow, do you read at all. You go off on these tangents that has nothing to do with anything. Btw a security system isn't going to stop a killer. Lol.


Wiredmamma does not read articles.


Yes, I do read the articles. We have had this discussion before and I am not going through this with you again.


Had you read print versions of articles related to this topic you would have understood that the issue isn't whether they should have security, but whether they understood what they were purchasing and whether it would provide the security they need. Given your (understandable) strong opinion about safety, I would think you'd want them to assess the needs and what the system is capable of before putting it in place and calling it safe. You can't just read these partial online articles and voice your opinion without expecting those who read the print version and associated documentation to call you out.


@Dr.Information....I have the feeling with you that no matter what I write, you would find fault with it. I don't put much credit to what you post to any of my writings as they are always negative. You have no credibility with me at all.

Dr. Information

well at least I post sensible stuff, backed up by facts.

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"How much money do you put on a human life?"

Without an informed basis for knowing it will be EFFECTIVE in saving that life? ZERO!

Common sense would make that clear if you weren't laboring under a mathematically illiterate concept of risk and benefit


@BW1 REALLY? Based on whose ideas? your idea is absolutely preposterous.

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So it's preposterous to have reason overrule emotional gut reactions and ask:

-What are we buying?
-How does it operate?
-Does it actually work?
-Will it actually make anyone safer?
-Are there more effective alternatives?

No, just whip out the city's credit card and bend over, because someone invoked the magic word "safety." You'd probably be OK with them spending a billion dollars on snake oil if someone said "it's for the children." Con artists love people like you - just find the right trigger word/phrase and critical thinking goes right out the window.

Risk and benefit are not digital variables. We could eliminate 99.9% of traffic deaths if all cars were made unable to go faster than 2mph, but the cost in lost productivity would not be worth it.

Of course, true to form, your failure to critically evaluate things in your rush to emote all over the issue has once again led to one of your famous reversals a few comments later:

"And yes, SanduskySteve, you are right, the cops could get there very quickly so I am guessing they really don't need the security system."


Mama - I'm usually on your side and agree with you - but I have say - the NRA wouldn't agree with you at all. If I remember right - the ONLY acceptable solution to that Sandy HOok shooting, according to all of the gun nuts is to put an armed cop in each school and everything will be ok. My question then would be with the whole police department in that city hall building - why the hell do they need a security system??? The cops could just get the bad guy. Right??


Oh, I realize the "gun nuts" think the only solution is more guns, which just isn't a solution to anything. I cannot imagine how they think that is even logical, but they are in the business of selling more guns. I understand that the police are in the building...on the other side. And yes, if they can get there in a hurry, they could "get" the bad guy, but how many lives could he take before they get him?

I guess my point is, they have already had ONE incident, so maybe it is a good idea to put it in. I am a little "gun shy" for my friends in that building. I see this from a different point of view than most. But the vicious ones on here who don't see Pervis' comment as he MEANT it, are all ready to attack him for a comment made into something not symantically said like the paper is making it out to be. How sad for him.

Funny how they get him in their cross hairs and fire, That is unfortunate and unfair. He was thinking of the people, not about money. Knowing how kind hearted and caring he really is, I am sure that is how HE meant it as well.

And yes, SanduskySteve, you are right, the cops could get there very quickly so I am guessing they really don't need the security system. What they do need is a new city hall. Spending the money for THAT would make much more sense anyway.

Dr. Information

because a security system would of prevented? Would of been just another youtube video so all you sicko's can watch it and scream...."no guns, no guns, no guns". This has nothing to do with guns, or Sandy has to do with being financial responsibility, which these guys buying before they know what they are getting, is not being financially responsible.

Keep deflecting and spinning. Typical, you can't stay on topic. Are you and steve bro and sis and live together and just high five each other from the couch while you play on your laptops?


Your rediculous comment doesn't even deserve a reply - but since you insist this has nothing to do with guns - I wanted to reply anyway - the purpose of the security system is to protect employees and the public from bad guys with or without guns - at least I would think that is their concern, if not - then it is even more of a waste of money. They have the best security system in the country there with the police department in the same building - don't they??? I thought they had cameras in the building as well? Aren't the monitored in the police station? There are more things to spend money on - and my NRA comment was self-explanitory I thought.


Absolutely absurd. It's not about doing the right thing or money it's about responsibly having a plan for money to be spent on right things. If you can't show a plan for your spending then you don't deserve the $ or the position to manage it.

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close city hall and run the town from a barber shop...


Or a hardware store


Can anybody tell that Pervis Brown is not on the SR"s "love list". Would this article been different if another certain commissioner said this? Inquiring minds want to know.

Licorice Schtick

The Register likes exposing brilliance and foolishness. To be fair, they have often found it in the same person.

wiredmama222 get the gold star for accuracy.


Really makes you wonder what they are doing in there. Makes me wonder what kind of things they are passing/funding to feel they are in such danger?


Spending money without knowing what you are getting? Nahhhh, not in America? Piss poor example of horrible leadership yet again. This guy who says 21 stinking little thousand dollars is nothing...well I think thats a lot of money and so would most people. Why do people put the same people back in leadership. Amazes me.


Well, it looks like the firm Status Solutions spelled the program out pretty thorough, and line for line. Anybody that was present, or knows the meeting adjenda can see that pretty well. Why don't you print what the other "at least two" said about the issue. Another half sided article. Inquiring minds what to know the whole story.


I still don't konw why the police department needs a security system. Aren't they a security system?