Opinion: NASA Glenn re-org a job killer

Oct 7, 2012


Excerpt from editorial Viewpoint in the Sunday Register: If President Obama, U.S. Rep. Marcy Kaptur and U.S. senators Sherrod Brown and Rob Portman want to protect jobs in Ohio they will take swift action to stop a reorganization plan for NASA Glenn and the NASA Plum Brook station. In the political contests currently underway, their respective opponents -- Republicans Mitt Romney, senate candidate Josh Mandel and 9th District candidate Samuel Wurlzelbacher -- also would serve Ohio well if they took a strong public stand against this plan. 

Tell them what you think. Contact:
President Obama at (202) 456-1111 
Senator Sherrod Brown at (202) 224-2315
Senator Rob Portman at 202-224-3353
U.S. Rep. Marcy Kaptur at (202) 225-4146


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car 54

I disagree. We seem stuck and short sited in the space program.


The real short-sightedness in the space program doesn't lie with NASA or the people who work there. It's in budget-cutters who don't recognize a good investment when it jumps up and down and flies to the moon in front of their face, but who never seem to be able to turn down yet another subsidy or entitlement "for the children," "to fight poverty," or "for the mohair sheep farmers" (yes, the WW II mohair subsidy STILL exists).

If ANY political representative actually means it when s/he says that children are important and poverty is bad, they'd support the proven investment of the space program. Now, how many of them ARE serious when they say that? Uhm...hello? Is anybody there? Hello?

My Opinion is...

Personally, I believe that if the government let NASA keep the patents on all the stuff it invents (microwaves, and lots of other stuff we use on a daily basis) it could fund itself and have a surplus of money every year

Free Man

pb is already closed..!


Plumbrook is not closed!!!!! I began work at PB in 1984 and retired ib 2007, All of my work involved testing NASA, DOE, Air Force, DOD and European Space Agency projects. Today PB is preparing for the replacement launch Vehicle testing plus other testing projects. Wind Turbine technology was developed at PB.

Free Man

pb is just more goverment welfare .... take my tax dollars ..to pay to keep pb open..no thanks..

Free Man

pb is just more goverment welfare .... take my tax dollars ..to pay to keep pb open..no thanks..

Free Man

This a news release dated May 7, 2012. What resulted from the indictment?

swiss cheese kat's picture
swiss cheese kat

Over 600,000 manufacturing jobs since Obama took office. Since Obama took office NASA's budget has declined.

"The unemployment rate has fallen to the lowest level since I took office," Obama said.

That statement was predicted in 2011.
The Obama Kool-aid drinkers are out in full force.


MARCY KAPTUR HAS NEVER CARED ABOUT JOBS!!! End of story! She uses dirty campaign tactics to remain in office so she can accomplish nothing year after year, term after term.