7:30 AM Sep 17, 2014

The good news: The cost of computer software programming and maintenance for the Sandusky County court system dropped about 75 percent in the most recent three-month period ending in July, down from record high monthly invoices earlier this year. 

7:30 AM Sep 16, 2014

Jayda and Shania Jackson are rock stars. 

7:30 AM Sep 15, 2014

The allegations lodged against the Put-in-Bay police department are serious: Harassing local business owners, making false arrests, filing false police reports and numerous other complaints.

7:05 AM Sep 14, 2014

Ottawa County Prosecutor Mark Mulligan owes Jean Shaeffer an explantion why he refused to seek charges against an Ottawa County jewelry store owner who allegedly stole more than $167,000 from Shaeffer in 2012.

9:45 AM Sep 10, 2014

City commission has gone where no city commission has gone before: A complete survey of every house and every structure in the city.

We see this as a very wise move. You cannot know what the real challenge is until tyhe challenge is properly assessed. 

9:45 AM Sep 9, 2014

The reconstruction of the Camp Street subway — the underpass at North Depot Street — finally is underway. 

7:00 AM Sep 8, 2014

Put-in-Bay police Chief Robert "Ric" Lampela looked away.

So did PIB Mayor Margaret Scarpelli.

Village law director George Wilber ignored complaints against the PIB police department for at least a year, but probably much longer than that.

12:00 PM Sep 7, 2014

It's a natural partnership.

Cedar Fair, the hands-down leader in the world of amusement parks, and BGSU Firelands, the college of our community, have a longstanding partnership that is mutually beneficial and also benefits the community at large. 

10:00 AM Sep 6, 2014

Ottawa County Prosecutor Mark Mulligan's recent actions leave members of this editorial board scratching their heads.

6:00 AM Aug 27, 2014

Take a large group of people in a party mood. Add alcohol. Let the excitement of the night take hold. Tell them it's time to shut down. The party's over.

What do you get? All too often the answer is -- Trouble.

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