While a viable and vibrant downtown is an important ingredient for any given city, it’s time the city commission and the new city manager spread their wings out beyond downtown.

As we celebrate Flag Day, I think it is important to understand the history of the Pledge of Allegiance.

This information was taken from a pamphlet prepared by the National Society, Daughters of the American Revolution.

On May 29, I picked up the Register and the headline was “City deserves better than this”

I still drive down Fulton Street nearly every day, and when I stop at Perry Street for oncoming traffic, I still look at the river, the lake, and the pier of giant boulders that extends hundreds of feet out into the water, separating the river from the lake, and I get to wondering how long it wil

Thank you to Keaton Garrity for writing an informative letter regarding the horrendous treatment animals go through to supply clothing to people in this country. (Reader forum)

The photo of the “Master Puppeteers” that appeared in the Sandusky Register May 25 sparked my interest.
It is imperative that I write to you in regard to the horrendous treatment which animals go through while being manufactured into clothing materials, and the actions we can take to help.

I am concerned about the depreciating amount of acceptance of prayer in schools.

I am from a small town near Sandusky. I am writing this in regards to our society being too dependent on technology.

Raises for salaried employees and improvements to Water Street.


Where did this money suddenly come from?

And yet there is not enough money to keep the Venice Road Fire Station open full time?

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