Surrounding the recent domestic violence controversy in the NFL, there is a national epidemic to prevent abuse from occurring.
5:40 AM Sep 28, 2014

I wish to bring to attention, the matter of pollution in Lake Erie.

The current conditions are troubling and require media coverage and aid. We as a community are doing little to protect it.

5:42 AM Sep 27, 2014

On Thursday (September 18), the senate finally gave approval to President Obama’s plan to train Syrian rebels in attempt to put down ISIS.Although this plan has its flaws, I believe that overall it was the best decision for our country.

9:34 PM Sep 26, 2014

The air we breathe is supposed to be our reliability that keeps us living. Why then, is it doing the opposite?

3:32 PM Sep 26, 2014

As school shootings and other attacks increase throughout the United States and the rest of the world, politicians believe an expedient to lowering this rate would be to revise or abolish the second amendment.

12:42 PM Sep 26, 2014

When Cedar Point made the announcement that they would name a roller coaster after LeBron James if he returned to play for the Cavs, the first place that came to mind wasn’t a coaster, but the most obvious: Add the name “King James” on top of the park’s lost and found building.

9:19 PM Sep 20, 2014

The idea that Libby Grant put forth in Thursday’s paper is ludicrous and nothing more than fear-based propaganda.

12:02 PM Sep 20, 2014

Pulling our troops out of Iraq too soon and the United States not being concerned enough about Syria, has lead to yet another terrorist group forming, named Isis.

10:45 AM Sep 20, 2014

Gay marriage is a moral issue that stems from the moral relativism that has swept across the nation, giving people the belief that they alone decide what is right and wrong in their circumstances.

10:14 PM Sep 19, 2014
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