Port Clinton needs to keep waterfront

Aug 21, 2014


I would like to suggest the Ottawa County powers that be consider putting the “Port” in Port Clinton.

As Lake Erie is our most valuable asset, why not use it for the enjoyment of our thousands of summer visitors and locals?

Consider an expensive, long-term development of a safe harbor at Port Clinton, 200+ dock spaces surrounded with low-impact, one-story buildings for various retail, boating and fishing support business. A low-impact master plan could be developed protecting the lake vista as much as possible.

Port Clinton’s downtown like St Joe, Michigan, would benefit from the additional visitor activity.

Let’s be real, our industry is tourism. We have a 110-day window to make hay and then we go semi-dormant.

Until somebody comes along with several hundred additional year-round manufacturing jobs employing hundreds of locals, tourism is it.

Quit whining about Put-in-Bay, Cedar Point taking all the summer business, there’s room for all if you get off the dime and start long-term financial and physical layout planning.

Put the PORT back into Port Clinton.

—Ken Benjamin



I agree in principle... and wish that it would work.

200 boats.. each with 2.5 people... each spending $100 a day....

50% efficiency... equals $25,000 a day distributed among how many cash registers.

Yes, it's appealing.... but would it happen given that
1. PC is off the beaten path for boaters.
2. Boating is not popular with the younger people. The marina industry is faced with a declining number of boaters.

lunchtime 175

I agree, Port Clinton does not really have anything to do there for all of the thousands of visitors that travel thru the area during the spring and summer seasons on vacation, etc. The only thing there is the jet express and places to eat. Nothing recreational to do in that city for being right by the lake.


PC just doesn't posses enough individual attractions to reach critical mass... where they feed off each other and spin off other new opportunities.

They are in a Catch 22...

Perhaps if they tried having one new theme festival that attracts a different crowd from the Walleye Festival crowd. Degreed people... from the city.. Some sort of art or music festival. It would need to last a full week.

T. A. Schwanger


Consider this.

We aren't making anymore waterfront. Smart Growth Development protects and enhances what precious public waterfront areas we have remaining, developing privately away from the waterfront with transportation modes between the public space and private development.

Google Windsor Ontario Festival Park or the Banks in Cincinnati for top notch examples of waterfront Smart Growth.

I always get a kick out of politicians or residents that scream fowl when there is opposition to privatizing public waterfront areas by claiming those groups and individuals fighting to protect the same "have hidden agendas". What's hidden? CORD and similar groups are protecting what belongs to everyone

T. A. Schwanger
Pres: Save Our Shoreline Parks. Sandusky, Ohio