Random drug testing for students

Aug 7, 2014


I do favor student drug testing in all schools.

We are losing our younger generation at warp speed.

In my opinion, it would be best to inform the students at the beginning of each year, that once a month, without warning, a student will be selected at random to undergo testing. This will give the offender a chance to get clean or, if they are clean, to ensure they don’t fall into an eminent path of self destruction.

Once this procedure is in place, the students who are experimenting, will be less inclined to do so for fear of reprisal.

Punishment could be dealt in three stages:

First offense — warn student that school will be informing their parents or guardian that the school has a zero tolerance for drug and alcohol abuse and to get clean or face consequences.

Second offense — Mandatory rehab by student at closest facility.

Third offense — Suspension from school for period to be decided by school board.

To test all students would be cost prohibitive, a severe invasion of privacy and an open invitation to a serious lawsuit. Since the students have been warned, and will not know who is going to be selected each month, there should be an appreciable turn around. If not, they have been forewarned and let the chips fall where they may. Take a look at employment offers that are stating drug testing required.

—Charlotte Zimmerman



alcohol sucks


This is a very good idea they also need to test people getting government assistance,good comment there holysee and I'm being sarcastic if you can't figure that out.

From the Grave

This kind of thing goes completely against OUR FREEDOM. Catch the actual drug users and remove them from the school. It's really obvious who they are. Don't test some kid randomly that may never even use drugs his whole life.

getit right be4...



So drug testing at work is against our freedom as well?
It is NOT obvious which kids are using drugs. You would be amazed. Honor students, athletes. Not just the stereotypical slackers that you are probably picturing. And more and more teens are doing so, even in our schools. Heck, for years (long before the current heroin epidemic around here), Westlake High School was known as "Heroin High", and Westlake is a beautiful city.


Thank you. You do NOT know which kids are the drug users. And you would be surprised the drugs they use. My daughter watched a kid sell a pill to a kid out of a bottle to another kid at a table in the library study hall one day. $20 each. 2 football players. It is not "only" weed, it is pills, too. I agree it is Honor students, athletes, the typical users, and the "good kids". Do not think it is a "oh you can tell" problem anymore.

From the Grave

Well, your daughter knows, so...

From the Grave

Any of your neighbors could be using drugs too. So the next thing will be random searches of homes? Wrong.


Yes I take back what I said about it being a good idea, it does go against your freedom I guess it should be up to the parents if they want there kid tested, but I do think that people getting assistance should be tested once a month.


try offering rewards for information leading to the arrest of the people dealing the drugs.

Azure Ray

Maybe the parents should stay on top of what their children are doing. That sounds like the cheapest way to go about all of this.


That's the problem. I bet many cases where kids use illegal drugs have crappy parents that don't teach them right from wrong, and raise them with common sense and the ability to work for goals in life. I would say the parents are the biggest problem in many cases.


Just put syrup of ipicat in drugs to make the users sick!


Just a thought...
If we test let's say 1,000,000 students a month, for 9 months. That's 9,000,000 tests a year. If those tests are 99.98% accurate that would mean 180,000 students per year would have false positives. That could possibly screw with a student who is truely clean and never did any drugs. Like I said it's just a thought.


Oops my math was faulty. Lol that would be 2% but read this. http://www.m.webmd.com/a-to-z-gu...

From the Grave

Yeah, but even if they falsely accuse ONE student, ever...


Also drugs are in every class from rich to poor, smart to dumb. I personally have a friend who was one of the biggest potheads in school. He also took acid whenever he could. He continued to get straight A's and now has his doctorates and work R and D for a leading computer company. Did he quit smoking? No... He makes more money in a month than some make in a year!

From the Grave

A lot of kids are on drugs prescribed by the family doctor.

Fresh ideas

perhaps testing all athletes along with random


Charlotte I favor cameras around you 24/7. That way people could watch you. Where are the parent(s) here? We have black boxes in autos , all sorts of drones & PCMonitoring, road cameras & more. Where does this end?


Using substances to blur the edges is nothing new, it's human nature. Some people will survive it others won't. Trying to control behavior by any means never works.
Kids aren't stupid they know what drugs can so to a life, it's a choice we all had to make. I do not advocate for big brother.
As a society we can do our best to support and hopefully rehabilitate the addict. Fear only works for so long.


As long as they don't use my tax dollars to rehab their sorry selves.