Sandusky needs to make the tough choices for future

Jul 31, 2014


To raise revenue for our city:

1. Raise the sales tax to 10 percent on everything we buy. Everybody pays their fair share.

2. The Ohio Lottery is a joke — too many numbers, too many states. Let the clubs bring back the machines like the casinos have. Make it legal for everyone to have a chance to win.

3. Cedar Point has raised the parking fee by $5 from $10 to $15. Look what this brings in. They also raised senior tickets. I bought stock at $23 a share, which is now worth $50. Cedar Fair is not hurting. Raise the tax on them by 1 percent. We live in the best city in Ohio. It is up to us to keep it that way. I am an 88-year-old veteran still on the go. I had seen it all, to my children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren, we are the luckiest people. God bless the U.S.A. We have to make choices in life. Take it or leave it. Let’s go for it.

—Richard Davie



Everyone has an answer, don't they?

Licorice Schtick

Apparently the SR has not been getting a lot of letters.


How about this? We begin charging sales tax on all pre-paired foods. Deli foods, fast food, eat-in or carry-out.

Truth or Dare

Fact is, revenue has to come from somewhere. Answers? More like suggestions. IF you live in Sandusky it was coming to our local November ballot anyways. Actually, Cedar Point/Fair DOESN'T PAY the admission tax, the consumer does. It's also my understanding the admission tax can be raised at any time by a unanimous vote amongst city commissioners, therefore no need to go on any ballot. Should the .25 income/1% admission tax hike crash and burn at the ballot box, Cedar Fair has promised to still give the city $500K a year. Now, what the answer for Sandusky will be beyond that, you'll see more pushing for tax increases at the ballot box. Unless of course all of a sudden money just starts growing on all of our trees, except the over 800 dead ones of course.


The nice part about an admission tax is that it will grow as the price of admission increases. The bad part of income taxes and admission taxes for a company like CP is that they must have more employees to do the accounting. Eliminate taxes and a lot of private sector accounting jobs are eliminated.


One computer program can figure the math... or an intelligent 9th grader.


The city needs to live within it's means.
Most of us have no choice but to pare back, with no increase in income and the cost of everything rising something, somewhere goes. I will not cut myself or my family back in order to pay more taxes to the city on order to give CITY EMPLOYEES A RAISE, not once but over the next 3 years.
This proposal is at least fair, everyone who chooses to buy, pays instead of socking it to earnings.

Truth or Dare

Hey sugs, please believe me when I say I understand you and hear you loud and clear! The sales tax we all pay, just like the admission tax, should we so choose to attend a venue that incorporates it into their ticket prices. However, the sales tax isn't collected by the city, but rather the county, and keep in mind, our County Commissioners raised it w/the promise to reduce it back down.


It is supposed to go down in Oct, but not to what it was last year. It will be 0.25% more than it was before the increase. And I don't know if the city gets any of the sales tax.


Attract businesses... Clean up neighborhoods so people move into the city limits... And develop year-round attractions that utilize the barren waterfront

sandtown born a...

Great plan, what do we do with the unemployed live off the system individuals ruining most of the good neighborhoods they are the majority of the crime and deteriation of our great city


We pretend that raising taxes on the productive will solve these issues.
The dependence on entitlements and lack of work ethic is a problem that has been fostered by the Democrats and the liberal thinkers for the last 5 generations.
Libs/progressives/Dems constantly create victims, to win elections off of by promising them revenge on whomever the bad guy is,( whites, wealthy, men, etc). Hence creating the mess were in.
I'm done with giving my money to corrupt crony cap pols who favor public sector unions and whiners to keep their power. VOTE NO, send a strong clear message Sandusky!

Truth or Dare

Let's be real sugs, both sides have done a bang-up job of "creating the mess we're in". I could care less about another's wealth, the color of their skin or their gender. All the more reason I travel the middle of the road, not being afraid to think for myself.



There are steps that need (and can) be taken to clean-up our town. Doing so, will encourage folks to move back. There's a multitude of quality homes here at affordable pricing. As SANDTOWN BORN mentioned, what to do with the blight that's taking over our good neighborhoods?

It starts with the landlord. If they allow their property to fall into disrepair then they are in violation and cited. The property will then need repair or face penalties. Here is a sample of the ordinance and we all can think of more than a dozen homes needing this type of repair:

(Ord. 04-063. Passed 1-26-04.)
(3) Every window, door, and basement hatchway shall be reasonably weathertight, watertight and rodent-proof, shall be capable of affording privacy and security, and shall be kept in sound working condition and good repair.
(4) All exterior surfaces of buildings on a premises shall be clean and maintained in good repair so as to provide sufficient covering and protection of the structural surface underneath against deterioration, with paint, stucco, aluminum, vinyl siding or other approved exterior grade waterproofing materials, applied in an approved manner, and of a uniform color and appearance to match or complement the other structural surfaces on the premises. Without limiting the generality of this section, an exterior surface of a building shall be deemed to be out of repair if the surface is blistered, cracked, flaked, scaled, or chalked away, or is loose or has fallen.
(5) Every chimney, antenna and all parts thereof, both exterior and interior, shall be properly installed and maintained in a safe condition and in good repair.
(6) Every fence, retaining wall, walkway, sidewalk and driveway shall be properly installed, maintained in a safe condition and in good repair.
(7) The premises shall be free from hazards and conditions which might create a nuisance.
(b) Stairs and Porches. Every inside and outside stair, every porch, and every appurtenance thereto shall be so constructed as to be safe for use and capable of supporting the load that normal use may cause to be placed thereon and shall be kept in sound condition and good repair. Where the absence of handrails creates a hazard, they shall be installed in an approved manner.

I'm sure a majority of readers are going to say "yeah right" that won't happen here because the city has no backbone, the good ole boy system is prevalent here, racism card will be played, and so on. Never said it was going to easy but cleaning up the neighborhoods are possible with a lot of work. A landlord to remain financially sound and retain their property (in good repair) will require them to keep their property in compliance or sell it.

There are many other ordinances which require the property to be kept not only in livable condition but pleasing to the eye. If the landlord can't find a tenant to comply...out they go.

Oh, and I rented for 20+ years ;) and kept the property up as if it was my own.


You can raise taxes till the cow comes home . But the fact of the matter is your tax base is not great enough to support a city the size and Cedar Point is only going to be a part of the answer . If you want to get Sandusky out of ghe red snf back in the black ypu need to bloister your manufacturing that has income tax year round . I am not saying that Cedar Point dont pay their fair share . But the fact og the matter id their is a drop in taxes payed in the monthes that the park is closed .
This will cause the tax base to drop and thats what will cause problems
Get more hobs in sandusky that are full time and year round . Problem solved


100% correct gene.


How about a city wide lottery only with funds going to city