Increasing taxes not the answer for city of Sandusky

Jul 23, 2014

An increase in taxes again?


The city of Sandusky is cash-strapped once again.

The city wants to either increase the income tax or increase the admissions tax to Cedar Point, or both. Why penalize city residents or Cedar Point visitors?

Why not hold people accountable such as Mr. Yost for his $269,000 debt to the city? Why slap him on the wrist with a mere $2,700 fine and all is forgiven? The city would not allow anyone else to slide on their responsibilities for five months, let alone five years.

Be fair to those of us who pay our dues and don’t increase these taxes.

—Mary Anne Hauser


Sandumpy Proud

Vote yes! Raise all taxes! Viva Government!


I agree with parts of this forum. We (city residents) should NOT get taxed another dime. However, the guest going to Cedar Point SHOULD be taxed more than a measly 3% on admission.(mind you they also don't pay any tax on anything purchased inside the park) If you or I go to Disney World, we are FORCED to pay at least an 8% admission tax on top of the price of a ticket. Did or do I complain? Of course not. Does the admission tax have any affect on if I purchase tickets for my family next year? Of course not. Income tax increase, should NOT be considered. Raising the admission tax to the same percentage as the sales tax SHOULD be done. By the way my family and I are Cedar Point season pass holders, have been for over 30 years. You must PAY to PLAY.


No sales tax on purchases inside the park?

Pls explain/ verify.


How about this: increase the admission tax on Cedar Point attendees, but simultaneously DECREASE the city income tax by a like amount! Of course, this is out of the question, since the real issue for government (any government from city to federal) is not so much WHERE to find the tax dollars, but HOW to get ever more tax dollars.


We have an opportunity to say NO. Come out and vote NO. The commissioners don't care about their constituents they took the easy way out, dump on the producers. VOTE GO TO HEdouble l


I am going to vote yes!

The Bizness

I will be voting yes.


Yes vote to give more of your hard earned money to subsidize the luxury of the civil servant! Maybe they can retire at 45 instead of 50! They deserve to sit at Dockside with their feet up while you toil! Rebuild Sandusky! Rebuild the good life for some! Why shouldn't they be surrounded in pots of flowers and fountains while they imbibe!


Vote yes,

Mr. 25 Cents

When was the last time the city of Sandusky increased its taxes? Fifty years ago? Meanwhile, the state has been cutting both taxes and the amount of money it gives to local governments.

On Tuesday, Cedar Point agreed to a restructuring of its tax obligations that will generate an additional $500,000, EVERY year, of income tax revenue for the City. That should be enough to clear Mr. Yost's water bill. The rest will go to pay for services.

If people in this city don't want services, they should attend commission meetings and identify the unnecessary services that the city provides. The city has already stopped resurfacing roads. Should it stop plowing the streets? Are residents willing to bag their own leaves instead of having city workers pick them up? Do residents want to spend thousands of dollars out of their own pockets to trim and remove street trees planted by the tree commission? Do residents want to close Fire Station No. 7? Should the city sell its waterfront parks?

The city has already cut its staffing by over 25%. Should it lay off some police officers?

"No, no, no! Don't cut any of that stuff!" But that's what's left to cut. And, if that wasn't clear, it should be after the city shut down Fire Station No. 7.

For most people who are subject to the .25% increase in income taxes (25 cents out of every hundred dollars they earn), it will amount to only an extra dollar or two per week in taxes. But the total extra revenue generated for the city would be approximately $2.5 million, and about half of that would come from Cedar Point. That $2.5 million won't be heading down to Columbus or off to Washington never to be seen again. It will be spent here.

Residents can pony up a couple of dollars per week, or they can start making tough decisions. And making tough decisions doesn't involve complaining about a one-time expense like Mr. Yost's water bill. It involves eliminating services forever.


What services? There are none. That's laughable.

The Bizness

Sewer, water, roads, parks, PD, Fire


I already pay a monthly water and sewer bill, my street is rarely plowed, till the parks under. Don't want to pay a fortune to keep them. Or better yet you and your buddies volunteer to maintain them. Never have called the FD , don't bother to call the police they are ride and don't show up for hours.




I've always felt that regardless of the city/county/state that the citizens will accept a tax increase as long as its leaders make a reasonable case for it.

Nobody was happy when Gov. George Voinovich raised taxes and fees when he became Governor of Ohio but when it came to his re-election 4 years later he won with 72% of the vote. In Columbus, Mayor Mike Coleman convinced the voters to raise the city income tax to 2.5% in the midst of a recession and it passed something like 55%-45%. It passed because he made a good case to the voters that it had to be done and they accepted it.

In researching this I finally found a list of Ohio City Income Taxes at

The 10 biggest cities and their city income taxes in Ohio are: Columbus - 2.50%; Cleveland - 2.00%; Cincinnati - 2.10%; Toledo - 2.25%; Akron - 2.25%; Dayton - 2.25%; Parma - 2.50%; Canton - 2.00%; Youngstown - 2.75%; Lorain - 2.50%


I'll be voting yes. I care about my City. It's been over 40 years since the last tax increase. I agree 100% with Mr. 25 cents.


And if we had a thriving economy, where people were prospering that rate would be just fine.
Give them more though because we know the great job they'll so with it.




Good comments on this board, Sugar. I agree with what you're saying.


The golf course bleeds $25,000.00 each year! Yet we keep it open. Why?


If you listened to the presentation at the Specially called commission meeting on Tuesday, You would know that with that we are paying $300 less in State income tax today compared to 2004 due to reductions in rate. This win-win solution brings one third of this money to Sandusky to rebuild our city. And our corporate citizen Cedar Point brings the same percentage of tourist dollars to the table. This is clearly a WIN-WIN SOLUTION to REBUILD SANDUSKY.


You're Rebuilding those union wages and early retirement.


I will be voting yes if I get assurances that we will not be building a new city hall. I also care about my city. It the responsible thing to do. Staffing # 7 before something really bad happens, code enforcement,roads, curbs, sidewalks and dead trees.


For those of you advocating raising taxes on the tourists by increasing the Cedar Point admissions tax, remember a vast majority of those tourists are staying in our local hotels and PAYING the bed tax as well. How much is too much to tax the tourists? I don't know, but if the number of tourists that come here each year goes down because its getting too expensive for them, then that is not good for our local economy. Too many people that live here work in the hospitality industry and could lead to more unemployment.

JT Adams St

Cedar Point has agreed to a 1% increase on the admissions tax.

If Perkins wants to eliminate its bed tax, that would be great. Maybe its residents could actually pay some taxes instead of milking tourists dry.


Closing fire stations and threatening reductions in services is exactly what they do everytime. Just like the schools take away the things parents get upset about. It works everytime. Or "it's only a few dollars a week" when added up is HUNDREDS over a year. You're being used citizens! Make them live with in their budget. You have to!
I'm not voting out of fear anymore, I'm voting in favor of my wallet. The mismanagement is horrifying, no wonder we're broke.


How many of you skip that Dr or dentist appointment because of the cost? Plan to skip them all after you're a few hundred dollars poorer next year.
But your civil servant friend has no difficulty having his health care needs met because YOU pay for them.
But it's just a few dollars a week and were being oh so calm and reasonable about it, common sense should prevail, it's been years since they've asked for an increase.
Problem is fellas, it's NOT your money. Take some cuts like the rest of us had. City Comission handle the money as if it all came from your labors. Government stop growing.

JT Adams St

City staff have taken cuts. The workforce has been reduced by about 1/3. For someone to be a "few hundred dollars poorer" next year as a result of a .25% tax increase, they would have to be making over $100,000 a year. I doubt if those people will be skipping their dental appointments because of a .25% tax increase.

The Big Dog's back

sugar, it must be terrible to go thru life with all that hate and animosity towards working people.


You should know! Now, that's an idea for you. Instead of getting your GED, you can teach other people what it's like to be an a**hole who sits behind a computer screen and types negative sh** all day.