Keep Waterworks Park public for all to enjoy

Jul 21, 2014


Waterworks Park should remain a park because public land should be kept for public use.

Ottawa County has 94 miles of Lake Erie shoreline and 14.5 miles, or about 15 percent, is public access. Port Clinton has one mile of this access. We already have hotels/motels, bars, condos and restaurants up and down the shoreline.

Why do we need more?

Port Clinton should take advantage of its uniqueness and build the most beautiful park imaginable. Port Clinton can be a destination with a place to experience the lake, shop, eat and spend the night. Best of all, our residents can enjoy it too. Once we destroy our lake access, it is gone forever.

—Kathy Vance
Port Clinton



amen this part should remain public we don't need any more hotels there we don't need any more restaurants we need the beach


the underlying problem is what they expect to accomplish... This will not revitalize the city... to do that you must lower or eliminate taxes, red tape, and then reduce the police presence.. those two factors have scared off business and tourism and go hand in hand


PC is basically ruined.

Minimal tax base...

Maximal section 8 housing for drug dealers and unemployables.


the only way you're going to get money around here is to take away from the freebie people.

Licorice Schtick

When Lake Erie turns green and toxic, it doesn't help. That does not attract visitors, even if the locals get used to it.


First of all, Waterworks Park is not much of a park. It definitely would need some additional features to be classified as a park. I agree we don't really need more hotels (the majority now owned by the same family) nor do we need more tourists until we can widen the roads to accommodate them. We do need more police presence because out-of-towners and locals speed, make erratic moves and u-turns and are basically watching the lake and not the road. Drivers think it is a race over the bridge on Lakeshore Dr to beat each other to where the two lane turns into one lane-and then the winner usually turns left into his condo. The 'freebie' people as you call them are not even a part of this issue and although we have two or three places that have rent based on income, it is definitely not a majority of the population here. For some reason the powers that be think that bringing in more tourists will bring in more money for the city and well it might, but it will also bring in more problems for everyone.

Mr. D

Who is Kathy Vance? She has chosen not to sign her letter with a hometown or location. Where is she from?

I bet if you do a search, you will find she is not from this area and that she is just giving lip service for cord.


looks to me like it says port clinton, right after her name..

Mr. D

It wasn't there earlier.....