ODNR discounts for veterans is an embarassing offer

Jul 21, 2014


I would be embarrassed to be Jason Fallon, Ohio Department of Natural Resources spokesman, in regard to the article in the Register (“R&R for those who serve” July 9).

State officials are saluting war heroes with steep price reductions.

Really? They are going to give veterans a whopping 10 percent discount on camp sites. And then the article goes on to say what the stipulations are on the “steep discounts”

Really? It is embarrassing to even read. I would be ashamed to be associated with ODNR officials making it sound like they really are “saluting” veterans, by offering a whopping 10 percent discount.

—Ed Litz
Port Clinton



This "steep" discount has been in effect since at least 2002. I remember taking my kids on vacation to Mohican State Park and using my Military ID to get 10% off my camping while my husband was deployed. This is NOT new, and NOT steep. It is a joke. Yes, every little bit helps, but would they go broke if it was 20%? 40%? Show you really care. Put your money, discount where your mouth is. (Another pet peeve....When you ask about a Military discount and are told it is for Active duty only. When 20+ years of service and multiple deployments doesn't count)


10 percent is more than I get. Why do veterans deserve a discount?
Are they the poorest amongst us?

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I don’t understand why you won’t just stfu, you add nothing relevant, useful, valid, intelligent, moral to any discussion you comment-bomb..


I was not going to even bother with an answer. All he is doing is looking for an argument. I agree, nothing he says has any intelligence behind it.


Because the veterans did what you don't have the balls to do! Anyone how serves our country deserves a few perks. I bet your the same scum that wants to give more welfare benefits!


Well said!


If we stopped creating veterans these arguments would not be.