Student critical of sharing buildings with junior high

Jul 13, 2014


I would like to express my opinion on the joining of Sandusky Middle School with Sandusky High School.

I am in high school right now and it gets kind of annoying at times when people in high school can’t go into certain parts of the school.

Adams Junior High was the perfect place to be my seventh-grade year. Then, before my eighth-grade year, they put us in the 300 wing, on the second floor. We went from having a big three-story middle school to a tiny square on the second floor of the high school.

It sucked because we had almost no room to walk freely to class or get things out of our lockers for other classes. I know there aren’t nearly as many students as past years.

It’s still annoying when you pass some middle-school students in the high school part of the school, and the middle-schoolers ask, “What are you doing over here?”

I always think, “Really? You’re not supposed to be in this part of the school”

—Nick Graves



I wasn't aware that the High School was shared with the Middle School.

The high school in the past was crowded and limited in space as it was, I can't imagine how crowded the area is now. Where did they place all the classes that were in the 300 wing?

I'm also surprised that there hasn't been a third floor built on this building some time ago.


The high school is not crowded at all. Families have gotten smaller and some have moved. All of the classrooms in the 400s were put comfortably in the older part of the high school. The class of 2014 had about 170 graduate. Certainly don't need all the extra space that was added 45 years ago because we don't have the large number of students. It is all working well.


Thanks for the update. (Guess all are going to Perkins now , just kidding of course)

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I went to a small school where the 7-12 grade classes had to share the high school. We shared the same one locker hallway, cafeteria, and gymnasium all at the same time. Packed like sardines, moved around like cattle.

At least you have somewhat of a separation. It's intimating for 7th graders to be right up next to the Seniors at times.


It's just life kid! It sucks for adults too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


What sucks about sharing a school with younger children?

It's all in the perspective that people look at things ...

You maybe have the opportunity to see one of your siblings ..ensuring that they are having an okay day

You have the opportunity to mentor, not pick on the younger generation

You have the opportunity to GET an education

You have the opportunity to maybe make a difference in a younger child's life. Be a mentor, pay it forward.


Grow up!


Society is giving you an education for free, and you're whining that you can't have separate facilities from the other kids. Get over yourself.

Buildings cost money to build, maintain, heat, etc. Money taken forcibly from people in the community. Stop looking a gift horse in the mouth.