Americans rallying for the wrong causes sometimes

Jul 13, 2014

On reading some of the feedback on Matt Westerhold’s column (“Set the children free” Register, July 6):

I wanted to ask a few questions of the sign-carrying American citizens who blocked a busload of helpless children:

Will those same people block a load of illegal drugs from entering the States?

Will those same people line up to stop a load of illegal guns from entering the U.S.A.?

Will those same people line up in areas where illegal drugs are being sold?

Will those same people line up in front of gun stores where guns are being sold to anyone who will buy them? 

Will they line up in front of a residence where known gang members assemble daily?

Will they line up in front of a school where bullying may cause the death of a lonely teen?

To all the questions I have posed, the answer would probably be: “I don’t think so” Many of these so-called Americans are descendants of immigrants who were honest, hardworking people who were looking for a better life. Some found it better, some didn’t.

As for abortion, I don’t care for it, but for a baby to be put in a microwave oven, or shot to death by a disgruntled boyfriend, or stomped to death by an angry mother, or even starved to death by coldhearted people, that baby knows it’s dying. And that’s got to be the most horrible thing in the world. You rally about abortion, rally about that.

If I am not mistaken — and I could be — but what else is new?

There are words engraved on the Statue of Liberty: “Send me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free” and “I lift my lamp beside the Golden Door”

If I am right, maybe these words should be erased, as they don’t seem to ring true anymore.

—Carrie King



Very well put Carrie!!!!!!!!!!




I had hope when I started reading this... Then quickly realized that it was a letter that made assumptions, conjectures, and based on opinions instead of facts. In other words, it was like most other letters to the editor.

Where are the facts? What is the point? Why do letters that just attack people get attention with no reason other than to attack get such attention?


Re: "Very,"

You'd applaud a Pres. Obama fart.


The word "Obama" is not mentioned in the letter. Give it a rest pooh!

Carrie makes some very valid points.


Re: "Obama,"

Who do you think helped to cause this mess?

"Valid points"?

So you understand nonsensical flailing rants?


Obama is not at fault here. What would pooh do?


Re: "Obama is not at fault here."

The non-deportation of "Dreamers" helped to start the flood, clueless.

No....Pres. Obama is always blameless to an Obamabot.


We have laws, enforce the laws we have and this would not have happened.
Will those same people block a load of illegal drugs from entering the States?
Answer: If they did they would be arrested for interfering with the CIA and their cartel.

Will those same people line up to stop a load of illegal guns from entering the U.S.A.?
Answer: Once again that is working against the CIA and most weapons are headed south anyways.
Will those same people line up in front of gun stores where guns are being sold to anyone who will buy them?
Answer: If it is a gun store it is legal to purchase from them.
Will they line up in front of a residence where known gang members assemble daily?
Answer: Innocent till proven guilty, If a person does that it is grounds for a restraining order.
Will they line up in front of a school where bullying may cause the death of a lonely teen?
Answer: seriously???
The reality of the situation is the laws are not being enforced to secure our borders and more than just kids are getting through. Let me ask you a question.
Would you be willing to take them into your home and pay for them absorbing all the cost for them and their family for a few years while the papers work comes back and they are deported for being known gang members? Thats is who is really flooding the borders.
Have fun !


Agree. Why have laws if they are not going to be enforced? You can't pick and choose which laws to enforce and which to ignore. If you don't like the law, work to get it changed or dismissed. Why are the needs of illegal immigrants more important than the needs of those who are already citizens living here? Why aren't the people flooding our borders working to change their own countries for the better?


What about the UN laws?


Our so called President took and oath to the US CONSTITUTION, NOT THE UN.

Sad you think the rest of the world who was always following the US is somehow better than this county. If you like the UN laws then move to one of the countries that live by it and leave the real American's to our Constitution and Bill of Rights.

PS, take the other Socialist DOG with you when you leave.


The U.S., being a member of the U.N. have to recognize certain laws.


Actually it is treason to bind American citizens to foreign law. The constitution trumps the UN as in section 6 of the constitution which states the constitution is the supreme law of the land. If you argue against that your government loses power and so does any law within the states.
We do not HAVE to recognize anything.
Besides that only a complete freaking moron would argue against his own rights and voice in government in favor of a foreign controlled entity. Moron.

Dr. Information

deer owned again. go back to school kid.


I sometimes wonder why Deer stays here, he along with Dog hates everything this country was founded on and currently is. I'm not slandering here but making a factual observation. It's obvious that neither of them have read the US Constitution or Bill of Rights and they actively support every Socialist viewpoint. I personally consider it nothing less than mockery for them to pledge allegiance to the flag! Why would someone pledge to a symbol which represents everything they themselves disagree with? Is it ignorance on their part or disdain for a Republic?


Re: "neither of them have read the US Constitution or Bill of Rights,"

They've selectively cherry picked and misconstrued those articles and sections which appear to coincide with Marxism.

They may not have read, but they fully accept the principles expressed by Marx's Ten Planks.

They also believe and adhere to the diktat:

"From each according to his ability, to each according to his need."

They would see the wealthiest country in the world impoverished for a vacuous and failed socio-economic philosophy.


The Constitution and Bill of Rights were a lie the day they were signed. Were we all free or equal? Think about it!! I ignore dummy!


Re: "Were we all free or equal?"

If you ever read the history of the U.S. Constitution, you would know that many of the founders agonized over the issue of slavery.

The practice was tragically imposed by the British and later institutionalized.

The colonies would have been 13 separate countries constantly at war with one another had not compromises and allowances been made.

A tremendous amt. of progress has been made over the past 225 yrs. toward those ends.

Babies can't walk or speak in the first few months or yrs. of life. Suppose they should just be killed for their inadequacy?

Socialism as it's been practiced equates to neither freedom or equality. It's a dead-end.

Be thankful for what you've got, second best is a lot worse.


Were we all free or not? History says we were NOT! All of my children were walking and talking before they were a year old so what are you talking about? I bet you were already drinking Kessler's out of your sippy cup! We are not in a socialist country so again your point?

You have a plantation owner mentality. We all should be so glad "massa" fed us scraps after working us to death and raping our women among many other horrible things. Was that really the best? Things have progressed but it didn't really start progressing until the 60s. Unless you have been Black for even a minute you have no right to run your pie hole. How much progress has been made for you? You are so clueless pooh!


Re: "it didn't really start progressing until the 60s."

So the 13th Amend. (1865) doesn't count?

Better that the colonies never united? Idiotic.

Why in the h*ll are the illegals streaming over the border if it's SO terrible here, three time loser?


No, it doesn't. It took an amendment to the Constitution to get what some already enjoyed. Freedom. You are trying to deflect with your colony remarks. Nice try, wrong guy!

They are coming here because it is worse at home. DUH!!!!!!!!!


So, How much time did YOU spend as a slave? You know, Living in bondage? Face it you have accomplished so little in your pathetic little life that you must highjack the hardships of people who lived over 100 years ago to actually have and credibility your self.
You talk of hardship yet live in the most prosperous country in the world, You enjoy the freedom most would risk their life for yet want to trade it in for a paycheck and the promise of something else. You are a selfish pathetic little man that would rather wallow in imagined wrongs than enjoy the country in which you were born.


I spent no time as a slave. How many of your ancestors were slave owners? Were we all free or not? That's the question troll. What have you accomplished there big guy?
Don't put words in my mouth. What hardships have you faced. Did the white water taste better? Did the white toilet flush differently. Was the ride smoother in the back of the bus? Answer that troll. How long have Blacks enjoyed that Freedom you speak of? How long have you enjoyed your freedom?
Call me all the names that you think make you a big man. Sticks and stones troll, sticks and stones.


Deertracker, serious question. I'm not trying to start an argument but am attempting to have a conversation. Do you not like white people? I'm not sure if you have children or not, but what would happen if one of them fell in love with a white person? Would you welcome them in to your family?

Once again, serious question, not trying to start an argurment


Now you know the full story about Deertracker and why he voted for Obama. A full blown racist who votes because of the color of someones skin and not the content of their character.


I have accomplished quite a bit thanks for asking. You on the other hand need to act as though you were personally subjugated and have quite the chip on the shoulder for imagined wrongs. Sorry dude its the new millennium we have a black president, all your whining about something that happened 150 years ago is moot, IT DID NOT HAPPEN TO YOU! Besides that My family lost members in that war on the union side so back the hell off or can i claim to be all messed up because my great great great great uncles died freeing the slaves?
You have enjoyed your freedom ALL your life as have I THANKS to my ancestors who fought for it. The civil war was over in 1865 so unless your over 150 years old you do not have a argument.

The Big Dog's back

done again=dumb again. Did you ever hear of the civil rights act of 1964? Are you really that brain dead about history?


Of course i have! The Blacks were freed way before that. That bill forced Democrats to respect the constitution and what the 14th amendment meant. It seems you Democrats always need a little more direction than normal people. Its like you are retarded or something. The rest of the country understood that after the 14th amendment everyone was supposed to be equal but as we are seeing even through your namesakes term with DOMA law that you people still do not see everyone as equal. Maybe you need a idiots guide to the constitution or something.
P.S I love the way you miss spell my name, But like i said you are retarded so i can overlook it.


I love how Dumbagain has rewritten the history of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.
But he's retarded , and I accept that.