Yost’s punishment is slap on the wrist, as west end suffers

Jul 10, 2014


What is wrong with this picture? A few months ago, a select group of our Sandusky city employees received a raise followed by the off again, on again closing of the Venice Road fire station.

Now, Joe Yost gets a plea bargain of a $2,717 fine and, most likely, no jail time for an unpaid water bill of $260,000, not to mention all the people he put out of their homes and the cost of clearing the property where a mobile home park was and his once-owned property at the subway on Hayes Avenue.

Our court system better do some hard thinking before they him get off this easy or you can most likely kiss any tax increase issue on upcoming ballots goodbye.

There is a saying that “time heals” but hopefully citizens of Sandusky won’t forget this huge blunder.

All they have to do is pass the unkept property on Venice Road or a heap of rubble on Hayes Avenue and the thought of Joe Yost’s petty punishment will immediately remind them of what a slumlord he was.

By the way, how much longer do we have to look at the Hayes Avenue eyesore before it is cleared of crumbling bricks and debris?

The unpaid bill of $260,000 would keep the fire station on Venice Road open a long time. As residents of the west end of the city go without fire and ambulance protections, Mr. Yost enjoys the comfort of his home, suffering only from a slap on the wrist. Who knows, in a couple of years we might even see him running for public office. Mr. Binette, please reverse judgment and make him pay his bills.

—Linda Howell


There you go again

Not only is Yost guilty of fraudng his tenants, "someone" in Sandusky allowed this to go on for too long.


thank you for a great letter, Linda and here's hoping he gets a hard lesson learned in jail. maybe a few of his past tenants are there with him.


This a symptom of a chronic Sandusky theme -- city management not paying attention to details and short-changing the tax payers by cutting services because of loss of revenue and huge avoidable attorney fees. I can't speak to sins of commission by the Commissioners, but there seem to be plenty of sins of omission. Perhaps a name change is due: "City Omissioners"


Perhaps Former Treasurer Widman should join Yost.

Julie R.

Once again, a scam from the get-go.

Get the money hidden, Yost, before the city of Sandusky suddenly after years decides to act on your unpaid $260 thousand dollar water bill so Binette, in another pre-planned scam, allows you to plead guilty to a misdemeanor and walk away with your pockets full.