Yost sentence seems like a slap on the wrist

Jul 9, 2014


In a recent article about the Yost settlement (“No jail time for Yost in plea deal” Register, July 7) , it stated that a plea deal was reached that gave Yost no jail time and only a couple thousand dollar so-called restitution.

Wow! He bilked his residents and the city out of tens of thousands and many families were uprooted as a result of it.

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What is this teaching people? It teaches people that it is OK to steal tens of thousands of dollars from the city and only get a slap on the wrist.

Tell our children that life lesson and we will see a lot more of it. Don’t let it happen, Judge Binette.

—Howard Collins



Well connected rich
Well connected rich
Well connected rich
Well connected rich

Julie R.

I personally think if Yost gets a slap on the wrist, people better be grateful he even got that much. After all, other entitled crooks in corrupt Erie County don't even get a slap on the wrist; they don't get anything at all for the flat-out crimes they commit. I also personally hope Binette shows his true colors, just like he does in unknown cases.