Gov. Kasich attacks clean energy, protects monopolies

Jun 26, 2014


With the signing of SB310 Gov. John Kasich has put a freeze on an industry that has seen tremendous job growth while the rest of Ohio’s industries have struggled recovering from the recession.

Gov. Kasich has once again shown us that his policies only serve those that serve him. In 2010, Gov. Kasich raised $305,000 from the coal industry. If that was not bad enough, six weeks before SB310 was signed David Koch gave Gov. Kasich the maximum donation allowed under the law — $12,155.

And with the signing of SB310 it looks as though their investments have paid off.

Having a clean energy standard puts Ohio consumers on a level playing field with the monopolies that are currently enjoyed by companies like First Energy.

The signing of Ohio Senate Bill 310, coupled with the wind turbine amendment in House Bill 483, which mandates that wind turbines to have an 1,125-foot “standoff distance” from the blades of a wind turbine to the nearest property line, show us that this governor is hell bent on keeping clean energy out of Ohio, ensuring that Ohioans stay dependent on fossil fuels.

If the state of Ohio and the United States of America are ever going to become energy independent, then we must start by expanding our investments in renewable energy. Decreasing our dependence on fossil fuels not only moves our state and our country forward, it is also is a vital national security interest.

—Maximilian Upton
Perkins Township



Why no mention of George Soros and his donations in the letter.
Ohio and the U.S. is awash in energy thanks to horizontal drilling and fracking. We don't need ugly windmills spoiling the view of sunsets on the horizon and killing migratory and native birds by the barrelful.
America prospered on inexpensive and plentiful fuel energy and after Obama it will again.
We won't need to explore alternate sources for many, many generations to come.

Peninsula Pundit

No sign of intelligence in your letter.

The Big Dog's back

needs rest. Are you serious?

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Well said Restless1.

Really are you ...

Right! Kick the can down the road, let our future generations deal with it. That is what we do best.

Dr. Information

Why does this retarded paper continuously print opinion pieces from lunatics.

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I didn't know he worked at fox.


Speaking of retarded replies.. touche

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To elicit retarded responses from lunatics.


well said


So you are heavy dems . paper sucks

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It is good to see that change has finally come, protecting rural Ohio residents from industrial sites. Your neighboring property owners have rights too. Deal with it.

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"Your neighboring property owners have rights too"

For sure, how would you like to have purchased acreage for nothing more than the peace and quiet only to have the lovely sound of swoosh, swoosh, swoosh in your ears ALL the time! And if they were to put these things just off shore on the lake, this would have lakefront property owners demanding their property taxes be cut by four times since they would now have only a view of windmills and not the view of an unobstructed lake, sunrise and sunset they pay for in their property taxes. A huge loss by millions of dollars of income to all counties along the lake would take place after all these property owners took the government to court!


Good for Gov Kasich and good for Ohio! To quote one of my most favorite scenes from Blazing Saddles: "We don't need no stinking clean air!"



The title of this article describes Kasich perfectly. If only he cared as much about Ohioans as he cares about getting re-elected.

Darwin's choice

If only obama cared about anything as well as he does lying....
But, I guess you go with what you're good at!



and coaster thinks Eddie FitzGerald is the man... what's funny is how the libtard Pee Dee took him to task in an editorial the other day

Mr. D

Gov Lepetomane said "We gotta protect our phoney baloney jobs!" In Blazing Saddles. Gov Kasich follows suit!!!


"this governor is hell bent on keeping clean energy out of Ohio, ensuring that Ohioans stay dependent on fossil fuels."

You want "clean energy" and “energy independence?” Start fracking. Natural gas is an actual clean energy alternative that would create jobs and help the environment: windmills are not. Current windmill technology is both inefficient and unreliable. They amount to giant eyesores that are dangerous, loud and expensive.

In fact, both democrats and republicans agree that windmills are not a viable clean energy alternative. If that weren't case, liberal bastions all over the United States would be trumpeting their energy independence as they construct a vast windmill infrastructure. Do you see that happening anywhere? Nope. And you want to know why? It is because windmills are just giant trophies that politicians like to use as something to point to as proof they care about the environment.

This is not to say there will never be a clean energy alternative. Indeed, someday there will be. When governor Kasich signs a bill against that future alternative then you might say that he hates the environment and wants all Ohioans to suffer so that he can get his belly rub from the Koch brothers.

But this article is not about "clean energy" the environment, national security or Ohio jobs. If it was, it would talk about how to go foreword with other clean energy alternatives or what “renewables” are worthwhile investments at this point time. The article is a pitifully bad attack on John Kasich. Max, is that really the best opposition research you could do on a sitting Governor? This is article reads like a democratic campaign managers twenty minute write-up produced after his last strategy meeting. It is a poorly reasoned vote grab that uses as many buzz words as it could possibly fit into a 300 word limit article. I understand that Ed Fitzgerald needs Max to rile up the democratic base with stuff like this but the logic here is just bad. Seriously in 300 words you make the jump from a bill mandating distances for windmills to a National Security threat?

Max, as a campaign manager, surely knows that voters are more likely to vote against ideas that they fear than to support a candidate. Ed Fitzgerald currently trailing John Kasich by more than 9 points in the polls, he had to try something. Right? So why not try using every fear mongering buzz phrase in the democrat strategy book to see what might stick? He calls Kasich "hell bent on keeping clean energy out of Ohio," accuses him of” "killing jobs” our endangering “national security interests.” He bases all of these grand conclusions on single, utterly meaningless, Ohio Senate Bill about stand off distances for windmills. Max hopes these tactics will scare Ohio voters into voting for the D.

Oh, and let’s not forget those Koch brothers. Everybody run for the hills the Koch brothers are coming! They are going to purchase your Governor with a $12,000 campaign donation. Yes $12,000 dollars to a campaign that will raise over $5 million. This must mean Koch brother and Kasich are colluding against your interests and trying to kill America.

I commend Max for his effort, but Ohio voters are smarter than this. This article was a waste of his time for Max. It reeks too much of partisan hackery and is so poorly reasoned that not even the most gullible voters will take it seriously. It won’t amount to a single additional vote for Ed.

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The Hero Zone

Well said.


Re: "energy independent,"

A myth.

There are around 3,000 workers in the OH coal industry. What are they supposed to do for employment?


Go back to school. Get in the 21st century, remember?


How about you go to coal country and spout that BS. I don't think you will due to the a$$ whoopin your ignorant self would get. So deerpoker what type degree do you have? Please tell us your educational achievements. We all wait with anticipation.


Re: "Go back (snip)"

Read more squeaky.

"Sherrod Brown says coal jobs and coal production both up in Ohio"

Really are you ...

Yeah. The 1,125 foot rule. Combusting fossil fuels no matter how little or how non polluting, is still combusting fossil fuels. Just forget advancing electrical generating technology. Our future generations have nothing to worry about, as we are setting them up for absolute success, and a prosperous future. Let's not try to figure out other ways to generate electricity to power our future other than ways that are destructive. Let's combust everything we can, that is the only way. NOT! There are other ways to do this which does not involve combustion of fossil fuels, wind, solar, nuclear, water, or geothermal. Ways for families to generate their own electrical power, no grid needed. Creative thinking is the key. I have found a new set of keys. Up until discovering this ray of hope, everything I have tried, to lead a respectful honest life, has failed or pushed me back. This is one thing I strongly believe in, and one I will take to my grave. My biggest demons are thanks for knowing me, thanks for believing in me, and thanks for giving me something to believe in.

Ralph J.

I rarely post comments to these type stories which only brings out bickering between the Democrats and Republicans. The question is who do the Democrats and Republicans truly represent? They both put on a dog and pony show for the lower, middle and upper class. The answer is that both the Democrats and Republicans represent the 1%, you know, the 1% who control the entire country, the population, the government and start stupid wars so that the rich get richer. The 1% decides what is good and what will be for the general population and the US. The 1% also sticks their noses into the governments of other countries.


This one more reason I am planning to start living off the water bills,electric bills,gas bills..just solar and propane.There plenty of free water places if you look. Just me and my truck camper..bye bye Ohio