Gun rights shouldn’t trump life rights

Jun 25, 2014


My question to the “open carry” people is — how can the rest of us tell the difference between you and the person who shot up the university, or the movie theater, or the mall, or the lawmen at the pizzeria?

The answer: We can’t until it’s too late. In exercising their gun rights their tunnel vision overlooks an important fact.

The first right in the Bill of Rights is for life. Guns, speech, etc., are amendments added later and should never overshadow the very first one, and it was put first for that reason.

Exercising any right comes with responsibility for any and all reactions, which most people seem to have forgotten.

—Paul Rudolf



Where's the dead horse to beat?


Clearly the Register doesn't have anything else to report on, so they throw something not in the news, that isn't releveant yet controversial, to create inflated hits on their website. Just like I'm doing now. Where's Matt Westerhold!?


The issue of gun safety, gun owner rights and the need for universal background checks isn't relevant? The 65 comments (thus far) to this brief article certainly suggest otherwise.


The First Amendment is about life? That is interesting...

How can we tell the difference between the writer and the people that have used pressure cookers or pipes as bombs. We should probably outlaw pressure cookers and pipes as well. That will solve all of our issues.


Try telling that to some guy pointing a gun at your head trying to rob you or take your life.

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Carrying a gun is antithetical to what Jesus preached, how he lived, and how he died. Trusting in guns is a failure of trust in God’s plan on how the Christian should approach the world and each other.

From the Grave

So is condemning people who hold different beliefs.


@ thinkagain

Nah..... you have some confusion and naivety going on there.


"Then said he unto them, But now, he that hath a purse, let him take it, and likewise his scrip: and he that hath no sword, let him sell his garment, and buy one."
Luke 22:36
Hard to listen to your drivel when Jesus was surrounded by armed guards. (They hacked a ear off a guard when he was arrested)
You and your ilk are antithetical to the Republic of the United states and what is it meant to protect.

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Golly gee golly, thank you SO much for the out of context Bible verse. I stand in awe at the overwhelming biblical knowledge you possess.

Your ilk keep trotting out a single quote from Jesus that can be interpreted as either a defense of self-defensive weaponry or a questioning of it, depending on your viewpoint. I'm appealing to his entire life, message, and death, to argue that a reliance on violence to ensure our and our loved one's safety, with any sort of weaponry, from swords to guns to words, is antithetical to what Jesus preached, how he lived, and how he died.

Luke 22:37-38 And they said, Lord, behold, here are two swords. And he said unto them, It is enough.

Enough? Two swords were enough? Enough for what? Were the two swords enough for an armed rebellion to resist the authorities and to impose the new Jesus movement? Hardly

Do you think Jesus may have a deeper meaning in mind than the violent use of the swords?

Now pay attention closely, here’s your first clue:

Matthew 26:52 Then said Jesus unto him, Put up again thy sword into his place: for all they that take the sword shall perish with the sword.

By far the clearest purpose of the two swords is Jesus’ reference to Isaiah’s prophecy (53:12).

On the cross he asked his heavenly Father to forgive the very people who were responsible for his execution.

None of the Apostles even tried to fight their way out of trials with swords. Instead, all of the Apostles but John were martyred as a direct result of persecution

Oh by the way, ya might just want to also take a peek at Luke 6:27-36…

So, if you want to carry guns to kill people–go ahead and do that as an American.

Just don’t bring Jesus and the kingdom of God into it.

I’ll leave the explanation of Matthew 10:34 to our next class. I see some heads starting to nod.


You are NOT a teacher .
You should be sitting in a classroom.


Your interpretation of your book is your and your alone. Jesus was violent (Beating up money changers) and was followed around by armed guards according to the bible.Interpreting it differently will send you to "Hell"
“Everything that I command you, you shall be careful to do. You shall not add to it or take from it."
Deuteronomy 12:32
As for Being American Keep your religion out of my rights and ill keep my rights out of your religion.


ThinkAgain: Thank you for pointing out one of the thousands of Bible inconsistencies. The biblical verse Donegan mentioned IS pertinent, and wasn't taken out of context any more than your quoted verses were.

The problem is that the Bible contradicts itself with great regularity. Donegan simply found one example of that.

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Only someone biblically illiterate, like yourself, could make such a statement. No one who has read the words of Jesus’s sermon on the mount, would think He wanted Christians to kill.


Praise God and pass the ammo!

Dr. Information

Hey Paul. It's your right not to want to carry but it's my right to. Criminals do not care or are not interested in obeying the laws.

The difference between a criminal and someone who carries is huge.

Best the horse some more.


Hey Doc: the difference between someone who carries a gun and someone who doesn't carry is huge. I can get shot by the former, and will absolutely not get shot by the latter.

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Professor Playdoh

Slow News Day...Lets talk Guns...


What an idiot. If I open carry a hammer is that ok? Afterall how do you know if I'm a good guy or bad guy? A gun is nothing more than a tool. If some mental case wants to kill people he will find a way. Best way to stop a bad guy with a gun, is a good guy with a gun.


And with that hammer you can throw it over 50 yards right? And with that hammer you can kill several people within seconds right? I'm not so much against CCW but your argument is pretty lame.

Dr. Information

A man killed a dozen people in China with a medium sized knife. Makes your point pretty dumb too.


@ Dr. Information

Did he kill all 12 of them while they were all in the same room at the same time ?


Ram: your last sentence is hogwash. I read that, in the most recent mass shooting in Colorado, three of the victims were carrying guns, yet were still shot.

Here's a more truthful version of your campaign slogan: The best way for a bad guy with a gun to stop a good guy with a gun is with the element of surprise. And that's really what most mass murderers have going for them, isn't it? At many of these incidents, the first victim is a security guard at the main entrance.


And another thing, does a persons God given right to life not also come with the right to defend said life? Your argument makes no logical sense, most criminals will not open carry anyhow. They will conceal until it is time to do the deed.


You make sense to me.

From the Grave

Does God give EVERY person the right to life, or just law abiding Americans(especially Christian Americans)?


Dear Paul,
How do I know if you are drunk when you get in your car? How do I know if you are going to cut a tree when you are carrying a chainsaw? Many things in life come with personal assumptions, maybe the problem is just you???


Can't we do both? Stop mentally ill/violent people from owning guns, and stop drunk people from driving cars? Shouldn't we do both?

Maybe the problem is the NRA. After all, 90% of Americans are in favor of universal background checks for gun purchases.

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Professor Playdoh

I really like the Kimber Super Carry Pro. A lightweight .45 ACP that may well be the finest all-around carry pistol. I've found it to be a little heavy and went back to a Ruger SP101.


"how can the rest of us tell the difference"... You'll never see our guns, unless we need to use them.

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the unsilent ma...

Well I am pretty sure that the open carry of bibles has incited a fair share of violence over the centuries too.


ZING! More people have been killed because of religion than any other reason.

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DOUBLE ZING!! More people spend eternity separated from God because of lack of faith than any other reason.

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the unsilent ma...

Personally speaking, if I find myself in a less than desirable location it it very comforting to see a few handguns on peoples hips. If I see them then the criminal element sees them too. Chances are they will think twice about their potential crime if they know the odds are against them. They will wait untill they see someone such as yourself who cannot defend themselves as well, since everyone in town now knows that you wont be carrying a gun. Better leave your wallet at home for awhile.

jibber jabber

Did YOU know, 95 percent of these mass Shootings was the work of people NEEDING medical help. They were either OVER medicated, or UNDER medicated. So its not the gun, its the DOCTOR. And society with Blanket Laws.
Case in point, A day in ARIZONA.

A person, could NOT afford medical care. Employers must been to greedy is my guess, NO ONE CARED.

This person could NOT be on his parents healthcare. NO ONE CARED.

This person had pre-existing problems, was denied medical care. NO ONE CARED.

This person could not afford to see a doctor. NO ONE CARED.

This person could not afford his medications. NO ONE CARED.

This person could not afford to go to hospital. NO ONE CARED.

This person suffered from what mental health PROFESSIONALS call severe mental illness, such as, Schizophrenia or bipolar, NO ONE CARED.

UNTILL - January 8th 2011, then ALL america Cared.
U S Representative from Arizona, Gabrielle Giffords

So Sad.
portrait of Jared Loughner, Tucson Arizona

Does this seem familiar.


You are correct. So, why, then, does the NRA oppose common sense universal background checks that would keep the guns out of the hands of mentally ill people?


guns or no guns, that is the issue.

being willing to kill someone takes a lot more internal fortitude than carrying a weapon of any kind. yes, the criminals are willing to do that and where does it get them?

we train soldiers to go to other countries and kill people and they come home to sometimes either killing themselves or their family because killing another human being is not a natural act thus the P T S D.

my point is those of you who think that you are capable of killing someone with a gun need to take a long and hard look at who you choose to be when all is said and done.

If all you fear is someone pulling a gun on you, that is what you will eventually make happen. Kill away and suffer the consequences when you do. it may not be a prison with bars, but it will be a mental prison, just the same.

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No mental prison in my head if a lunatic gunman were in the same building as my kids, or any other children to that matter. It is human instinct to defend oneself or your loved ones.

I don't carry, but am highly considering it.



From the Grave

Stop yelling at us(CAPSLOCK)


He is not yelling, he is preaching! LOL


A criminal that is going to shoot up a place does not care about laws. If I'm sitting next to you, pistol packing, and someone comes in the door shooting people and I happen to shoot and kill him right when he is about to pull the trigger on you, your reaction to gun laws might change. Think about who you really want to stop carrying. I am military trained and have not killed myself or family but would be the first to give my mental or physical life to protect them. You are a moron for this post! Bottom line


if your moron comment was meant for me, you missed the reply function.

Ok, so now you've lost your mind, you're disabled because the other guy got his licks in, too, and you gave up both your mental and physical life. what good did that do? did it solve anything or make everybody else put down their guns? Violence brings more violence and it does not stop until the last human alive dies by their own hand. what a waste of humanity in the name of protection.

Dr. Information

So your solution is what? Just lay down and let a crazed gunman mow down innocent people?

You offer no solution but craziness.


How is saying the obvious craziness? You answered your own question that there is NO solution. Those who want to kill people will do so and those who don't will not do so, no matter what. We all die in the end anyway and none of these opinions really matter.

Dr. Information

I prefer to protect myself, you do not. Do not infringe on my rights. End of story.


Typically the criminal is not wearing a holster and most CCW license holders are. Also the legal CCW trained person will be crouched down trying to ascertain the situation, not walking around with arrogance wildly wielding a weapon. They also will or should be carrying their license and showing it when needed. I would rather be surrounded by a dozen CCW holders than a dozen liberal anti gun wimps screaming for gun control during a crazed persons shooting rampage.



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How do right wingnuts know that most criminals don't have CCW permits? Usually they aren't a criminal until, wait a minute, they get caught.

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Please think again.

1. a person who HAS committed a crime.


" know that most criminals don't have CCW permits?"

Pretty simple, check the FBI crime statistics. Give that a try and see for yourself. Do you need someone to hold your hand when you go we we also?

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Yes dog does.


"""Gun rights shouldn’t trump life rights"""

It doesn't, if I carry a gun then my RIGHT to LIVE exists.


Gun rights DON'T trump other rights. They ENSURE them!

As an aside, anybody wanna bet the first thing Paul does if he's confronted with a threat is call 9-1-1 and ask for the guys with GUNS to come help him? Funny how that works...


Jazzbo to your "point", yes, he killed them all at the same time, but not in the same room. It happened outside of a school, where it is harder to attack multiple people because they can run. Had he had them locked in a room, he probably would have killed them all. So your point is weak at best, but more realistically stupid.

Also, BigDog, get a new name because that is awful. But to your point, we do know this. Nearly all of school shootings happen by people under the age of 21. Since you're an expert, you know that you cannot legally own a pistol or have a CCW until you are 21, since you are an expert that is. Also, we live in a pretty liberal news world. This is just speculation so should not be quoted, but don't you think you "left wingnuts" would have run with the fact that any of these shooters were legal, law-abiding, CCW citizens? You're an idiot. You're welcome.

To mixmeow, you're two points are flawed.
1) A hammer has a weighted end which helps it fly very far if thrown correctly
2) If locked in a room like jazzbo said, yes someone could kill multiple people in less than a minute. One good blow to the head can kill a person. I would say safely that an attacker can kill around 10-15 people in one minute under these circumstances

BUT Mr. Rudolf who wrote this forum. Here is a very brief history lesson for you. The first 10 Amendments are known as the Bill of Rights. They were all put into effect at the same time because they were essentially part of the Constitution. Next, what First Amendment did you read? The first Amendment protects religious freedom, freedom of speech, freedom to assemble, ect. Literally the things you said it is not and were added later. Get a clue man. You make yourself sound real idiotic.





No , he didn't kill them all at the same time , no way.

And your statement : "Had he had them locked in a room, he probably would have killed them all."
Unless they all rolled themselves up into little balls I suppose he could have.
So , no , your point is weak and unrealistically stupid.

(You should be watched)


Was going to make that point myself Jazzbo but you did it much better. Twelve people in a room with one guy with a knife?? My bets lay with the twelve people getting ahold of him and stomping the crap out of him.

Also, if there is a guy can throw a hammer as fast and as far as a bullet can travel then I'm sure there is a baseball team out there just waiting to sign him up.


Thank you.

Either SANDUSKYPROUDUN... is a troll or he's just plain stupid.


Paul, I really think you need to open your eyes and take a look around. There are a lot of sick and twisted people in this world...rapists, pedophiles, murderers.... and I bet that on any given day you cross paths with at least one of these people. Your argument is not only dumb, but it lacks reason.The rapist you passed on the street....could you tell them apart from the person who rang up your groceries? Or what about the convicted murderer who delivered the pizza to your house last week....could you tell them apart from the person who is cutting down the tree in your neighbors yard? You need to think about things like this before opening your mouth. Criminals don't wear signs on their foreheads, nor do the mentally disturbed. Are you implying that because I'm a CCW holder, I should wear one to let everyone know that I'm not a maniac? As someone said before, most CCW holders will have their weapons holstered until the need to use them arises. Until that time, you probably won't even see their gun.

I am a woman and I have a license to carry a weapon. I also have four small children. If someone breaks into my house or grabs me or one of my kids with the intent of causing harm, what am I gonna do? Find a way to call the police and pray that they make it in time? Or am I going to pull out my firearm and protect myself and my children? Which seems like the logical thing to do?

I love how religion always gets pulled into discussions like this. Just because I have a firearm does not mean that I do not trust God's plan. Whatever is meant to happen is going to happen. But if its my fate to be harmed at the hands of someone else, I'm not just gonna lie down and scream, "This is God's plan. I have to trust God." Oh no....I'm going to put up a fight until my last breath.

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Well said Krisag!!


I must say the author of this article is a special kind of stupid!


Personally, I don't trust anyone with a gun. Mental problems or not, it just takes one quick second of poor decision making to get real bad, real quickly. I don't understand the obsession with them.


Personally, I don't trust anyone behind the wheel. It takes one quick second...

Personally, I don't trust anyone watching my kids. It takes one quick second...

Personally, I don't trust any surgeons. It takes one quick second...

Personally, I don't trust anybody who'd willingly give up their OWN unalienable rights because I know for a fact they'll go after mine next! In fact...

Personally, I don't trust YOU! You're either too fearful, too irresponsible, or too tyrannical to be trustworthy!


This lists all of the knife attacks in China from 2010 to 2012. Read this and tell me I am lying or wrong jazzbo. I should be watched? You're taking a personal attack at me? You are an idiot. You think removing guns from the streets will stop mass murders right? This article proves that wrong. Mentally unstable people will kill people if they want, they do not need guns. Bombs can be made out of household products. Should we ban all household products as well? Make everyone clean their toilets with a toothbrush and water? haha you're an idiot and I love it.

Chirp, you play ball like a girl!!! haha (I personally know Chirp)


Your raving and ranting proves that you are unstable and that you should be watched.

(It's fun reading your madness )


The register's system cut the url off...just google school attacks in china wiki...its the first one




Is there limit as to how many firearms one individual with a CCW can have on his/her person legally? How many bullets can that same person be carrying? (Just curious)


Do you know how to do a google search? That is if you really are "Just curious". That is what I do when I am "just curious". It only takes a few seconds.

AJ Oliver

Actually, the "right to life, liberty, . ." is from the Declaration of Independence, not the Bill of Rights or the other parts of the Constitution. And the idea of Jesus as a gang-banger is just hilarious.

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the unsilent ma...

A person who would trade freedom for safety deserves nether.


I will be sure to keep my CCW allowed weapon in my holster while I call the cops & run in the event a criminal pulls a gun on Mr Paul R as it appears my license to carry scares him. I wouldn't want him to be offended if I protect him or others as part of my CCW rights!

From the Grave

I feel so much safer knowing that all you CCW people are out there on the front lines protecting the rest of us pussies. Of course, we are all screwed in the schools, government offices, bars, and other places where it's illegal for you to have your gun. But it's the thought that counts!


Wow...Take it easy fella...I never called anyone any names or suggested those who dont have a CCW are anything close to a "cat"!!! BUT I am pretty sure Mr. Paul would be upset if a law abiding citizen with a CCW was in a situation WITH HIM where some pill addicted idiot (cause theres very few of those today) was trying to rob them & Mr. Paul got stabbed....Wouldnt you think Mr. Paull would be a bit upset that the CCW carrier didnt at least try to defend him & instead let him get stabbed or worse........But hey who am i to imply that...maybe thats his thrill in life!


Guns weren't around yet when Jesus was alive. Medieval times created weapons & torture. What came first, medieval times, or Jesus? What came first? Adam & Eve or the dinosaurs? Were Adam & Eve cave people? I wish Jesus hadn't let the Romans kill him. He was a peaceful man & wanted peace. He could have lived out his life creating miracles & changed their/everyone's thoughts with the blink of an eye & no one would have died because of religious beliefs & that may have created a peaceful world for us. Except ANIMALS!!!!!!!! (CoonCat gulps)


Open Carry Marches are nothing but intimidation. If they marched in bad neighborhoods in any city there would be death. I'm all for open carry, but don't flaunt it.

Dr. Information

How does one flaunt an open carry? Open carry has to be clearly seen from any direct angle to the weapon. It can't be a half open carry or a kinda covered up carry or a lets make it look peaceful or pretty carry. Open carry is open carry.


Well back on May 24th the Ohio Open Carry Northwest Chapter conducted an open carry walk through downtown Sandusky and surrounding areas with a very decent sized group. We had very nice interactions with people and answered their questions and we did not have one negative interaction with anyone. Strangely enough not one person was shot or harmed. We all were armed and open carrying various firearms. We also had family members with us right down to people's children. So some food for thought sir as the answer to your question of how to tell the difference between someone open carrying and someone who is going on a shooting spree, is the fact that you are here to write your biased story and not something worse. We go on these walks to teach people about their RIGHTS and to educate them with information that is FACTUAL and can be found on the Ohio Attorney Generals own website and that of the Ohio Constitution. We don't use made up statistics or anything like 99.9% of the media does now. So if you have questions pertaining to open carry then feel free to contact us at with any questions you might have, any one of us will be happy to answer them.