Sandusky Police Department appreciates good headlines

Jun 18, 2014


I would like to personally thank the Register’s editorial board that recognized the efforts of the Sandusky Police Department in Monday’s editorial. (“Police get their act together” Register Viewpoint, June 17).

The men and women of SPD have been working very hard in trying to establish relationships and build bridges in the community.

We’ve come a long way, we still have a ways to go. The positive stories that the reporters have covered and highlighted in the past year, along with the trust that has been developed through our staff and yours can only benefit the community.

Who would’ve thought we would be calling the SR reporter (Courtney Astolfi) at 1:30 in the morning to give just rewards for covering a story (Martin homicide), so that she could be the one with breaking news of an arrest?

It speaks volumes to the respect of our agency and your reporters. It really started back with Emil Whitis, that fences were mended and our detectives, who work with the reporters very frequently, began to develop a better working relationship and understanding that we both have jobs to do and cooperation goes a long way.

I’ve received numerous comments internally at the agency that it’s so nice not being in the “headlines”

As you’re aware, there were headline incidents in the past that were justifiably covered, and odds are there will be in the future.

However, we have committed to have an agency striving for PPAR (Pride, Professionalism, Accountability and Respect) and if we achieve this each day and strive for that each day, we will continue to remain headline free.

Our small part in providing safety and security of our residents and visitors is crucial for our city moving forward. We will continue to try and make a difference every day. The vibe and excitement of Eric Wobser will certainly add to our city being the best it can be.

Please pass along my thanks to the other members of the editorial board. Be assured of our continued cooperation of public information, so that we have an informed citizenry.

—John Orzech
Sandusky police chief


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The Hero Zone

This was very professional and courteous! In a time where there is so much animosity, suspicion, and browbeating from/between other entities it is refreshing to see a letter like this that forges bonds in the community.


Agreed, Hero Zone.

Stop It

Chief John Orzech is a great leader of the dept. and it shows. The SR doesn't mind stepping on toes when need be. Saying that the SPD's toes don't need to be tipped with steel, says a lot. To Chief John Orzech and his crew, well deserved.


We do not live in a perfect world, and Police Officers are human! None of them go to work in the morning, afternoon or night knowing for certain that they will return to their families. They work in all kinds of situations that normal citizens would refuse to even enter, but they go without hesitation. I thank not only the members of the Sandusky Police Department, but anyone who puts on the uniform in the service to the community.

Julie R.

Chief Orzech says they are committed to have an agency striving for PPAR --- pride, professionalism, accountability and respect.

Too bad Orzech can't run for an Erie County judge slot. Or maybe even prosecutor. Those are the agencies that are sorely lacking in professionalism.


Oh for pete's sake, Julie...give it a rest!

Steve P

She can't, its called delusional.

Julie R.

Have you asked Maximal Properties LLC yet why no title company around will give him title insurance on the property in Huron that he obtained at that unprofessional court-ordered scam sheriff sale?

Steve P

Have you asked yourself why your own mother disinherited you, could it be you never visited her and leeched off her and the entire family.

red white and blue

Julie I couldn't have said it better myself^^5


Speaking of Emil he still working on the barges near Chicago?

Whiskey in a Teacup

Real recognizes real_ well played, Chief ;)