Another insult from the White House and the IRS

Jun 18, 2014


Lois Lerner, you know, that nice person who used the power of her position at the IRS to suppress conservative groups prior to 2012 elections.

The IRS lost her emails prior to 2011, which would incriminate either her or others (say, the White House) in breaking the law or lying to investigators or to the voters with lines like, “I just read about it in the papers” or “I don’t remember” “you can keep your doctor, you can keep your hospital and your insurance” and “the terror attack on the consulate in Libya was due to a video”

Cris Stevens was not available for comment. Yeah, the dog ate my homework. It’s time for news outlets to shake hands with the truth. I have two sons who work in IT and tell me it is impossible to lose emails as a result of a computer crash. You think the NSA and a special prosecutor could find them?

—Thomas Coughlan



Agree 100% TC.

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They won't find those emails till after the November 2016 elections, but hey, that's just my guess.


The writer parrots the Fox News spin rather well, doesn't he?


And you spout the Democrats huge spin very well, like the economy is growing....

TC, better look out for them IRS audits.....


It is funny how you cannot refute the facts here. Only a democrat would believe the BS coming out of this admin, Another reason liberalism is a mental disorder.




Every word true.


These comments are not worthy of comment.

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Yet, here you are blabbing....but, as an obamabot, you can't deny the incredible stupidity you posses...!

Dr. Information

Great read


Three words: eighteen minute gap.

AJ Oliver

Actually, the IRS did not target right wing groups. More lefty groups were challenged. Look it up. More importantly, why would ANY group want to hide behind the 401c4 curtain to make hidden contributions? That was a scam.


Wow AJ,
Can I have a puff of that cigarette?

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Look it up where?


Please stop asking for citations. It is too hard for him to link to them. Don't you believe him? You should be ashamed to doubt his grand knowledge of all things.

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Head hung down in shame...

Mental note: don't question a Lib. They know everything. By everything, I mean they don't watch Fox News.


AJ Oliver is correct.

Non-thinkers watch Fox News.


Re: "the IRS did not target right wing groups,"

Why were some low level IRS employees canned?

Why'd LL take the fifth?

According to you, she's got nothing to hide.


Re: "That was a scam."

What's a SCAM is rich Dem one percenters like the Clintons b*tching about some not paying their "fair share" and then hiding their wealth behind trusts.


re: "What's a SCAM is rich Dem one percenters (snip)"



Re:"Actually, the IRS did not target right wing groups."

If they did not do it then please tell us why the IRS did admit to doing it and apologizing for doing it?

As for the Obama administration "Their actions speak so loudly I cannot hear what they are saying.


In any DNC official website like Daily Klos, Salon, or Huffington post


"I have two sons who work in IT and tell me it is impossible to lose emails as a result of a computer crash. You think the NSA and a special prosecutor could find them?"

Exactly! They expect us to believe that government does not back up everything and that there is not redundancy built into every system.


They now admit to destroying the hard drives after the crash as they claim it was standard procedure in 2011. They knew this when they told Congress, under oath that they would get the emails "soon". The check is in the mail.

I expect the IRS to soon claim the computers were also destroyed.

Nothing new here to see move along and follow the herd... they are on their way... to the slaughterhouse.


E-Mails are stored on servers not on computers. They would have to destroy the entire chain of comps, Servers and backup's to rid the system of those transcripts. In other words a lot of work to hide something.

Stop It

That is exactly right Donegan. Those emails went through many servers to get where they ended up. Destroying the orginal hard drive would NOT stop finding those emails in other hard drives. They think people are stupid.


The three most insulting words ever: President Barack Obama.

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^^^^ THIS ^^^^!