Sandusky’s black community ‘deserves better than this’

Jun 12, 2014

On May 29, I picked up the Register and the headline was “City deserves better than this”

It should’ve read, “Blacks deserve better than this” because Geno’s Party Center, formerly DJ’s Bar, on Cleveland Road is in a prominent black neighborhood, including Huntington, Larchmont and Sunny Side Acres.

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According to the police and the Register, Geno’s was a constant threat to public safety. The eviction notice came one day after seven people were shot and one man severely beaten.

My good brother, Michael Green, questioned all seven commissioners about the problematic spot. Why didn’t they close the spot soon after about 150 prior incidents at this location?

Watch Green question the city commission in the player below

My brother in Christ, Michael Green, asked some serious questions about why it took so long to close down the establishment. The people that live on these streets have to put their lives at risk. Sandusky ex officio Mayor Dennis Murray Jr. said this community deserves better. Wrong. This community deserves better representation. Also, commissioner Dick Brady said he “apologized for the incident”

The other commissioners didn’t voice their opinions. Even Mr. Poole and Ms. Twine didn’t voice their opinion. To all the citizens of Sandusky, my personal opinion is that if all this shooting and 150 prior incidents were to happen at the Cedar Point Chaussee, Bogart Road or Galloway Road, Dennis Murray and Dick Brady, as well as the Sandusky police, would’ve made sure in a heartbeat that the bar would be closed. It wouldn’t take two or three years to close that bar.

As a black man, some of my black brothers and sisters are treated like second class citizens. Some of the blacks don’t care about the way they are treated until something happens to them or their family.

—Fred Farris


Dr. Information

Blacks protecting blacks, rolling in their with 50 dollars thinking they going to make it rain, but when someone shoots someone, everyone is left standing around looking for a white person to blame.


BEYOND sick of the race card being played and beaten to death!! How about everyone who living and breathing instead of "Oh I am black so the world is against me/us blah blah blah" I forgot there is a black president so therefore SOME people feel a sense of "entitlement" and are now "better" than everyone else. Well for those people I got some bad news for ya... YOU AREN'T any better than anyone else! Maybe when people stop playing the race card over and over, and over stupid things like getting pulled over for speeding and making a big deal out of it then things will change but not until some people grow up!

Common Sense

No, Mr. Farris, the Sandusky Register had it right. You see, although the neighborhood may be predominantly black, it is part of the Sandusky community (same zip and everything). What did you do, personally, as well as the neighbors of this establishment, to rid this from your area? What did anyone do? It had to be an element of great violence to force action. Shame on this entire community for not stepping up to the plated and saying, We will not accept this."


Fred's annual rant at a commish meeting. He spouts off once a year. I hope he continues cause he's a prime example of the right to speak. It's funny stuff!