Sandusky’s black community ‘deserves better than this’

Jun 12, 2014

On May 29, I picked up the Register and the headline was “City deserves better than this”

It should’ve read, “Blacks deserve better than this” because Geno’s Party Center, formerly DJ’s Bar, on Cleveland Road is in a prominent black neighborhood, including Huntington, Larchmont and Sunny Side Acres.

Click HERE for past stories about Seven shot, one beaten at Geno's

According to the police and the Register, Geno’s was a constant threat to public safety. The eviction notice came one day after seven people were shot and one man severely beaten.

My good brother, Michael Green, questioned all seven commissioners about the problematic spot. Why didn’t they close the spot soon after about 150 prior incidents at this location?

Watch Green question the city commission in the player below

My brother in Christ, Michael Green, asked some serious questions about why it took so long to close down the establishment. The people that live on these streets have to put their lives at risk. Sandusky ex officio Mayor Dennis Murray Jr. said this community deserves better. Wrong. This community deserves better representation. Also, commissioner Dick Brady said he “apologized for the incident”

The other commissioners didn’t voice their opinions. Even Mr. Poole and Ms. Twine didn’t voice their opinion. To all the citizens of Sandusky, my personal opinion is that if all this shooting and 150 prior incidents were to happen at the Cedar Point Chaussee, Bogart Road or Galloway Road, Dennis Murray and Dick Brady, as well as the Sandusky police, would’ve made sure in a heartbeat that the bar would be closed. It wouldn’t take two or three years to close that bar.

As a black man, some of my black brothers and sisters are treated like second class citizens. Some of the blacks don’t care about the way they are treated until something happens to them or their family.

—Fred Farris



"Yuh" certainly don't have any evidence they didn't. You are WRONG! Deal with it! The man paid his debt to society so your constant blathering about his criminal record speaks volumes about YOU! He still gets an opinion! I happen to agree with his opinion.

Why do you wake up everyday?

Bottom Line

My sincere apologies on behalf my auto correct.

I never said they did or didn't you moron. That's my point! I made no unfounded claim either way. UNLIKE yourself. Which I see you already again contradicted yourself in a post a couple above this one.

I wake up to go to work and make a good life for myself so I don't have to depend on the hard work of others. It's why I'm not a liberal.


Watch the video. Michael Greene is a good guy. I know this because he was an employee of mine. Liberals work, go to church, pay taxes and all of that. I do not depend on others and never have.

Bottom Line

Trying to debate with deer is as about as useful as arguing with a drunk person. First he lies. Then he lies about lying. Then he accuses you of saying something you didn't say. Then you ask for evidence of something and he responds with an insult hoping it will take the focus off his lies and unprovable statements. Then he proclaims victory in the debate.

Nearly identical to Obama in his first debate with Romney.


You just can't hang dude. I did not lie about anything and I corrected my mistake. My so called insult was not meant to be insulting and if you took it that way there must be some truth to it. Oh well. Prove anything I said to be improvable. You don't even know the meaning of lie. You troll around on here looking to attack others but you missed the entire point of the article and my first post. I can't draw but if I could I would break it down for you.

Whiskey in a Teacup

Its a huge waste of time deertracker_ I've been following this melodrama all afternoon.
BL doesn't even fully comprehend the argument being made. He uses slippery logic and his grasp of language is limited. It's dead, deer*




I agree with most of what you said Deertracker, but I'm curious as to what you mean by alcohol is not the culprit in black bars. What is it then?


Lots of times these guys seek each other out and the drama begins. I refuse to blame it on the alcohol when sometimes it is gang related or just stupid drama.

Dr. Information

So its not the white owners fault or the city of Sandusky and IN FACT the idiots who cannot control themselves. Thanks for clearing that up deer and not blaming someone else.


If they had tried to shut it down earlier ( I don't know that they didn't) they would have had people like Fred Farris cry "you are only shutting this down because it is a black bar"!
You just can't please some people.


Can you prove what Fred Farris would have cried about? According to Bottom Line you need proof or you are a liar.

Police do not shut down bars because they are Black bars. I don't recall that ever happening!


I said people LIKE Fred (i.e. racists).
I never said that they did shut down bars because they are black. You really need to settle down and actually read a comment before you start an argument about it. I think you just like to argue. No wonder you keep sticking up for the criminal who wrote the letter. Two peas in a pod.

The Hero Zone's picture
The Hero Zone

I agree with your sentiment here, deer. Independent of your comments would I be out of line suggesting that delayed city action also took place at Hopper's? I don't know the demographics of that community but the closing of DJ's wasn't the first business that it took a while to do something to address.

Mr. Icsman does a good job (in my opinion) of explaining why it can take a while. I never felt he was making excuses as it, again to me, could be clearly heard in his words and on his face his frustration with events like this. He is caught between a rightfully reactionary community and a rightfully slow due process of law.


I agree. This is America and due process is required regardless of the situation. I also agree that the process can take a while. Mr. Greene very calmly and professionally articulated his question. The response was equally impressive.


What is it then? It's got to do with drugs and baby momma drama. When Jerome finds out that Ja'Qon, has been selling crack to his clients, then it's on like a pot of neck bones. Then when Shaniqua, tells Deandre that she's been sleeping with Devarious. Then somebody is phittin to get shanked or shot. This is completely hypothetical, of course.

Julie R.

I don't know why everybody is attacking Mr. Farris for this when all he basically has done is give yet another perfect example of the ugly double standard that we all know exists. I totally agree with his opinion that had this bar been on the Cedar Point Chaussee it would have been closed in a heartbeat ...... and you can bet it would have, too, no matter how much money it was making for one of Sandusky's rich Italian slumlords. The only thing I don't agree with Mr. Farris on is he seems to think it's only blacks who are the victims of the corrupt double standard in Erie County.

Sorry, Mr. Farris, but whites are victims of it, too.



Steve P

If a bar on Cedar Point Chaussee had the same rate of crime and problems as this bar did, my guess is that the neighbors would have not accepted the behavior and cooperated with the authorities before it came to this point, its not about race its about acceptable behavior. When a community group accept criminal behavior they get what they deserve regardless of race. As for the corrupt double standards, no one in the black community is ranting about being disinherited by their own family, so once again its not about you moonbeam.

Julie R.

Why don't you ask the person ~ a.k.a. Maximal Properties LLC on the Erie County auditor's website ~ why no title company around will give him title insurance? (chuckle-chuckle)

Steve P

Why don't you explain the real reason that your own mother disinherited you? yuk, yuk

Julie R.

Instead of stalking me on the SR like my former stalker Sam, why don't you ask him?


A rec center serving alcohol on Cedar Point Rod just had a riot at 3AM with 16 people arrested with no complaints from the neighbors. Guess it's not a matter of race but a matter of the color of the collar one wears when committing crimes such as fraud or extortion.

Steve P

What neighbors its a fenced in secured area with no immediate neighbors, as for any race issue the 16 you mentioned were all black. Once again you either lack or twist the facts Ellesbeth.


It is you who makes false assumptions and statements of fact. Explains why you are bothered by complaints of white collar crimes. Julie R must pose a threat to your scams and way of life.

Julie R.

"Guess it's not a matter of race but a matter of the color of the collar one wears when committing crimes such as fraud or extortion."


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the unsilent ma...

Gotta keep it real and punish any disrespect someone might show you. Hey homie you scuffed my jordans ima pop a cap in yo get the point?


NEWSFLASH: White people don't like to be disrespected either. You get the point?

Whiskey in a Teacup

Let's try math:
If 150 calls for police response are made for Geno's, how many would you "bet" are not complaints?


A police presence would not be welcome there (even if SPD were ALL black officers). The bar was plain & simple, a thug hangout waiting for crime. Why didn't this bar have security &/or metal detectors? Answer: They knew they would come in packin' but didn't care, since it was the "Young brothers in Christ" that hung there. Big O's was the same way. So was the Shrine Club. So was Kool Aid's. So is the Dawg House.