Sandusky’s black community ‘deserves better than this’

Jun 12, 2014

On May 29, I picked up the Register and the headline was “City deserves better than this”

It should’ve read, “Blacks deserve better than this” because Geno’s Party Center, formerly DJ’s Bar, on Cleveland Road is in a prominent black neighborhood, including Huntington, Larchmont and Sunny Side Acres.

Click HERE for past stories about Seven shot, one beaten at Geno's

According to the police and the Register, Geno’s was a constant threat to public safety. The eviction notice came one day after seven people were shot and one man severely beaten.

My good brother, Michael Green, questioned all seven commissioners about the problematic spot. Why didn’t they close the spot soon after about 150 prior incidents at this location?

Watch Green question the city commission in the player below

My brother in Christ, Michael Green, asked some serious questions about why it took so long to close down the establishment. The people that live on these streets have to put their lives at risk. Sandusky ex officio Mayor Dennis Murray Jr. said this community deserves better. Wrong. This community deserves better representation. Also, commissioner Dick Brady said he “apologized for the incident”

The other commissioners didn’t voice their opinions. Even Mr. Poole and Ms. Twine didn’t voice their opinion. To all the citizens of Sandusky, my personal opinion is that if all this shooting and 150 prior incidents were to happen at the Cedar Point Chaussee, Bogart Road or Galloway Road, Dennis Murray and Dick Brady, as well as the Sandusky police, would’ve made sure in a heartbeat that the bar would be closed. It wouldn’t take two or three years to close that bar.

As a black man, some of my black brothers and sisters are treated like second class citizens. Some of the blacks don’t care about the way they are treated until something happens to them or their family.

—Fred Farris





"He has been "a changed man" for years and years."
BULLSPIT. It hasn't been years and years since his last drug charge.
Fred wants to fuel the racist fire. He is a racist.


I don't care if he has changed! Murder is murder! He needs to shut up!


A changed man is still a man who killed someone. You can't honestly think that anything he's done since could ever make up for a life he cut short. My complaint would be this, why didn't the business owner shut the place down? Because he put profit over neighborhood safety. He could've closed that place down a long time ago, and chose not to. It took the city to force him to close it, and evict them.


So, you don't believe in second chances or that people can ever repay their debt to society for a wrong committed?

You ask: Why didn't the business owner shut the place down? Would that owner be the tenant who ran the business or the slum lord who profited for years from this as well as many other buildings and has much influence with officials?

I don't think black residents of a poor to lower middle class income area could ever overcome that influence without some major event forcing his hand due to legal liability exceeding his ability to profit. Only when the building owner consented to the closure did the city act.


Wasnt it blacks shooting/beating blacks? Shouldnt his anger/questions be directed to his black brothers/sisters? Just stop!


This from Sandusky Register:


6:40 p.m. -- Huntington Avenue, Frederick L. Farris, no age given, 1200 block Wamajo Drive, served with two warrants for trafficking in cocaine, possession of crack cocaine;

Changed man for years and years? I think not.

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the unsilent ma...

I am ecstatic that people are finally waking up and calling bs on the race baiters. Untill you can point the finger at yourself and accept that your customs/culture are indeed the source of your misery nothing will change for you. The thug code of silence is 100% truth. Beg the athorities to come save you then refuse to point out the ones who have wronged you. I am willing to bet that anyone who was at that club the night of this incident was not suprised that it happened! Go looking for trouble and you can find it! So lets stop the poor black/brown/yellow/red/ people pity party, get over yourselves and your thug life issues. Lets pretend were not in middle school anymore. Oh and I second alot of the readers opinions, it is a little hard to take lectures by rapists and murderes seriously. Lets invite that milner punk to start a column on child welfare while we are at it


People that snitch wind up dead. It is not worth it when you have a family that depends on you. They could also be in danger for your attempting to do the right thing. Call it a thug culture if you want but it's a criminal culture. No one wants to be known as a snitch. However, lots of snitching takes place. LOTS!

I disagree that your voice should be silenced just because you have a past.


"People that snitch wind up dead." Exactly. So where should your anger be directed?


You don't need snitches to close a bar that is a public nuisance!


Agreed. But it is frustrating to see so much public anger directed at the city commissioners by the black community, but no public anger by the black community directed at the unruly citizens involved and people who kill snitches.

Dr. Information

Justme....its because this uneducated area of Sandumpy doesn't get how the world works. They are brainwashed from day one on earth that the white man is always to blame no matter what.


There never was racism in the north, we never had slavery the south did.... They brought that crap up here, blaming the northerners for the problems in the south is a bunch of $hit.


Fordman, or course there was racism in the North. There still is (see man in monkey suit). But that's not the point. The problem here is the owner of the bar, and uncivilized patrons...not the city council members. Shame on you, and shame on Mr. Ferris.


As usual, most of you totally missed the point. It's about representation. I would bet anything the residents in nearby neighborhoods complained to the city. Regardless of who was creating the disturbance, the city should have acted sooner. It wasn't until the SR did some name dropping that things finally happened.

I will say this, white patrons behave much better than Black patrons in the bars. I also believe cops handle disturbances at black bars differently than white bars. No surprise there. Don't get me wrong, they do act up at white bars, I just think the alcohol is the biggest culprit at white bars. Black bars, not so much.

However, law abiding, tax paying citizens do not deserve to be overlooked just because the culprits are Black. Money is green, remember?

Bottom Line

As USUAL you make statements with no proof to back it up. Show me evidence residents in that neighborhood had long been complaining to the city... As others have said, white people are damned if we do and damned if we don't. We are sick of it and this is what gives blacks a bad reputation. TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR YOUR ACTIONS. Quit blaming everyone else.

And the opinion of a violent felon should NOT be a voice to be heard.


Get off your high horse bottom line. Prove to me the residents did not complain plus I never said They complained. I said they PROBABLY did complain. This is not about white people. It's about city officials not taking action. A troublesome bar is not the reason Blacks have so called bad reputations. It is people like you that stereotype.

I did not blame anyone just stated the obvious. Everyone, yes EVERYONE gets an opinion.

Bottom Line

Okay you used the word probably. So probably show me evidence of that... Farris turned it into a white/black discussion by writing this disgraceful letter. And where did I say or imply the bar gave blacks a bad rep? It's a moron like Farris writing a letter that doesn't even deserve to be taken seriously that would give blacks a bad rep. Because it's just about blaming someone else and taking zero responsibility. We're all tired of it.

Bottom Line

As I re-read you did NOT use the word probably.


I stand corrected but you are wrong to assume they did not complain. I bet some of them did. Getting upset at people that have no power to close anything is pointless, don't you think? The city knew this was a problem and should have acted more quickly. That is the point of the article. FOCUS!


And you are wrong to assume that they did complain since that is the basis of your complaint against the city.


I disagree Justme. I know plenty of people in that neighborhood and I would bet money they did complain. You cannot deny that it does not take complaints from residents to close a public nuisance. They should have closed it out of concern for police safety a LONG time ago.


I don't know what it takes to close a public nuisance, to be honest. I don't imagine its an easy thing to do or many bars would be shut down. My biggest issue the lack of outcry about the root cause - the folks who caused all the problems. As for your assumption, you should ask the people you know, then report what they did and didn't do as far as filing complaints.


In the words of Hillary Clinton: "at this point what difference does it make?" The city dropped the ball on this. That is just a fact. What makes you think good law biding Black citizens condone that type of behavior? You want people to complain about people name.... that they don't even know. The bar and it's patrons admittedly were the problem. Funny how you seem to be okay with the owner that was profiting off of this. Plenty of blame to go around!

Dr. Information

Do a sample selection of any 15 people in that neighborhood over the age of 18 and I bet 75% have some history of breaking the law. I don't need to prove this because I too know people from this area.

Here deer goes again, lets blame the white owner for this and not the baboons who act like idiots. The fault is in the PEOPLE CAUSING THE DIRECT PROBLEM.

Throw this morons in the Ritz Carlton and the same thing would have happened. Let me guess, its would be the Ritz's fault? You simply are an uneducated idiot deer. That is a fact easy to prove.


You obviously have a reading comprehension problem.

Bottom Line

FOCUS YOURSELF. I never said they did or didn't complain. I only said it's wrong for you to claim they DID. Stop putting words in my mouth and making false assumptions.


You are wrong. The obvious fact that the city allowed the place to remain open as long as it did is reason enough to complain. That is not an assumption.


Bottom Line

Seriously what is wrong with you? Having reason to complain does NOT mean anyone did. And Yuh certainly have no evidence otherwise. Just because you may know some of these people means nothing! I'm not wrong about anything because I didn't claim anything to be... Other than a convicted felon being able to voice his biased opinion is ludicrous... How do you not fall down more?