Sandusky’s black community ‘deserves better than this’

Jun 12, 2014

On May 29, I picked up the Register and the headline was “City deserves better than this”

It should’ve read, “Blacks deserve better than this” because Geno’s Party Center, formerly DJ’s Bar, on Cleveland Road is in a prominent black neighborhood, including Huntington, Larchmont and Sunny Side Acres.

Click HERE for past stories about Seven shot, one beaten at Geno's

According to the police and the Register, Geno’s was a constant threat to public safety. The eviction notice came one day after seven people were shot and one man severely beaten.

My good brother, Michael Green, questioned all seven commissioners about the problematic spot. Why didn’t they close the spot soon after about 150 prior incidents at this location?

Watch Green question the city commission in the player below

My brother in Christ, Michael Green, asked some serious questions about why it took so long to close down the establishment. The people that live on these streets have to put their lives at risk. Sandusky ex officio Mayor Dennis Murray Jr. said this community deserves better. Wrong. This community deserves better representation. Also, commissioner Dick Brady said he “apologized for the incident”

The other commissioners didn’t voice their opinions. Even Mr. Poole and Ms. Twine didn’t voice their opinion. To all the citizens of Sandusky, my personal opinion is that if all this shooting and 150 prior incidents were to happen at the Cedar Point Chaussee, Bogart Road or Galloway Road, Dennis Murray and Dick Brady, as well as the Sandusky police, would’ve made sure in a heartbeat that the bar would be closed. It wouldn’t take two or three years to close that bar.

As a black man, some of my black brothers and sisters are treated like second class citizens. Some of the blacks don’t care about the way they are treated until something happens to them or their family.

—Fred Farris



Well Fred, maybe I can help shed some light on this for you.

1.) Bogart and Galloway Roads are not within the city limits, so there for the Sandusky City Commissioners or the Sandusky Police, have no say in what happens there.

2.) It seems Brady and Murray are damned if they DO and damned if they DON'T! They closed it and your still complaining! I can't believe they aren't being called racist for closing this bar! You should have written a Thank You letter to them for closing the bar!

Now, I have a question for you. Speaking of "public safety" , are you the Fred Farris that has been arrested multiple times?

Why not stop that behavior after the first arrest? "This community deserves better", your own words.


This honestly shows where we are as a society. City officials shut down a majority black bar, run by black people, in a majority black neighborhood. Let me get this straight, you are complaining this took so long to happen? What if city officials shut down DJ's after the very first incident, would you be happy? No, you would be crying racist there too because they shut down a bar for black people.

Until the black community stops crying wolf every time something happens to them, we will never progress. White people cannot lift a finger to a black person without being called racist, but it is perfectly acceptable the other way around. We live in a world of reverse discrimination, that's just how it is.

Bottom Line

Does anyone doubt Lefterhold did a jump for joy and an intense fist pump when he read this initially?

I bet it was very Jordanesque like over Ehlo in '89.

From the Grave

Nobody needs to be out drinking at 3 or 4am. Nobody.

From the Grave

I never went to this place, but it sounds like it was run by black people and patronized by black people? Aren't they part of this so called "black community?" Then, who's at fault here? The white community?


Okay, fair enough, Mr. Farris. The City should have done something sooner.

You know what? I'm betting the City WOULD have done something sooner had all of those black residents of what you say is a predominantly black neighborhood complained. I'm betting there WOULD have been a stronger police presence had all of those black bar patrons called and said they were afraid. Of course, that means you'd ALSO have to bet that if no black men or women had committed any crimes in the area there wouldn't have been any problem at all...

In other words, while the City may bear the responsibility to deal with such problems as they occur (police) or some kind of responsibility AFTER they occur (Commission, Law Department), doesn't the black community itself also shoulder a good deal of blame?

We might all agree that the place was out of control, but what did the neighbors do? What did YOU do? Were there parents who taught their kids from a young age that such behavior is inappropriate at best? Were there parents there who kept their teens at home after dark? Were there parents there who insisted their kids do their homework, go to school, and get good grades? Were there parents there who put their collective feet down and refused to allow their GOOD kids to hang out with somebody else's BAD kids?

Bars don't go bad overnight. Neither do criminals. And both are relatively preventable. So again, where were you and yours BEFORE this was such a big problem, eh?


Woohoo! Three cheers for Sam! Great post Sam!


Sorry, her post is not a good post at all. She's stereotyping.




She's also ignoring the fact that person who profited for years off of the problem tenants in that building is white with lots of money.


No, in fact, I'm not. It was Mr. Farris who claimed that the neighborhood and the bar patrons were predominantly black. MY contention is that the neighborhood itself is partially responsible to keep itself cleaned up by consistently reporting problems, by demanding its own don't contribute to the problems, and by making it as difficult as possible for any business owner to run a concern that's a clear threat.

That's true, by the way, no matter WHAT color the owner is, and no matter WHAT color the majority of residents are. But again, Mr. Farris says this is a black issue (note he contends Sandusky's BLACK community deserves better), and I see no reason to argue with his assessment of that part of town.

JT Adams St

I used to live less than a hundred yards from the Underground. At that time, to the extent that the Underground had neighbors, they would have primarily been retirees living in one of the downtown highrises. I don't recall anyone blaming the problems at the Underground on me, or anyone else in my neighborhood. Nor did anyone argue that the problems at the Underground reflected a lack of family values in the downtown community. Further, I was under the impression at the time that the commission was well aware of the problems at the Underground, either from reading the newspaper, or through speaking directly with the police chief.

I currently live less than 50 yards from a different bar. And, even if every teenager in my neighborhood spent his nights shooting heroin in a brothel, I would still expect the city to take action if the police responded to dozens of reports of violent incidents at that bar.

We have a pass-the-buck form of city government. The city is run by a manager, who answers to a bunch of part-time politicians who either just joined the commission, or are about to be turfed out. So, I can understand why nobody wanted to tackle this problem. But to blame a neighborhood for the criminal activities at a local business, when those problems have been reported to the police on DOZENS of occasions is outrageous.

Most crime-infested neighborhoods consist primarily of law-abiding taxpayers. They don't deserved to be insulted because the government chooses to ignore their problems.


Yes, the WHOLE community deserves better. Why do some blacks continue to want to segregate themselves\race?


The pot calling the kettle black!


It is impossible to compare the theoretical response of the police to rioting in a predominately white area with what happened in the vicinity of DJ's. The main difference is that there is only obstruction on the behalf of the so called victims when the police attempt to maintain order. This thuggish code of silence is what prevented the police from apprehending the perpetrators. When whites call the cops they co-operate with them, blacks they like to call the police to stop the violence but then interfere to make sure no one goes to jail. But then on Sunday the handful with decent token jobs who don't get arrested every week go to church along with the amoral scum and all get worked up about how the world is so unfair to them.


ok number one fred Ferris murdered someone, he is an idiot and it is a disgrace the register let him even write on here. number tWo whoever said this is reverse discrimination is correct all black people do is cry racism any time something happens


Is this the same Fred Farris that was convicted of murder? Actually two murders if I remember correctly? I wonder what his thoughts are on Baxter's lenient sentencing?


You'd never see 150 incidents of crime on Cedar Point Ed, Bogart Rd, or Galloway Rd because most of the people that live on those roads know how to conduct themselves in a civilized manner. The same can't be said for everywhere, unfortunately.

Dr. Information

The best most accurate post on this topic.


These are the same fools that act like animals yet expect to be treated like kings! Sandusky Proud!

TKeegan73's picture

I understand his complaint completely that the bar should have been shut down several years ago when problems started to arise from this establishment but to stand up there and complain about how long it took to close it down does nothing and proves nothing. You go on to say the community that surrounds the establishment isn't happy that it took this long but did you as a neighborhood get together a petition an have all the residents sign a petition requesting the City of Sandusky investigate and close the establishment down??? To stand there and chastise the City for taking so long does no good, you should have gotten a petition signed 4 years ago by every resident in the area requesting it to be closed down, then maybe it wouldn't have taken 4 years!?!? Real simple fix to this problem, and a way to guarantee that it doesn't re-open and have the same issues is to petition the city to have the building razed and maybe make a nice community park or playground that children of this area have a fun and safe place to play. Reverse racism is an everyday thing, no matter how a situation is handled it's always the "cracker's" fault but yet we aren't supposed to feel like that's racism but heaven forbid if we do something to better a deteriorating residential or even commercial area that involves closing something minority owned and we are automatically dubbed "racists". Minority.....there's a funny word, it's not a word of color, it describes a group of people that aren't treated equally according to others...JMHO




EXCELLENT (and VERY truthful!)comments here! Damned if you do and damned if you don't for these people! Getting very old! Strange how the white community are always the racist ones and who are the ones always screaming racism? Just would like to share something I saw the other day~~~~"No living people, black or white, are responsible for what other black or white people did generations ago" So get over it already~ Just sayin' :)

Sailor Sam

I agree with you Mr. Farris. Wealth, power and privelege determine a lot about what is done or not done. The poor, the marginalized, and minorities have little voice in American society. Community organization is paramount to having a voice. Are you willing to be a leader? Go door to door? Petition city council? I am. Raise your voice with others to be heard. It's ridiculous that this den of iniquity stayed open so long.

The Rudy

Just what is "reverse racism" or "reverse discrimination"? The way it's been used here suggests that only blacks can suffer from these things. Racism/discrimination goes both/all ways folks. I refuse to acknowledge and accept in conversation or print the "reverse" term. There's no such thing.
I find the word "cracker" just as offensive as someone dropping an N-bomb and respectfully request it not be used in this forum, or anywhere for that matter.
Farris's whining-crying wolf- just takes attention and resources away from something that may be a real problem. Of course he gets his audience. Reminds me of the time a black kid on my HS basketball team whined to the coach that the school should have skin lotion in the locker room because he had ashes. The coach, afraid to "offend" the blacks bought some lotion just so he didn't get called racist. Then the kid had the balls to complain about the brand of lotion coach bought with his own money. Ridiculous, but that's the entitlement mindset of the race baiters. I am 100% in support of real, actual issues being promptly addressed, but this whine and accuse tactic makes me feel offended.


And where were you prior to the bar being shut down? Did you attend city council meetings and voice your displeasure over the bar being open? All of the sudden, after the bar is shut down, you want to have an opinion. That in and of itself is grounds to dismiss any argument you have.

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If you listen to what the Chief said. He had been working within the law to get it shut down. It did not have a liquor license. It didn't fall under the laws for a bar.


First the Sandusky Register allows a racist, rapist, write stories for them. Now we get a racist murderer, telling everyone how bad they've got it. And how "against" the black population, our city is. Give me a break. The ones who always cry racism are in fact the most racist of all. Why Sandusky Register, do you keep printing this crap? You (SR) are the ones to blame for this because you keep putting it in the paper. Whats next? You went from a racist rapist, to a racist killer, can you get an any worse racist than you already have?


"Let ye whom have not sinned cast the first stone".

I know Fred Farris well and he will be the first to tell you his younger years were not stellar. He has been "a changed man" for years and years.

Fred's points should be taken seriously as the incident could happen in any neighborhood and he and Mr. Green are correct--why has it taken a near tragic incident to get action?

Oh and BTW--the constitution of the USA allow for Freedom of Speech and the Freedom of the Press. If you have issue, simply don't read the paper.

Julie R.

This is the only decent comment on here.