Port Clinton needs good jobs, not Citizens Park jobs

May 30, 2014


I still drive down Fulton Street nearly every day, and when I stop at Perry Street for oncoming traffic, I still look at the river, the lake, and the pier of giant boulders that extends hundreds of feet out into the water, separating the river from the lake, and I get to wondering how long it will be before I will no longer be able to see the beauty that was given to us by God, but may be taken from us by man.

Yes, the beauty will still be there, but it will not be seen from Fulton Street, or Perry Street, it will be seen by the wealthy condo owners, from different cities, and different states, that will come to Port Clinton, a few weekends a month, in the summer.

I wish every citizen could drive down Fulton Street to Perry Street, and take a good look at a sight so beautiful that you will know it must be saved.

Then drive down to East Perry Street and take a good look at a sight so ugly that you will know it had to be made by man, then ask yourself: Do we really want West Perry Street to look like this?

We keep hearing about 585 new jobs, so let us pretend this fairytale is true. We used to call these kinds of jobs J.P. jobs.

J.P. stood for Johnny Paycheck, a struggling country singer until he recorded a song about the kind of jobs that will be available if we develop the citizens park. And I believe most of our unemployed will say the same thing that Johnny Paycheck said “You can take this job and shove it”

I do not believe we need anymore J.P. jobs, when you see “Help Wanted” signs on Perry Street all summer.

Citizens be heard.

—Bob Walls Sr.
Port Clinton



You talk like the entire view of the lake is going to be blocked. I challenge anyone to go down to that part of the river/lake and really see how many people are down there enjoying the view. I'd lay money on it that you don't see more than 20 people all day long down there. The people that are complaining, really when was the last time you were down there. I bet it's been a long time. If you really enjoy the view just walk a few yards to the west and enjoy all you want. What part of this town is almost DEAD don't you understand?


You may bet and lay your money down, but you would be better to fold. You must not live near enough to see the daily action in the park and along the Lake. People are concerned and expressing that concern is not complaining. YOU take a long drive from wherever you sit and judge to West Perry and see what is there because, clearly, you do not know.


I have an issue with the development because the only reason the city wants this to happen is for tax revenue. We do need good paying jobs but here is the kicker, there isn't any office space downtown that people want to lease. I would love to have an office downtown, heck I don't even mind paying taxes. I just want office space that is available for expansion and has the infrastructure I need.


Try a bit of research. Scan the minutes at http://www.woosteroh.com/council....

Tax revenue from the developer, infrastructure paid by the developer--does not happen in Wooster. The residents are paying increased taxes to compensated for tax abatements and ALL the infrastructure the developer managed to work into the deal.


Just in case you do not read on down the page..."The per capita income for the city was $19,177. About 7.7% of families and 9.7% of the population were below the poverty line, including 11.2% of those under age 18 and 6.2% of those age 65 or over."

What the residents of Port Clinton do not need is to pay higher taxes to cover the developer's ... manipulation and the Council hoping that the people are unaware of the inevitable tax abatements.

And, $19,177 per person is dramatically skewed because of the number of wealthy city residents. That happens all over America, though. I cannot grasp why the wealthier residents are not challenging the development; or are they?


Finn Finn

Couldn't agree with you more Mr. Walls. The anointed folks that are Port Clinton City Council can't think of anything other than putting up more condos. So much of the lake view, all around Port Clinton and Marblehead, is blocked with condos already.


I live in Port Clinton and I agree there needs to be more jobs here, but not hospitality jobs or seasonal jobs. That's all there is already, unless you know someone. I don't want more condos or tourists, despite the fact that they fill the coffers. They're rude, drive erratically, expect to be first or treated in an abnormally superior way and then don't tip. They leave a mess behind you would only expect from persons brought up in homeless camps. Do we really want to sell them more condos? I could care less about the view because I don't live on Perry Street but it is nice to have one. There are views on Lakeshore Drive and from other roads that are just as pleasant, if not more so. I think the powers that be should work on other alternatives to bring in revenue and jobs (year-round).




I was with you until you began banging the tourists and the hyper-critical adjectives and flawed judgments about them.

Are you a business owner in Port Clinton that relies largely upon the seasonal visitors?
Did you grow up, were you educated in Port Clinton? Have you spent your life driving down Perry Street and enjoying the ride along land you knew belonged to "the people"?

Spot on, you are: "the powers that be should work on other alternatives to bring in revenue and jobs (year-round)."


An obvious solution is to buy Port Clinton Yacht Club through eminent domain and make that the public marina. Use the pier to set up a small Fisherman's wharf style attraction with family friendly amusements including a small aquarium. Place a public Boardwalk along the entire lake front up to the public beach. Move the ball park and associated activities to the vacated Middle School Property.

Come up with some pedestrian scheme such as over or underpasses to move people from the Lake Front to downtown.


Because, like, property rights are offensive to your little marxist heart.


Buy the PCYC? Through eminent domain!
Stopped reading at that point. Way outside logic.
Shall we take CIC by eminent domain? Just not reasonable.
This problem demands serious consideration.
No, I am not a member of any club. Yes, I have been at each a handful of times in my life, and I am beyond middle-aged. Not a boater, not a bagger. Do attend the occasional wedding reception or class reunion there.
Eminent domain? Oh, there will be chaos; the masses will rise.


How are some condos going to produce 585 jobs?

Are the condo owners each going to have 15 full time servants?

Ridiculous, stupid. How anyone can believe 585 jobs....


What if our grandparents had decided that the world had seen enough progress and stopped all future development? Most of us live in neighborhoods less than 50 years old, drive new cars, watch big screen TV's, text on cell phones and work at jobs that didn't even exist a couple of decades ago. Progress is how civilization makes life better for us all. Wanting to stop progress for whatever reason is just another way of saying "I've got mine, so lets don't worry about anyone else."

The worst example of this incredible double-standard is the Hollywood mega-star who lives in his mansion in the pristine hills above Los Angeles and dares preach to the rest of us about "saving our planet." Sure, we should be good stewards of the incredible resources with which America is blessed. But being a good steward doesn't mean burying the gold talent in the ground; it means using it wisely.


Residents of Port Clinton will not have more jobs. They will have increased taxes because the developer will be granted tax abatement for many years. Of course, residents will be paying for the infrastructure--roads, road signs, sewer, water, etc. because the developer will not.

Waterworks Park is the property of the residents of Port Clinton.
For more information visit: http://www.savewaterworkspark.org



Finn Finn

Agreed. And the (slowly sliding in lower class) Middle Class will get hammered again.


I hate to tell you, the majority of people buying these condo's are middle class.


Are you able to prove this? Support your point?


Middle class? Right who in the middle class is going to be a buy a condo down there? What do you think they'll go for 80 grand? Think again. You might want to look up what the government says is middle class now. A lot poorer then you might think.


Historical population
Census Pop. %±
1870 543

1880 1,600 194.7%
1890 2,049 28.1%
1900 2,450 19.6%
1910 3,007 22.7%
1920 3,928 30.6%
1930 4,408 12.2%
1940 4,505 2.2%
1950 5,541 23.0%
1960 6,870 24.0%
1970 7,202 4.8%
1980 7,229 0.4%
1990 7,106 −1.7%
2000 6,391 −10.1%
2010 6,056 −5.2%
Est. 2012 6,047 −0.1%
As of 2000 the median income for a household in the city was $35,564, and the median income for a family was $44,579. Males had a median income of $38,949 versus $21,651 for females. The per capita income for the city was $19,177. About 7.7% of families and 9.7% of the population were below the poverty line, including 11.2% of those under age 18 and 6.2% of those age 65 or over."


There are 3 or 4 Port Clintons... and Sanduskys.

This occurs because of the natural assets that the area has always had. It continues despite what both are becoming... crime and drug ridden, subsidized housing ghettoes surrounded by beautiful playgrounds for the rich who don't mind paying extra for milk, gasoline and basics.

it wasn't always like this.


Ever since a certain Port Clinton mayor invited subsidized housing...... and simultaneously broke off relations with the Jet....

5 year olds know better.


Yes, and turned down a better deal from the Jet that would have helped jump start reasonable lake front development to curry favor with a bunch of politically connected hacks from Sandusky who stiffed everybody on their ferry business.


30 yrs ago my friend from PC said "city council doesn't know what's going on north of the railroad."

T. A. Schwanger


What I tell supporters of protecting public waterfront areas, as well as detractors, is God's not making new waterfront anymore.

Projects such as this tend to be over exaggerated in both taxes and jobs to get the support of the public. Look no further than Sandusky for prime examples.

The Chesapeake Lofts, a great reuse of a vacant industry, promised "191 owner occupied residences, hundreds of jobs and tax windfalls". 10 years later, there are 20 permanent residents with the rest seasonal, monthly, etc. rental units. Two fulltime jobs were created. The City could not identify how much construction worker income tax was generated due to confirmed reports construction workers were paid by cash in brown paper bags.

The failed Marina District Project at Battery Park promised hundreds of new jobs and millions in development dollars and workers wages. In the end, the developer didn't have the money to buy a bicycle let alone do a multi-million dollar project.

The Rieger Lofts at the former Rieger Hotel in downtown Sandusky, again another great use of a vacant property. To date, figures on how much City income tax has been generated from construction is unknown.


Excellent examples. Thank you, Schwanger.