Letter on animal abuse inspires Register reader

May 30, 2014


Thank you to Keaton Garrity for writing an informative letter regarding the horrendous treatment animals go through to supply clothing to people in this country. (Reader forum)

Also, thank you to the Sandusky Register for printing a variety of opinions in our paper.

To Keaton: If two or three people are led to change their thinking by your effort and they go forward and affect two or three more, ... then your letter will have saved much suffering that goes ignored and hidden on our struggling planet.

Although I am probably 50 years older than you and have been aware for some time of most of what you have written, I am inspired by you.

Although I never met you and have never heard of you before, I wish you a long and happy journey through your life.

—Jerry Jenkins
Berlin Heights



the register is hypocritical when it comes to the reader's forum guidelines. lots more than 300 words and no 'thank you' letters are printed regularly. READ YOUR OWN RESTRICTIONS AND FOLLOW THEM OR DROP THEM!