Raises for city workers not in west side’s best interest

May 20, 2014


Raises for salaried employees and improvements to Water Street.


Where did this money suddenly come from?

And yet there is not enough money to keep the Venice Road Fire Station open full time?

So it is obvious, the city commissioners believe the needs of the few outweigh the needs of the many. In this case the welfare of the residents, businesses, nursing homes, churches and schools located on the west side. So west-enders better hope their medical or fire emergency comes on a day the station is open.

Wow. How can a person plan that? 

Shame on you for breaking a promise made to the west-enders many years ago. You know 2015 and 2017 are not that far away. West-enders have long memories.

What comes next? Part-time police protection, snow removal or street repair?

Wait, I think my street already had no street repair. I don’t need to go to Cedar Point for a bumpy ride, I just need to drive down my street, and after a few times take my car for an alignment. When they do come and hot patch they only patch the smallest holes and let the bigger ones get bigger.

We were promised a full-time fire station on the west end of the city. A few minutes can sometimes determine whether a person lives or dies. Do you really want that on your conscience?

Or maybe you just don’t care.

—Susanne Lemert



This is the way it is EVERYWHERE! TOP BRASS get raises continuously~while we suffer!!


You're kidding right? That top brass received no more of a raise than the unionized workforce in Sandusky did. So it's ok for unionized employees (many who are making more than their supervisor) to continue receiving raises but to heck with the non-unionized workforce? Apparently in your world these people don't have bills to pay and families to support and should always be the ones to take it in the keister while union employees are living large. Want to cut costs? Put another SB 5 up for a vote. According to a poll they did recently on that past issue it would pass overwhelmingly this time around.

JT Adams St

It doesn't take the $130,000 plus per year that the law director is making to support a family in Sandusky. And I doubt if any unionized employees that he supervises make more than him. This logic of a three-year-old child (mommy he got a raise, I want one too!) doesn't cut it when the city is closing a fire station and putting lives at risk.


So you are going on record as saying that only unionized employees should receive a raise? You ardent union supporters only believe in fairness when it relates to the unionized workforce, the rest of the workers be damned. As far as the law director, yeah I believe Icsman is overpaid for the amount of work he does. Seems he farms all of his work out to contract lawyers. As far as the fire station there are ways to cut staff and keep that station open, but again the unionized workforce will fight it. Bottom line is that NOBODY should have received a raise considering the budget problems.

JT Adams St

No. I'm going on record as saying that simply because employees who belong to a union receive a raise doesn't mean that everyone else employed by the city should receive a raise. Do you think that the law director's salary was unfair before he received a raise?


Comparing unionized workforce to city commission work is illogical. Period. Most people on the commission don't need a raise.

Comrade Boose

Folks want to stay updated on when station 7 is closed (50% of the time in May so far) then like us at www.facebook.com/RebuildSandusky and we will keep you updated.

Dwight K.

They don't have enough to keep the station open full time but have enough people to use the truck and ambulance


Amen. If they contracted out EMS service for the west side they could save a ton of money and be able to further cut manpower for the fire department. Some people will say, but what about the revenue generated from ambulance calls? The revenue generated each year is less than it costs the fire department to provide service.


If that was required, we may as well cut them off from the rest of the city.


Great letter Susanne. Bottom line, the people at the top only think of themselves and people like them. Keep the seven commissioners so you have more discussion, it would be nice if all of them were normal middle class citizens, so people at the top don't benefit more than the rest...


Let's take the highest paid person in Ground Maintenance say $50,000.
Add a 1.5 raise and we get a $750 yearly raise amount.

Take the highest paid non-union salary charter person at say $135,000 and we're talking $2,000 in yearly raises--nearly 3 times the union person.


Maybe West Sandusky should consider succeeding from the city.