Sandusky has bigger problems than Glovinsky

May 16, 2014


The “Stinky Deal” referred to by Matt Westerhold in his column (Between the Lines, May 11) could have been completely avoided if Ross Glovinsky hadn’t been wrongfully terminated by former Sandusky City Manager Nicole Ard.

While Mr. Westerhold wonders how $25,000 can be considered a reasonable settlement for “losing a $12 an hour part-time, probationary job, anyone who’s had any experience with our legal system can tell you the bulk of that money will go toward paying his attorney’s fees.

What I find most disturbing about Mr. Westerhold’s editorial, though, is his failure to see the larger picture.

I have seen large swaths of Sandusky, the town in which I was raised, blighted by crack cocaine and heroin use. In regard to being cited for reckless operation in 2011, young Mr. Glovinsky admitted his mistake and would like to follow in his father’s footsteps and serve the community.

While Mr. Westerhold frets over “affirmative action, lives continue to be lost to crime and addiction.

In this current state of crisis I’m more than willing to give the benefit of the doubt to Mr. Glovinsky.

—Michael Zigmond
Avon Lake



Why do you care so much about Sandusky living in Avon Lake? It doesn't matter Glovinsky will only get a portion of the 25k. The city has to payout the entire 25k. Explain why the 25k is justified for a part-time 12.00 per hour job. Crack cocaine and heroin use is everywhere. Even in Avon Lake.

It's tiresome reading the same old complaints about Sandusky. Try addressing the problem with a potential solution! Fact is, there is nothing here. Almost no mfg. jobs. Hospitality jobs are not that permanent and we all know about foodservice jobs. Even if there was no problem in the jobs dept. the drug problem could be the same.

AJ Oliver

Affirmative action is NOT the same as Legacies! The former is aimed at giving excluded groups opportunities (College Title 9, for example), while the latter gives unfair advantages to the well-connected and/or well off. Big difference !!


I beg to differ with the writer. Ross Glovinsky probably had been drinking and driving other times that no one knew about and got caught this one time. He deserved to be punished, not rewarded due to Ms. Ard's ineptness in doing her job.

I, for one, am tired of the double standard that law enforcement uses to protect their fellow officers from following our laws.

Julie R.

Law enforcement didn't protect him ---- the GOB cult at the courthouse did. This is just another perfect example of the double standard that the prosecutor and judges in corrupt Erie County use to protect their friends from following the law.


Glovinsky was improperly fired because legal counsel to the City Don Icsman didn't do his job snd improperly advised Ms. Ard on termination procedures. IMO, Icsman created yet another opportunity for some lawyer buddy to collect a nice fee.

Also whatever happened to civil service standards that are supposed to protect the public by ensuring hires are based on merit not politics as is so evident in this case.


He will get busted again for something until dad runs out of money

Julie R.

Did you notice how fast the courts moved on this? So fast, I doubt very much that good ole' boy dad had to spend much money.