Sandusky Schools thanks community for levy support

May 12, 2014


We are extremely grateful to the community for supporting the school district levy.

By supporting and passing Issue 3, Sandusky voters have once again chosen to make an investment in the community, in their schools and in all their children.

This renewal was very important, as it makes available a stable and predictable source of funding for the school district over the next five years. The passing of Issue 3 will allow for our core values of pride, tradition and excellence to continue.

The benefits of a financially sound school system are enjoyed by homeowners, parents, community patrons and the business community. Most importantly, this levy will sustain a significant portion of the funding necessary to help our schools ensure all students are fully prepared for college, careers and citizenship, and to stay focused on innovation, creativity, customer service and competitiveness.

On behalf of Sandusky City School District staff and students, I thank you for voting yes on Issue 3.

— Eugene Sanders
Superintendent and CEO Sandusky City Schools



The citizens of Sandusky have a strong history of supporting their schools. Congratulations on passing the renewal levy!

Peachy Keen

While it's great that Sandusky School's levy passed, isn't it a known fact that they usually do pass because most of the citizens are renters and not homeowners?


It's a known fact that 90% of known facts are baloney. It's a known fact that Sandusky voters are supportive of their schools. This one passed with an unheard of 70% - 30%. You can't explain that away with renters. Sandusky has dedicated teachers and excellent programs.

A few years back, the Board proposed a massive unneeded building program to the tune of $80,000,000. It failed miserably. By your theory, it would have passed. But it would have closed several neighborhood schools. A few years later, incredibly, the Board closed three more neighborhood schools anyway, and sold them for a total of seven dollars. That's right, three schools for seven dollars.

Renters know property taxes are built into their rent. They care about their neighborhoods. Renters know the value of education, too.


The levy passes and now Eric Wobser is the new city manager (no breaking alert from the Register?). Hopefully things are looking up in Sandusky!

Jason Werling
Two Left Feet

Congratulations keep up the good work!


The schools can thank all the renters in town. 70% renters, take them out of the factor and the levy would not have passed.


You say that as if the renters don't pay for the tax increases, which is complete nonsense. I rented for years, in many cities, and knew I'd take a hit on ANY tax increases that passed. "Due to the passage of police, fire, or school levy we are forced to increase your rent xxx dollars." Amazingly enough, the increases were normally 2-3 times what the levies actually cost the landlord. The landlord may write the check at tax time, but the renters are footing the bill.


I am a home owner with no children in the schools and I voted yes. Good schools help protect property values. And the children are our future.

The Hero Zone's picture
The Hero Zone

Especially with what's on the horizon for the city schools, I am very happy to see the programs continuing and making visible strides to modernize and prepare students for today's world.


I just want to say I'm very happy to hear the positive comments about the support of education. All news doesn't have to be bad news and this is a great example of it! I'm a homeowner without children and I passed the levy. To the homeowners complaining about their taxes being raised to help the children; if it's going to make or break you I respectfully say you can't afford your home. It has nothing to do with the levy passing.