Pit bulls are made aggressive by poor dog owners

May 11, 2014


I am concerned about pit bulls, they are unbelievably misunderstood in today’s society. Everyone assumes they are used for fighting dogs or they are just aggressive dogs in general. Every day on the news or internet you see something about people being attacked by pit bulls or they have found a dog fighting ring. When you see stray dogs on the street, they are mostly dogs that arebanged up and are most likely pit bulls.

The main cause that pit bulls are aggressive is because of us. We breed aggressive dogs, then we get puppies that will grow up to be aggressive dogs. People know that the dogs are aggressive, so why do people still continue to breed these types of dogs? That’s the big question in today’s world. The truth is pit bulls are excellent pets. They are amazing with children, healthy dogs, and hyper dogs that always want to be doing something.

Pit bulls are really amazing dogs. With their history and what they did before, everyone misunderstood them. Many pit bulls are in shelters everywhere and no one wants them. It’s our fault, not the dogs. We are the ones putting them in the situation they are in right now. Next time you see a pit bull, think the good things and give them a chance. Again, why are people doing this to pit bulls, when they know what is going to happen to the the dogs?

—Caroline Brewer





My 2-year-old niece was killed by a pit bull. They are evil dogs that should be outlawed. If they were as safe as other dogs, there wouldn't be so many pit bull attacks, and my little niece would still be alive, not ripped apart like a Raggedy Ann doll.


they are not evil dogs. you can't just blame one breed. There are many other dogs out there that attack people, not just pit bulls I have two and they are the biggest babies. You know why? Cause I know how to raise them and treat them as if they were a human.

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I am so sorry for your lose but who did the dog belong too? Isn't that who is really to blame?


Right, any dog can attack. I have a pit bull, he is a great, sweet dog, but I would NEVER trust him or any other breed of large, muscular dog around a small child without TOTAL NONSTOP supervision! Movements and noises made by little kids can come across to an animal as an attack, and they could attack back. If the dog isn't used to kids, or someone doesn't know the dog's background, sadly, that could happen. But I will never believe that any one breed just goes on the attack for no reason at all.


hopefully got rid of double post...


Well said Caroline. It is not the breed but how they are raised. Any dog can turn at any point in their lives. I work with many breeds and all of them have been aggressive at one point or another. I can tell you that there are aggressive pitbulls and their are cuddle bugs.
I feel horrible for anyone that has had a horrific attack happen to themselves or a family member but it could have been any breed. It is just unfortunate that is mostly comes down to them. Roosevelt, Carter, Hellen Keller and many soldiers during Pearl Harbor had the breed. We just have made a mess of them


We have neighbors that have pit bulls and have been raised great. They jump on our golf cart and lick us like crazy and want their toy thrown in the yard to go fetch. Then they want a treat on your lap...LOL And the little kids, they protect them when a stranger comes near. Please People, don't blame the dogs.Blame the THUGS that put them on log chains and abuse them because they are to much of a WIMP to walk by themselves!!!!!!


Thats all fine and dandy. Pit Bulls can be great pets! But under the worst case scenirial, if a Pit Bull goes wild and attacks, can you pull it off a child?

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Any large breed dog that wants to attack would be difficult to pull off of a child. Dogs give cues to their mood. They should always be supervised around children.


Can you pull any large dog off a person under attack? foe exmaple, a German Shepherd, Doberman, or even a Lab or Collie??


lifetimeresident: if a Pit Bull goes wild and attacks, can you pull it off a child?

Absolutely, and I know someone who pulled one off a kitten with nothing but his own two hands. They ate not magical creatures, and they have the same vulnerabilities as other dogs.

Forget breed - the single most dominant factor in dog attacks is the dog being an unneutered male, and that particular category has a guaranteed retraction handle, if you know what I mean.

I've been attacked by a Rottweiler, Akita, Great Dane, and pit mix - to a one, they all regretted the encounter, and I'm not a particularly impressive physical specimen, probably 20-40th percentile for height. Once at a dog park, there was a Italian Mastiff that was bullying all the other dogs, until she tried to bully mine, and they had the sense to get behind me. That dog wouldn't come within 50 feet of me after that. No one should have a dog they can't handle.
Have the sack to assume your place at the top of the evolutionary ladder.


Re:'I've been attacked by a Rottweiler, Akita, Great Dane, and pit mix"

You need to learn situational awareness. Same as a martial artist, or CCW permit holder who actually carries, you just don't put yourself or your loved ones in a situation where trouble or attacks are likely.

I have also done dog rescue and have been attacked and was able to control the dog without either being hurt ... or hurting the dog. You just have to either be smarter than the dog or not go into a situation without being aware.

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Ban the breed before the deed!

One in the head, two in the chest
Put your pitbull troubles to rest


My little ditty could have solved this problem nicely.



Stop It

Three shots it takes you to kill a dog, thinkagain Phelps? Please don't get a gun because you suck at it. If you already have one, give it to someone that can shoot what they're aiming at.

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How godly and loving you are when it fits your purpose NeverThinks...God made this dog as well as all the others...are you conceding God made a mistake???


Typical of thinkagain's attitude.


Sorta like nitro glycerin, no problem sitting on the shelf, aggravate it a little and boom! Pitbulls have SUPERIOR strength and shredding capabilities bred into them. When things do go bad, they go really bad. Lions can be tame and loving too but would you trust one with your kid? I would shoot a pitbull on sight on my property every time consequences be damned.
What thinkagain said:
Ban the breed before the deed!
One in the head, two in the chest
Put your pit bull troubles to rest

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You are far from holy...


Funny I feel the same way about most religions and Christians too. Damn bible bouncers, as so as they start talking things can go really bad so fast. I would NEVER trust one around my kid. And if one was on my property. Whew, not sure what I would do. Consequences be damned, I truly fear for the safety of myself and my family, I might need to shoot on sight.

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I take back what I said about you being a hypocrite. At least you’re finally being honest about your true nature. I’m sure the godless Democrats will offer you a job as their poster child. After all, intolerant, judgmental hater is the liberal way. Plenty of other godless libs on here would just love to take turns tossing Christians into the arena.

A hardened atheist, like yourself, is not content to just simply not believe. Yours is the totalitarian mind. It is a lower form of thought. The unenlightened mind always seeks to eliminate others.

Those godless democrats are going to hate this!!! Ahh, but by the time I typed this, two democrat women aborted their unborn child, so that should cheer them back up!!

By the way, your hero Abubakar Shekau, leader of the Boko Haram is looking for recruits…you’d fit in perfectly.


And another comment goes sailing over your head....

The godless Democrats would be more than happy to make YOU their poster child, Thinkagain, since you've shown more than adequate support for their statist, authoritarian agenda. You're of equally totalitarian mind - you worship Ceasar just as much as they do; you just pray to the same god for different requests.

You also have far more in common than Boko Haram.

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Still makin' with the same old inanities! Boring and moronic, although, despite your intellectual disability you sure can string a bunch of big words together…


Still as arrogant as ever...

Of course, a meaningful response eludes you.

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Kettle to pot. Color check. Over.


Making a point of you are judging a breed of dog but the actions of a few....I am judging a religion on a few. I took YOUR words and just changed it from canine point of view to a religious point of view. I will promise to stay out of your church if you stay out of my dog kennel.


Some people are just so clueless~alittle kill happy too I see~just the kind of people I hate to see own a gun! IT'S NOT THE DOG~IT'S THE OWNER!!!! ANYTHING or ANYBODY can be dangerous after taking so much abuse!! And pit bulls ARE ABUSED by certain people. The dog on the Little Rascals years ago was a pitbull! Duh~


Ugh...another article meant to stir the pot & spew hatred towards one of God's creatures. I own a pit bull and I love him to death. You don't like pit bulls?...Don't own one. Simple.


I agree. NO ANIMAL should be left alone with a child. No animal should be left chained to a dog house in a yard. Owners are the ones to blame. And sometimes the parents/adults are to blame for leaving a child/infant alone with a pet. If you do not like pit bulls do not own one. I do not like poodles because the bite and bark too much. I do not own one. Chows tend to attack a lot so I do not own one. I personally own a pit bull and a Rottweiler. They do not bark unless someone knocks on the door or walks into my yard.


My 2 favorite breeds...pits & rotts. One day I'll have a Dogo Argentino also.

Everyone is fam...

I guess to most people ignorance really is bliss.

Did you know that most reported pitbull attacks aren't really pitbulls? Many people mistake other breeds for pitbulls. Did you also know that bite force and locking jaws are a myth?

Probably not. Most people that have a negative opinion on pitbulls are swayed by negative media attention. Their "danger" is sensationalized.

A german shepard, lab, st. bernard, rottweiler, doberman, or golden retriever is just as capable of mauling or killing a person or another animal. If you do not properly train and socialize your pet, it can become aggressive, no matter the breed. And no animal should be left unsupervised with a defenseless child, no matter the breed. Common sense people.


It's very common for police reports to list the breed as pit bull in order to save face if the dog can't be caught, or has to be shot.

Everyone is fam...

Exactly! It's often falsely reported as a pitbull attack.


I have had a pitbull and it wouldn't hurt anybody. I also had a German Shepherd once and also had a Shar pei who were more aggressive than my pit. Besides a lot of the so called pitbull attacks are not even pitbull. I recall a story where a kid was attacked and they said pit bull but it was a yellow lab.


A veterinarian once told me that pit bulls make great fighting dogs because they are so very anxious to please their humans. It is a double-edged sword. In the hands of humans with ill-intent, they can be quite dangerous, but alternatively, in the hands of a responsible dog owner, they are amazing, loving, trusted pets. As usual, we turn our blame to the easy target and allow the irresponsible humans off the hook.


if poodles are as dangerous as pit bulls why do people insist on fighting pits instead of other breeds?


Because pit bulls want so badly to please their owners, they will do anything for a "good boy" and a pat on the head. Any dog is dangerous...poodles included.


could it be that the dog fighters do not want to lose so they use the most aggressive breed? no, couldn't be that..


You asked a question, I answered it. If you don't like my answer, you don't have to be a douche.


up yours. the truth is more important than trying not to hurt your sensitive little feelings. take your sissy crap and move on..


You didn't hurt my feelings & your "truth" is far from. Pits are not the "most aggressive" as you say. Are their jaws & power more dangerous than a poodles? Sure. But I have come across many pits that are happy, wonderful, loving dogs. People that fight dogs are scum & they manipulate a breed that is easy to train...to do whatever they want them to.


"You asked a question, I answered it"

Except your answer was KNOWINGLY false, based on your acknowledgement of the real reason in a subsequent comment. Stay on the porch if you can't contend competently.


Nope. The loyalty of pit bulls is legendary. Therefore, they are ideal for training to fight, as they want desperately to please their owners.

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Let me see if I got this straight. Pit bulls have no genetic predispositions, but homosexuals do?


that's what they seem to think..

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I think you need to re read the Bible ThinkAgain...at least the sections involving Christ. You have more hatred in you than he did even for the guards that crucified him and you call yourself a follower?


Thinkagain may say some ridiculous things, but I've yet to hear anything hateful from him.


Excellent point, thinkagain, but it says more about the "born gay" position than about dogs.

However, pits do NOT have genetic behavioral dispositions. What they DO have are genetic traits that make them well equipped PHYSICALLY for fighting.

Those PHYSICAL traits result in their selection by those who raise dogs to be aggressive.


If I recall correctly, the breed with the most reported bites annually ISN'T a pitbull. It's the friendly, great-with-kids, highly trainable black lab.

ANY dog can "go bad" if it's abused or trained to be vicious. Granted, I'd have much less fear of a vicious chihuahua than I would of a vicious pitbull, but that has nothing to do with an inclination to attack and everything to do with the relative size of the attacker.

ANY dog should be leashed when it's out and about. ANY dog should be confined to a yard when it's not leashed. That's not simply because any dog, under the right circumstances, could be vicious. It's because any dog running loose could be PERCEIVED a threat, or worse, could be hit by a car or attacked by some OTHER loose dog.

Not more than a week ago, I was jumped by a good-sized dog that escaped his fenced yard because the fence included a large gap at the bottom at one point. Luckily for me, the dog wasn't truly vicious. He was more rambunctious and curious than anything else. But after he scared me half to death, he took off down the block where he probably scared somebody else, and after which he doubtless crossed streets and checked out other properties.

To otherwise responsible dog owners: TAKE CARE to ensure your dog really is adequately confined! And to you low life scum who shouldn't be permitted to own a PLANT let alone any other living thing: May you end up without pets and behind bars WITHOUT anybody being seriously hurt! And that includes your blameless dog!


You're right, Sam, the breed implicated in bites the most happens to be the most popular breed in America.

Those of us who understand probability and statistics know why that is.


No argument. But again, ANY dog will bite under the right circumstances. And pretending that "the most popular breed in America" is universally a sweet, loving puppy or that pit bulls are ALWAYS dangerous is the truly the wrong conclusion.

By the same methodology, it's entirely fair to note that since pit bulls are more commonly trained as fighting dogs than labs, of COURSE their attacks are more likely, or are worse when they do occur! On the other hand, an old statistics professor I once had summed things up rather nicely when he told us: "Give me the data, and tell me what you want it to show." (This was during a lecture on MISUSE of statistics, of course...)


well said


"Pit bulls are made aggressive by poor dog owners"
How about rich dog owners? :) :) :)


The tendency to raise aggressive dogs correlates quite strongly with lower socioecnomic status.




I am not going to read all of the comments, because the ignorance, it burns. I am, however, going to share a few links for those who wish to rely less on emotion and instead, learn more about the breed. This is only a tiny portion of what is available, and excludes my own positive personal experiences with rescuing/fostering pitties, some of whom came from dog fighting rings:

In today's news: Hero Dog Dials 911 On Cell Phone While Veteran Owner Has A Seizure: http://www.opposingviews.com/i/s...

Pit Bull Heroes Hall of Fame: http://bslnews.org/pit-bull-hero...

Lilly the Hero Pit Bull: http://lillytheheropitbull.com/

Top 10 Hero Pit Bulls from 2013: http://www.mightymutts.org/1/pos...

True heroic stories of pit bulls that saved the day: http://thechive.com/2013/12/20/t...

7 Pit Bull Heroes That Will Change Your Mind About The Breed: http://www.buzzfeed.com/pitbulls...

Hero Pit Bull Saves Cat From Hungry Coyotes: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/20...

Hero Pit Bull Shot in Head, Saves Owners: http://www.fallendogs.com/story....

Hero pit bull saves Ashland family from house fire: http://wtvr.com/2013/12/08/1-inj...

Shaka the Pitbull Police Dog: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=...

Daddy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=...


Sometimes it's easier to just scroll through the obviously undeducated comments. Thank you MBR for all this information, it really is helpful and it does show what Pit Bulls are capable of becoming under the most compassionate and healthy of circumstances.


There is one more link you should add - InsuranceOwl's Pit Bull Hero Stories: http://www.insuranceowl.org. It is a collection of all the heroic deeds performed by pit bulls from a pit bull carrying a small boy being attacked by a bee swarm to a pit bull saving its owner from a fire.


Sgt. Stubby (1rst dog to get War Medal/Pit bull) 1 of Helen Keller's service dogs was a Pit Bull. My dad's pit-bull was great around my toddlers/ demonic to wanna be gas thieves @ the barn. My grandchildren are safely around two pit-bulls. Woe to any pervert that tries to bother them. We love pit-bulls.


I don't care one bit for pit bulls, nor any other vicious dogs. Below is a reason why Cats Rule, Dogs Drool.



meow.. The link was dead... but it had to be from Tuesday or so where the cat chased off the pit bull which attacked the kid on the bike.

It was surveillance camera footage where the untethered dog left it's yard, sought out and just plain attacked the kid pulling him off his bike, and dragged him face down. Bit the dickens out of his leg.

Explain that, please.