Costs of Obamacare make it not such a good deal

May 9, 2014


One reason we should halt, or at least reduce considerably Obamacare, is because it simply costs too much for what it provides. There is far too much red tape involved, and this being done at the federal level means that much more extra expense.

Certainly there should be no requirement that everyone have government insurance.

Always in the past we have provided a very good medical system, with the people deciding for themselves how to go about this, and what doctors and insurance to seek. And, those who can not afford this have almost always obtained help form private charities and other help groups.

Those few who have not are the ones we always hear about, and this gets everyone scared. We need to be realistic in our evaluations, and be sure that only those who really need this help are the ones who obtain it. This would cut the costs of the program a great deal, and, therefore, this is the way we should go - always.

—Judson Brandes



And here we go!


THIS is news?

So now you don't like it... you voted for it twice and laughed at those who opposed it.

"You've got to pass it to know what's in it."

Get smarter, dems. Vote Republican.


Re:"You've got to pass it to know what's in it."

It did pass and we still do not know what is in it as it does continue to evolve. How many pages were in the original bill that no congressman read prior to voting and how many pages are in the bill now ?

Darwin's choice

Cue the obamabots.....


As Gomer said; Surprise! Surprise! Surprise!

AJ Oliver

Hey Judson, thanks for addressing this really important issue - and for taking responsibility for what you write by signing your letter.

But it would help a lot if you would provide the sources for your arguments. What does "costs too much" mean? What does it cost anyway? And what does Obamacare "provide"?

This is what I mean by providing sources. It shows that the US is the ONLY developed nation without universal health care.

And here is one that shows the relationship between personal bankruptcies and medical problems. It's from those radicals at "Business Week".

To me the answer is easy and obvious - simply let people buy into Medicare.


How about if each of us buy into the coverage we actually NEED instead? For example, I don't need prostate exams or Viagra prescriptions covered. For that matter, I don't need contraceptive or maternity care insurance, either!

As for "too expensive," I'm sure that's relative. What's "too expensive" for me might very well be pocket change to somebody living on the Chausee. That doesn't, however, make it one whit more affordable for me and people like me, though, does it?

I have no issue paying for things I purchase. I have no issue with insurance coverage, either. But when it's literally IMPOSSIBLE to pay, and I'm expected to do so for a lot of things I neither want nor need, what then, eh? That's like telling me to join our friends living in big houses on the Chausee whether I can afford the mortgage or not -- and then punishing me when it turns out I can't make the payments!

looking around

Sam Say's "How about if each of us buy into the coverage we actually NEED instead? For example, I don't need prostate exams or Viagra prescriptions covered. For that matter, I don't need contraceptive or maternity care insurance, either!"

Sam I guess you don't understand at how insurance companies calculate their risk and coverage. For instance in many types of coverages we have the choice in our deductibles, various coverages etc., we might elect to up our deductible on our car or drop the collision. Oddly enough it rarely produces the change in the cost of our policy that we think it should.

Say you could tell the health insurer's that you would like to deselect certain items or coverage that you feel you personally do not need, what type of reduction do you feel you would see in the overall cost to you as the insured? They realize that you may not need certain things available in the generic coverages but any adjustment would be negligible. To better understand what I'm saying talk to your insurance agent about massaging your homeowner and auto policy and you will see what I'm talking about.

You say it is literally impossible to pay? Are you qualified for assistance? Perhaps you should check. If your income disqualifies you for assistance do you think others should pay for the services you receive because you feel it is literally impossible for you to pay for your own coverages?

Perkins Resident

And everyone comes here for medical care, we'll at least they used to.


In the grand scheme of things...

"What difference does it make ?"

can be applied to what the citizens want or don't want.

We are no longer governed... we are ruled.


Judson Brandes sounds like someone who has his and doesn't care if others do or not. I think it is great that young people can stay on their parents policies and that you aren't disqualified by a pre-existing condition.


Re:"I think it is great that young people can stay on their parents policies and that you aren't disqualified by a pre-existing condition."

tk, I am glad that you found some things that you like about this bill how do you think the people feel that had coverage that they were satisfied with and have since lost the coverage?


California Obamacare patients are finding it more affordable to drive to Tijuana, Mexico for health care treatment than to use their high-deductible Obamacare plans.

Irma Montalvo tells USA Today seeing a Tijuana doctor only costs $15 and that she likes her Mexican doctor better.


Medical care in Mexico has always been cheaper. Dental care as well. A friend traveled to Mexico several years ago to get a complete set of Dentures for truly a fraction of the cost here in the States.

For U.S. citizens we still need a sound, affordable, national healthcare plan as "Obamacare" doesn't truly meet any of the aforementioned attributes.


Without listed (and trusted) sources of data's merely an opinion piece from one person which results in "blah, blah, blah".

Ps. Our American medical systems don't rank very high with other modern/civilized countries but our costs sure do! Maybe we should look a little harder at the "who and why" of that.

{Feed us food stuffed with hazardous chemicals and now GMO, pollute our waterways, create high-dollar drugs to correct the problem, pay the doctors and hospitals whatever they can get away with and pass the insane costs onto the insurance companies} {Sounds like greed to me!}

Economic Euthanasia

AJ Oliver

If you are harsh and impolite to a person on an anonymous blog, chances are you are not a particularly brave person.


Well this I know, Canadians are not coming to America for health care. Remember when seniors used to go there for cheap maintenance drugs? Again......take away what our elected officials health care. Make M pay!