Broken glass contaminates soil near U.S. 6 and Ohio 61

May 8, 2014


Driving south on Ohio 61 when the sun is shining at just the right angle, you may be as surprised as I was. One particular area will glitter like there are a million diamonds shining at you. In reality and after investigation you will see that the problem is an environmental ground contamination nightmare. That’s because an old greenhouse was torn down with improper cleanup of the soil. The soil is contaminated with millions of small glass shards shining. This made my mind wander to the dilapidated greenhouse on the corner of U.S. 6 and Ohio 61.

Glass is broken and contaminating the soil the very same way. Millions of glass shards that will take thousands of years or more to allow nature’s natural removal are polluting the soil in and around the structure.

After investigation with several government agencies I find that the owners of the land are apparently hiding behind the fact the land is zoned agricultural, which allows the owners to contaminate their land. No one with authority seems willing to step forward and put a stop to this sad situation. In my mind the thought immediately comes to mind — political payoff? How can this happen? Never would I have thought the owners of this land would not take pride in their land as I do my holdings.

Never would I believe our government agencies, from city to township to federal, would allow this type of neglect and contamination to occur. In my beautiful small town of Vermilion, someone with authority would stop a similar problem.

I can say this to all the people who drive by and see this abortion. I’m so sorry, all of Erie County people are not like this, we are proud of our homes and lands.

Our farmers are not all like this, most stand tall and are proud of their holdings.

It’s just a sad situation when people lose their pride of ownership and then our government stands by and allows this type of nature contamination to happen.

—Ben Gleason


Stop It

lol...Some people have an inordinate amount of time on their hands.


Thank God he does and I, for one, don't understand how the Otto family thinks it's ok to ABUSE what God created. You can't make dirt, can you @ stop it?

We are the caretakers of this planet and the family Otto certainly doesn't give a damn about future generations. Those greenhouses have been falling apart for years and it's high time they get cleaned or give the land to someone who will, like the state! Turn it into a nature preserve.

Thank you, Mr. Gleason, for taking the time to research this subject.

Sandusky Register, I hope you will take up this issue and use your power to make it right as, apparently, the Otto family isn't going to do it.

da wind

pretty sure thats Berlin Township not Vermilion

Pterocarya frax...

I for one am happy the Otto family has finally torn down that eyesore. Does more need done...certainly. Are they still working on it...apparently, because it appears they just took down the metal building.

I do hope they come in and do a more thorough cleanup of the glass shards, but they have come a long way on it. Then they need to move on up to the corner and remove the other one at 6 and 61.

Then if they can just keep the bison off the road...


This is kind of my type of work. The fact is that if the glass passes a TCLP, which it more than likely would, it would not be considered an Environmental Issue by EPA standards. Nobody with any authority are willing to step forward on this issue because nobody has any authority to deal with this issue.

Pterocarya frax...

What is a TCLP?

And is there something, like a rockhound, that would get any of this glass cleaned up? Just curious...


With all the recycling that is being done now days, let the recyclers have the metal from the frame structures in return for removing the glass that isn't broken yet.

Then they could have some old-fashioned archeology digs and SIFT the dirt for glass shards. If they find anything of value, then it's finders keepers.

It doesn't require authority from government, it requires the Otto family to MAKE THIS RIGHT for future generations.

If they don't, then shame on them! If we don't watch out for each other and our planet, who will?