Why does Port Clinton want to overspend on city garage?

May 7, 2014


Apparently Port Clinton needs an extra garage for some of its vehicles. There are two properties under consideration, both on Buckeye Boulevard.

The Bauman property on the north side is for sale for $180,000.

The property across the street, the former FanMark property, is for sale for $525,000.

Since the cheaper property is connected to the present city owned property — City Hall — why would the city want to buy the more expensive property for their garage? I don’t know the mayor, I see him in church and he seems like a nice fellow. I think I can call two members of city council as friends. So I hope I am not offending anyone. Just want to raise some questions.

—Ron Mainous
Port Clinton



You are now officially banned from Port Clinton. You're in good company though despite popular opinion. Those in power do as they like and trample over those that speak up or disagree. I have been there you see!


LOL..banning sounds pretty good compared to going to jail for questioning PC contracts as has happened in the past!


The Fanmark property is nearly identical to the Baumann property.... which has not sold at THAT price.

Ralph J.

Be sure to check the Ottawa County Auditor's website for valuations of property. Market price and valuations for property taxes should be the same. If selling price is far above the county auditor's valuations, it means the property owner did not pay their fair share of taxes or the selling price was too high and those who bought paid too much. Before a property is bought by the city, the public must be presented with the intended purchase. Purchase of property can be discussed in executive sessions but not the actual purchase. Before the purchase is made, the public must be presented the idea of the purchase and other property owners must be given a chance to offer similar properties at much lower prices.