Parish - Columbus intersection proves dangerous afterall

May 6, 2014


Well, Mr. Hile invited me last week to sit down for a root beer to observe the intersection of Parish Street and Columbus Avenue at the busy hour basically from 3 to 6 p.m.

It turns out that crow pie pairs well with root beer. I could easily see from his porch what I could not see from my car going to the intersection many times.

The after-school rush of inexperienced drivers were no match for a wide and challenging intersection, which also needs a button–activated crosswalk for children walking home from school.

As it turns out, the city’s professional staff never anticipated doing anything other than reinstalling a light in this location. When the ground finally thawed, the original contractor just quit.

I want to thank Mr. Hile and many other residents who reached out to me in a courteous and thoughtful manner. I also want to thank the many people who have begun to consider the larger question of what we can do to make Sandusky a more walkable city.

Sandusky has in abundance what no other community in the area can match — density. Density is a critical asset, but only one of many, necessary to make a neighborhood and community walkable.

Walkability is a key ingredient to Sandusky’s future, and the difference between a collection of houses and a neighborhood.

We can and must do make Sandusky a more attractive place to live today and for generations to come.

—Dennis Murray, Jr.
Sandusky ex officio mayor



Correct me if I'm wrong. The intersection is Parish and Columbus Avenue, is it not?

AJ Oliver

Lesson for bloggers - If you are half way respectful, and publish under your own name, you can get results. To bad it happens so rarely on these blogs. How about it Register? Time to change the format !!


Still flogging your fetish, eh?

yea right

and the award for the best newspaper goes too....

Jason Werling

Nothing to see here people, move along. :)

We fixed it online. Sorry for any inconvenience, but maybe they should add a light to Parish and Campbell as well?

yea right

i think the ppl of sr need to goto computer training classes..

Jason Werling

Or to text speak classes.


I agree there should be a traffic light at this intersection. Additionally, in Perkins Township, I address the issue of the chaos often occuring at the intersection of Route 250 and Strub Road; particularly while traveling east on Strub Road through the intersection. People drive through the intersection and turn right into the PNC parking lot, right onto Test Drive, left into the Pet SuppliesPlus and GNC parking lots, and people turning left into the Menard's parking lot. I've been involved in some major bottlenecks where eastbound drivers are stalled across 250 because of people waiting to turn into these locations, particularly during the late weekday afternoon rush hours and on Saturdays. I've never witnessed an accident there. Perhaps we've all learned to be cautious.


Mr. Murray, if you want to make the city more walkable, here are the first 2 things you should consider: 1--Eminent Domain, and 2--Martial Law to rid the city of its many trouble makers.

T. A. Schwanger


Constructive criticism.

Since the beginning of time, as Sandusky knows it, there has been a lack of communication within the halls of 222 Meigs Street. This particular instance is the poster child of lack of communication.

An inferno topic such as this and Sanduskians are just now hearing they "intended to replace the light all along".

JT Adams St

I'm sure Nicole Ard would receive a tongue lashing over this issue if she hadn't been fired weeks ago. But since there's no black woman to blame for a lack of communication, we'll just forget that it happened.


Sorry for the error, GFS, not GNC.


Thank you Mr. Murray for telling us you made a mistake about that corner. When I read your opinion I didn't agree with it because I go that way quite often and knew the traffic light was still needed. Thank you for your new conclusion after visiting the corner.