Erie County MetroParks deserve community’s support Tuesday

May 5, 2014


I am writing in support of the Erie MetroParks Issue 4 on Tuesday, which adds $1.25 per month for each $100,000 in taxable value. But that price seems small compared to what our parks have to offer.

Our Erie MetroParks: 1. operate parks and parkways, offering programs and spaces for recreation and outdoor activities; 2. conserve and preserve pristine, sensitive local environments for the future. With Lake Erie’s health at risk, it is critical we protect these vital areas for our children, grandchildren and future generations; and 3. make good business sense for our community. The variety of parks and access to open spaces create a quality of life that draws tax-paying residents and businesses.

Surveys have shown that businesses site access to green space as a priority in choosing where to locate.

Parks are for everyone. Even people who do not use our parks still perceive the benefits our community receives from them.

When we support our parks we are investing in the future by creating opportunities to experience purpose, pleasure, health and well-being.

Our parks are crucial to building our great community. They make our hometowns better places. For yourselves, your neighbors, your community, please vote for Issue 4 on Tuesday.

— Kimberly Fasnacht



Why is somebody from Fremont (in Sandusky County) writing the Sandusky newspaper to tell Erie County residents how to vote? Does Ms. Fasnacht regularly hop in her car on an evening to bring her dog and/or her kids to an Erie MetroPark? Does Ms. Fasnacht pay taxes, whether they're raised or not, in Erie County? Better yet, has Ms. Fasnacht had any family property effectively stolen by a non-representative government entity?

I'm betting the answer to each of these questions is "No." Coincidentally, that's my answer to the MetroParks levy!

Licorice Schtick

People should support parks everywhere. The tax impact is trivial. Criticism of Erie MetroParks is stupid misguided hate. Erie MetroParks is efficiently run and a good deal for the people of Erie County.

Stop It

"...stupid misguided hate..." Wow. Pretty strong words there.

Fact is, they did try to steal people's land and have not set it right. I can remember them ripping out sets of beautifully constructed steps by claiming the land was theirs for the taking.


That's not an honest account of what happened. Anti-parkites need to distort, exaggerate, and out-and-out lie because they can't make an honest case. Government-hating wingnuts chime right in, repeating lies without checking facts. And the SR has NOT been helpful in getting the whole story out.

Stop It

Do tell.

Rusty of Sandusky

@Factitious that representation by Stop It is EXACTLY WHAT AND HOW IT HAPPENED. But you are correct in the SR not being helpful in getting the whole story out... The full truth is even more extreme arrogance and defiance by Metroparks and its officials.


Yes. Wasn't Perkins Township Trustee and former SPD Chief Jim Lang leading the charge and holding guns on the property owners while they sawed off their property

Stop It

I remember watching the video right here on the SR site.

Darwin's choice

"That's not an honest account of what happened"

Please get your head out of the sand!

That's exactly what happened!

Licorice Schtick

Vote YES! (And, yes, this will cost me personally in property taxes. It's an excellent value.)


Vote NO on any additional property taxes!


The parks are a wonderful asset for the community, the management is what's terrible. And unfortunately, people don't want to support shoddy management.


I haven't heard much criticism of the parks themselves, and I haven't heard ANY complaints about the IDEA of parks. The problem is that trees and flowers don't formulate budgets or spend money. And that terrible management you mention DOES. A "no" vote doesn't suggest people hate parks. It means the parks need to be managed properly (and legally). Until it is, giving them more tax dollars is just throwing good money after bad.


I wouldn't give them a penny!!!!! Thieves taking land. I'm voting NO!!!!!!!!!!!


Vote no!! They've gotten enough money and screwed it up

Ralph J.



"Licorice Schtick

People should support parks everywhere. The tax impact is
trivial. Criticism of Erie MetroParks is stupid misguided
hate. Erie MetroParks is efficiently run and a good deal for
the people of Erie County."

I disagree with you, however, people are entitled to their opinion, whether MetroParks and it's supporters agree or not.

I am not in favor or higher taxes and do believe that tax payer money has been mismanaged. There are a lot of alternatives in the area to MetroParks, and I for one would like to see them reduce their focus (and funding) back to the core parks such as Osborn and The Coupling. That is my opinion and I'm entitled to it even if the MetroPark supporters don't think so!

I think there are a lot of people who assume that if its a park or nature area, then it's funded by MetroParks. The fact is that a lot of the parks and rec areas in the Erie County area that are NOT associated with MetroParks. Sheldon Marsh, Old Woman Creek, East Harbor, the Sandusky parks, the Huron parks are all NOT associated with MetroParks. Below is a list of the areas that MetroParks controls:

Birmingham School MetroPark
Castalia Quarry MetroPark
DuPont Marsh State Nature Preserve
East Sandusky Bay MetroPark
Edison Woods MetroPark
Huron River Greenway MetroPark
Hoffman Forest MetroPark
James H. McBride Arboretum
Osborn MetroPark
Pelton Park
The Coupling MetroPark