Vote for Erie MetroParks replacement levy on May 6

May 1, 2014


This is a quality of life issue.

For 28 years this levy has supported the excellent parks that we now enjoy.

A vote for Issue 4 will maintain 13 MetroParks, the programming and services and will not be used to purchase land. Kids, seniors, families and individuals have free access to our great Erie MetroParks. Let’s keep them strong for our residents.

—Joyce and Daryl Deering



You want my money after you put my dad out of his home? I would die before I would vote yes. My vote is a NO


A no vote here.

Whiskey Tango F...

Here's my solution... Everyone votes no. All of the yes votes can make donations equal to or greater than the amount of the levy. You will receive a receipt that allows you to deduct it from this years income taxes.


Then only those people who gave donations would allow to step foot on any metropark property.

Whiskey Tango F...

Ok, sounds great! Pay to play school, pay to play parks! Sell memberships! Don't steal my money!


And any property owners who paid taxes to buy the land in the first place.


WTF, I like the way you think. Me? Another "no" vote here.




WTF that may be the best solution that I've heard anyone suggest regarding MetroParks. A no vote here as well.


YOU pay my taxes!


Metro Parks has been one of the biggest wastes of taxpayer money in Erie County. They have purchased (land grabbed) more property than necessary, and now they can not afford to maintain it, they have failed to honor commitments they made with local residents, and in doing so have lost the public trust.
It's time the Park Board realizes the taxpayers have seen enough of their money foolishly wasted.
Actually I would like to see some of the property Metro has purchased returned to the tax book, much of this property is prime real estate and would contribute emensly to the economy in Erie County, it would also offer some relief to the current taxpayers.
Vote No!

Rusty of Sandusky

I think this particular ballot issue should have three options for voters to choose from:
"Hellllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll NO!"

Julie R.

Mine for sure would be "Hellllllllllllllllll NO!"


My quality of life would improve if I paid less taxes! Helllllllllll no here too. Stop with the taxes!


No way! Metro parks is another great example of big government. They keep spending and spending and now they can't afford what they have. Government should not be able to take, buy or control parks or land. As soon as they do they impose rules, what kind of rules do you really need for a field on cleveland rd. ? Closes at dark, give me a break, if my taxes are used for this land then I should be able to use it whenever I want. People are sick of our government bullshit.


I concur with "Elwood" on this issue. Just think if the MILLIONS of tax payer dollars hadn't been wasted on the Rails to Trails (just one of many faux pas this entity has in it's history) the Metro Parks wouldn't be trying to waste more of our money. Everyone needs to read up on the Steinen property. More waste and broken agreements continue to abound! Vote NO!!


Erie Metro Parks needs to recover every nickel spent on the lawyers from the lawyers who advised them wrongly that they had a right to take the Greenway land before they ask the citizens to pay up. Make the lawyers who created the mess and profited from it pay for their mess.

And another thought..the Deering family has a lot of nerve asking the public to pay if they are related in anyway to the former Parks Board member who profited so lavishly from the Turnpike interchange on Rt 4 but was so quick to spend tax money on lawyers who stole other people's land.

Ralph J.

VOIE NO!! Make the lawyers give back all of those millions. They can write it off for taxes as a donation. VOTE NO!!

Ralph J.

VOTE NO!! More money for lawyers. VOTE NO!!