Levy is the only alternative for Perkins Schools

May 1, 2014

A question we have heard from some in our community is “why do you continue to put a levy on the ballot? We have said no”

The simple answer is because we have no alternative.

Perkins Schools will have cut almost $4.5 million from our budget over the last two years. We have had our state funding reduced by $2.5 million. We have not had an increase in local taxes in 14 years.

These issues, coupled with continued unfunded mandates from the federal and state governments, have put our district in a difficult financial situation.

With your help, we can begin to emerge from this situation. The levy value of 3.94 mills on a $100,000 home would cost the equivalent of about two trips to Starbucks per month and would allow us to continue to provide a great education for the students of our district.

We have listened to the message from our community during the past four votes. The board has reversed 3.2 mils of inside millage with the rest to be reversed in the near future. No money from this levy will be used for new facilities and all facility plans have been placed on hold.

With the input from the community at four public meetings, we have laid out specifically what would be restored with the passage of this levy. Music and art at the elementary level and reduction in play to pay fees lead the list.

The entire list of restoration is available on the district’s website.

The Ohio school funding mechanism is difficult on communities such as Perkins. It can tear communities apart. Perkins is by any measure the lowest cost school district in the county. We provide a high quality education, however, in order to continue that mission long term, we need your support.

As we move forward, we will strive to continue to listen to the community and use this input to make the best decisions for thestudents of the district and for the needs of this community. Strong schools make a strong community. Let’s continue our Perkins tradition of strong schools AND a strong community. Vote “Yes” for the Perkins Schools Levy.

Perkins Board of Education, Matthew Kosior, Terry Chapman, Bradley Mitchel, Andrew Carroll and Michael Ahner Vote for Erie MetroParks replacement levy on May 6




Finn Finn

Really. You thought this comment was adding something of importance to the issue?

FYI - "your" should be "you're". Clearly, YOU'RE not the sharpest pencil in the box. You might want to read up on sentence construction as well. Have a nice day.

Ralph J.

Who is the bully now Old Pirate?

Thomas Paine

Lets all vote no because we dislike what anonymous bloggers say! My question is how do you know what Perkinsvoter said is real? Why do all of you believe anonymous bloggers? And not believe heavily regulated audited financials prepared by professionals or reports prepared by educated professionals working in their field. Is it because its easier than doing the research? I am amazed by the CSI attitude of people. Not everything can be simplified into a neat package from beginning to end that is solved in 42 minutes without commercials. Who cares what anonymous bloggers say?

Ralph J.

Why do all of you believe anonymous bloggers?

Dr. Information

@TP. This is why blogs survive. Its easy to get on here behind a name and discredit anything with a simple "it isn't true" post. Do you know how many times people on this site have posted opinions as truth with no link or accountability for their statement. Happens nearly every minute on here.

This is why I think we should demand that the SR go to FB accounts to log in. Sure there may be a few fake accounts here and there but they can easily be banned and people will get tired of having to go through all the new email, new FB account, new SR account just to bully someone online.

Its amazing how intolerant most people are on here to people who want to vote yes.

Thomas Paine

Agreed. I am always amazed at the amount of people who believe everything that appears online without looking for any kind of reference to where the information came from. If there is a credible source behind the information I am willing to listen. It seems referenced information is taboo. Although there are many yes voters who have zero tolerance as well.

Ralph J.

Nobody is stopping a voter to vote yes or no. I posted a link about Old Pirate calling a widow self centered. Here is another alternative idea. Sometimes unpopular choices must be made. Merge.


Ralph J.

Why do all of you believe anonymous bloggers? Who cares what anonymous bloggers say? So said Thomas Paine. Is Thomas Paine a registered voter using that name?

Thomas Paine

I am also not asking you to believe me. I am asking you to look up facts from sources. Nobody else on here has remotely suggested the idea.

Ralph J.


Ralph J.

When was the last time that the Perkins Boosters had a citrus fruit sale? VOTE NO!!

Thomas Paine

Do you really want to fund a school district with oranges?

Ralph J.

So why was selling oranges discontinued? Easier to ask for more money from the public? The public has to work hours and weeks for their money. Where was the effort to make money for the school as was in the past? Every action to raise funds for the school helps. Was that stadium more important than the education for students? New campus with water fountain? Move back all of the operating funds. Get your priorities straight. Look at your tax bills from previous and how much went to the school. If your tax bill is less than before, send in the difference to the school. If your tax bill is more and you are paying more in taxes to the school, you are being forced to pay more to the school without a vote. Those who pay less should stop being hypocrites and pay more voluntarily instead of telling people how to spend their money or not spend on coffee or a pizza. VOTE NO!!


Why are you telling me to buy oranges? I have an allergy to oranges. Have you no compassion? I don't want to spend my hard earned money buying citrus. If you make me spend my money on citrus, you'll get nothing but blood oranges, Sir...nothing but blood oranges.

Ralph J.

Stick it TP!!

Dr. Information

You are either for or against it. No need to attack each other for having an opinion on why you wan to vote either way.

Thomas Paine



Everyone please exercise your right to vote.

Vote as you wish on this levy but please vote. Don't squander this right. Don't take it for granted.

Have a great day.

Thomas Paine

Agreed please vote! Lets hope we have higher than a 40% turnout.


The surprising thing about all the above posts is that no one mentions the REASON the Perkins Schools - and MOST Ohio public schools needs money. Gov. Kasich severely cut state funding to public schools.

This had 2 results:

1. It pushed the burden of taxation from the state level to the local level. In order to keep our local school running, we have to make up the funding difference by paying higher local tax rates.

2. It allowed Kasich to say "I cut taxes". Yeah, you did, but you eviscerated something we Americans typically have valued: educating our young. So, either we pony up more $ locally to make up for the funding you denied, or our school cuts teachers and programs.

Makes sense, doesn't it? NOT. In a misguided effort to "make sure we don't pass on our debt to our children", he has presided over massive cuts to Education FOR those children. This is what we have come to expect from the anti-Education Republican Party, and Kasich doesn't disappoint his misguided followers.

A "Rainy Day" fund/surplus of millions of dollars now sits in the state's coffers in Columbus. Meanwhile, schools are hurting, and roads are in deplorable shape, and our Governor is patting himself on the back while denying Ohioans of basic services we have come to expect over the past century.

The man has done enough damage. Ohio deserves better.


Ralphie saw a post you made on the search for city leader. You stated that you had guests on Between the Lines. The term "0ur guest" implies some ownership. Is this really you Matt? Would hate to find out that the Register is placing comments trying to drive discussion in a effort to sell papers.

Keep Focused

"Ralph J.

Tue, 05/06/2014 - 10:25am

City of Sandusky engineer Aaron Klein and Chief Planner Rebecca Corrigan were our guests on Between the Lines today. They talked about their jobs, where the city is currently and where they think the city is going in the future.



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