Levy is the only alternative for Perkins Schools

May 1, 2014

A question we have heard from some in our community is “why do you continue to put a levy on the ballot? We have said no”

The simple answer is because we have no alternative.

Perkins Schools will have cut almost $4.5 million from our budget over the last two years. We have had our state funding reduced by $2.5 million. We have not had an increase in local taxes in 14 years.

These issues, coupled with continued unfunded mandates from the federal and state governments, have put our district in a difficult financial situation.

With your help, we can begin to emerge from this situation. The levy value of 3.94 mills on a $100,000 home would cost the equivalent of about two trips to Starbucks per month and would allow us to continue to provide a great education for the students of our district.

We have listened to the message from our community during the past four votes. The board has reversed 3.2 mils of inside millage with the rest to be reversed in the near future. No money from this levy will be used for new facilities and all facility plans have been placed on hold.

With the input from the community at four public meetings, we have laid out specifically what would be restored with the passage of this levy. Music and art at the elementary level and reduction in play to pay fees lead the list.

The entire list of restoration is available on the district’s website.

The Ohio school funding mechanism is difficult on communities such as Perkins. It can tear communities apart. Perkins is by any measure the lowest cost school district in the county. We provide a high quality education, however, in order to continue that mission long term, we need your support.

As we move forward, we will strive to continue to listen to the community and use this input to make the best decisions for thestudents of the district and for the needs of this community. Strong schools make a strong community. Let’s continue our Perkins tradition of strong schools AND a strong community. Vote “Yes” for the Perkins Schools Levy.

Perkins Board of Education, Matthew Kosior, Terry Chapman, Bradley Mitchel, Andrew Carroll and Michael Ahner Vote for Erie MetroParks replacement levy on May 6




Since you know how everyone should spend there money please fill us in with your wisdom.

Here are some of the local government agencies that continue to request money from taxpayers on a never ending basis.

schools, police, fire, health department, metro parks, roads

Now remember you do not have unlimited funds and if you don't support them now it will cost you more in the future. Please list your priorities.

We all are all waiting on pins and needles for your expert direction.


Gadfly Buy your own island, declare sovereignty and pay taxes to your self.


oh and buy the way you will pay more whatever you do or don't do!

Thomas Paine

Gadfly the common denominator behind all of the local agencies requesting more money are state and federal mandates. Reduce the mandates and give the local agencies and schools say where federal and state dollars recieved go based on things that make sense here not in DC or Columbus.

Thomas Paine

Your comment does bring up a question of my own... Schools the state comes in and forces a higher millage...do any of the other local agencies have something similar? Would be interested to find out.

Thomas Paine

On a side note I really wish we had an organized no contingent that could go after the state and federal level. It would accomplish so much more by eliminating waste so we can use the local, state, and federal dollars more efficiently. I do agree with the no side on so many things I just think they are aiming too low. Replacing board members, super or anybody else is like putting new tires on a Pinto. Its still a Pinto when you are done.


When old pirate is confronted with common sense he wilts. When someone doesn't bend to his bullying tactics he has no response. Kind of reminds me of the present administration of the school system.

Now, Thomas Paine replies with sensible thoughts. If you can come up with a way to keep our money and self determination from the grips of the state and federal government I'm ready to join your team. The problem is the state and federal government will put you in prison for that type of rebellion.

Maybe I do need my own island.

Thomas Paine

We may both need our own island. Although I still think that where we live now can be fixed in a civil manner. Maybe I am naive though. But I like to think it can be done.


Common sense is to actively support community and make the best of a bad situation. Your community is not going away and it is the taxpayers responsibility to insure that the needs of public services are met. Your dream of going back to the good old days is not realistic. We all pay for the good of OUR community. Tired of the whole bully thing when someone points out where your concept falls short.

Thomas Paine

Old Pirate. While I agree we should support the community and paying taxes is part of that beating people up that consistently say I have no more money isnt going to help. So I can understand Gadfly and others that flat out say I have no more. What I dont get is those that can pay but refuse to see or listen to why the school needs to pass a levy. I dont get the people who find the smallest thing to complain about all the time and offer no way to fix the reason why the school is doing this. I dont understand the people who are upset that we have had a levy every election. There will be another in august if this doesnt pass. I dont get the people who think changing board members is magically going to change facts about school funding. The more we argue and dont fix the why the more we divide the community.


Ignoring the need will only result in those who have No More having to pay even more in the end. The Gov or any elected official has no desire to tackle the school funding mess. They only offer lip service.The no voter is delusional about the schools having total control over spending. Just the fact the so much of our local taxes go to the LESS FORTUNATE districts as well as unfunded mandates.

Thomas Paine

Then thats what we need to force legislature to tackle. Force the state to listen. Its worked on the local level. Look at this board letter compared to previous admins. It may be a bad example but a focused group can accomplish a lot. On a non government scale it made the NFL keep the Browns name in Cleveland. We seem to organize and do it for non essential things why cant we do it for important things like education. If a movement started and every district got together with its local voters things could change.

Ralph J.

I recall old pirate chastising an older widow who could not afford medical care or medicines and was trying to sell her house before it went into foreclosure and was only offered about half of what it was appraised for property taxes. If I recall correctly, old pirate called her selfish. I wonder if that widow is still alive or was booted out of her home. VOTE NO!!


Don't recall all that. With that said I don't care what you think. Despite what your financial situation is, any ones choice to not pass this levy will result in increased costs to all involved. This includes me. The choice to ignore the situation solves nothing. Voting no changes nothing only prolongs it.You can't escape the tax man and that is reality.



First, I ask you to prioritize by importance all the local government organizations that rely on taxpayer dollars but I have not received a reply. Why?

Second, we are not ignoring the situation as you imply. We are trying to make a valued decision with the funds available to us.

Third, you are correct, at this time, we cannot escape the taxman but we still have the ability to control how much and where the money is spent.

The community said "no" to a $100 million dollar extravagant expenditure. Remember the fountain? The community then said "no" to moving money ,designated by them, from the general fund to a building fund. If this event would have occurred the general public would have abdicated any further control over new buildings. Are you suggesting we give up those rights and responsibilities ?

I will fight tooth and nail the loss of public input into government taxation. If you don't agree, then you might as well just hand over all your property and money right now. Remember, "You can't escape the tax man and that is reality". So when are you giving up your property and rights ?

Thomas Paine

Gadfly I agree with you on almost everything you just posted. But I think we are quietly losing local control of costs while we fight each other. I read an article recently that our country is no longer a democracy but an oligarchy. I honestly believe continuing to vote no (I have no argument on the building and millage- I was a no voter then too) on the local level is a waste of resources. My view on this levy is voting yes now keeps the costs at bay for maybe 5 years giving people time to go after higher levels of government to get control back. If we don't do something about the massive centralizing of government and business neither the yes or no votes mean much of anything. If you haven't seen the article its interesting. http://www.upi.com/Top_News/US/2...

Finn Finn

"My view on this levy is voting yes now keeps the costs at bay for maybe 5 years giving people time to go after higher levels of government to get control back."

The more you talk Rherrle, the more you p_ss people off, just like you did the last time on this blog. Your repetitive, mind-numbing comments like the one above about passing it now to keep the "costs at bay" is YOUR opinion sir, and a load of c_ap. And then, when the District comes knocking again in 5 years asking for more money, you will then blame the citizenry for not "going after higher levels of government to get control back." Your tactics are ridiculous and transparent. But keep talkin' BH/TP, keep talkin'.

Thomas Paine

Finn Finn. I am not the one who is upset. I am sorry my view upsets you. Its just my view. Like you we both go to the polls and we both can believe what we want to believe. I am not forcing you to do anything you don't want to do, nor am I trying to bully you or pull the wool over your eyes, deceive or have any kind of hidden agenda. Everything I believe and why is here. I have voted no in the past, learned some things along the way and feel the current plan and even the previous one offered, while not perfect were reasonable. I am offering a different opinion than your own which is not a coercion tactic. Its meant to open up a discussion and debate about how to fix things. I assume we both want a good school district? If you don't then having this conversation is pointless. I don't think your opinion is a load of c_ap. I do think how you approach people with a different view however is. It is difficult to have a discussion when both sides think they are right and automatically assume there is some hidden agenda. Both sides have some truth to them and its going to take both sides to fix it. Until then the conversation continues. I am pretty confident we will be having this same discussion in August. And I can guarantee you that the schools will come back again in 5 years if it passes. Guarantee it. Its the nature of the current broken system. I also sincerely hope either side is not voting just to spite the other side. For me voting is emotionless. I may be passionate about my opinion but it doesn't mean its right. I am looking and willing to engage in a conversation as to why my opinion is wrong. Prove to me why I am wrong and I will gladly listen do a good enough job and I will change my opinion. Telling me its a load of c_ap doesn't convince me I am wrong or offer any reason for me to think about my opinion or change it. I want a real debate. One where both of us learn something and come away with knowledge and respect for each others opinions. One where we can find a consensus and move on. If having an intelligent discussion p_sses people off so be it. All I am asking for is real reasons other than things based on emotion as to why I should vote no and if I do where are we going with the district. Once again respecting your opinion and agreeing with it are two different things. I don't expect everyone to agree with mine. I enjoy the conversations because If I only surround myself with people I agree with I never will never learn anything new. And oddly enough I agree with some of your views from earlier. Take this post however you want.

Thomas Paine

For those that say I cant afford anymore. Please vote no. But don't be upset If I can afford it and vote yes. My mind numbing repetitive comments show up again. Under the current system small communities across Ohio are all struggling. All I ask is what needs to be done to fix the divide and make the system more equitable? Change school funding? School Income tax? County Schools versus district? Merging districts? I don't know what the answer is but its out there somewhere. Just voting yes or just voting no just perpetuates the real issues. My viewpoint may be different than most but just no or just yes do not work for me.

Finn Finn

You are way too long winded. No one wants to read your opinion repeated in countless different ways. Take that for what it is worth. Not trying to insult you, just educate.

What you would like people to do is vote Yes on this levy, and thennnnnnn, find a different solution to school funding. My opinion is that you are not really interested in finding a solution to the so-called school funding problem, you just want to throw observations out, repeat them, confront people to find a another solution, and if they have no ideas, well then, so be it. Pay up and shut up.

Many people feel that school districts' budgets are out of control. Between high teacher salaries, teacher pensions and benefits, administration salaries, ENDLESS NEW PROGRAMS that need funding, over abundance of athletic programs, unnecessary aides and personnel, there is no way in h_ll there will ever be enough tax revenue, local, county or state, to FUND IT ALL. But in this day and age, the attitude seems to be "well, that's just the way it is. Deal with it. Fork it over. We have to have this and we have to have that." Well, it's simply not possible anymore. The overburdened taxpayer simply can't afford it. What is it about that FACT that you don't understand? You can't have it all. Of course, making a statement like this sends some people to the coronary ward.

We have anointed teachers as some sort of saints who shouldn't be criticized for their hefty salaries and pensions. When a handful lose their jobs because of cut-backs, there are some who act as though the world has fallen off its axis. Yet, when my husband or I lose our jobs, no one bats an eye.

There are some of us in this world who do with what we have or can earn ourselves. But from your posts, it seems like this idea is completely off the table for you. KEEP the pay to play. Somewhere in history, these kids and their spoiled parents got the idea that they should be able to play sports and have someone else pay for it. Gee, how considerate.

At the end of the day, people do what they have to do to make it after high school. They go to college, or they go to work. If they have the drive, determination, smarts - they'll be just fine.

Have I made myself clear now, or are you still in a quandary?

Thomas Paine

You are correct on a lot of points. I disagree I dont want to find a solution to a very real funding problem. The endless new programs are being forced on districts from above and not being funded. More admin staff is for unecessary government paperwork. I agree with pay to play or club sports. If its not academic its shouldnt be funded. My other concern is if you rely completely on a local tax base with lower incomes to supply education we will fall behind. Education and access to it shouldnt be based on the areas income. You are right something has to give. The days of graduating high school and going straight to a job is increasingly difficult and somewhat a thing of the past so education and what we experienced as kids is going to be different on a global scale. Just like you I am a concerned citizen. I just happen to disagree with the path district voters are taking us down when I look around at other districts outside of Erie County.

Finn Finn

I disagree that the endless new programs are being FORCED on districts from above and not being funded. While some programs are in fact, mandated by the state, many programs / classes are not mandated, they're just there because, "well other schools offer this and that and the other thing, why should we be deprived?" The I'M ENTITLED TO EVERYTHING mentality as long as someone else pays for it. I also disagree that more administrative staff is necessary for government paperwork. You throw out these broad, all encompassing statements like they're fact, when it's really only RH/Thomas Paine saying it. You state in an earlier post, "I am always amazed at the amount of people who believe everything that appears online without looking for any kind of reference to where the information came from" yet you do EXACTLY the same thing. Throw it all out there. Hope something sticks; like, "education and access to it shouldn't be based on the areas income." It isn't. All children have the right and access to a public school education, no matter where they live.

You say that I'm right, something has to give. But from your post, it sounds like you are not really sincere when you say that. You always go back to the same old, let's pass this levy first then worry about other ways to fund the school.

You agree with pay to play sports. Why don't you use one of your hundreds of posts to say that? The District has stated, if the levy passes, some of that (HARD EARNED TAXPAYER) money will be used to reduce pay to play. If that's the case, then the District shows their priorities are all screwed up. Really, use the money it took them five tries to get to reduce pay to play? Really? It's like talking to the wall!

I don't buy your "oh, I agree", "I'm just like you",or "I disagree but let's work together" presentation on this board. If the idea is to appear sensible and not tainted by emotion, it's not working. Really, show more respect for our intelligence.

Thomas Paine

I have stated before don't believe me either. Look it up. Do the research. Find real sources. You have no idea who I am. I don't believe info from either side until I can see the unedited source material.

On Mandates: Signed by several Supers across the state. Would you like to comment that 17+ superintendents are either being untruthful or don't know what they are doing?From 2012 http://www.morningjournal.com/ge...

On Local Income : http://www.ed.gov/news/press-rel...

From 2012 http://www.dispatch.com/content/...

From 2007 http://www.ohiocoalition.org/lis...




I can continue with more sources if you would like.

Where are your sources?

Finn Finn

Your "sources" are actually articles about school districts whining about mandates and having to make cuts to pay for them. I'm supposed to be impressed? I suggest the schools go to the taxpayer and find out how he or she has been making ends meet for the past decade. After reading these "sources" it's clear where you get your one-sided information. You are either being manipulative, or you really just don't see it.

Anyway, after seeing the election results, you and your alter ego Rherrle can take a break on this story for a while and then get back to work come August.

Thomas Paine

As far as pay to play I know I am not going to get everything I want. Its part of a compromise. As long as there is still some skin in the game for students playing athletics, I feel that no new mega buildings, a partial reversal of millage move, and lower millage for operations is well worth that compromise. The current levy seems to be a fair mixture of what most no voters want and the needs of the district. If you disagree with that that's fine. If you want more cuts that's ok too. Its your choice. It is hard to work together and iron out differences if one side consistently accuses the other of not being truthful and having an entitled attitude and refuses to accept facts from any professional in the education industry (including our own elected board). I am a public school grad, and the community supported my education. Now its my turn to do the same and give back. It is my civic duty to do that.


What will your inaction change? There are only three possible ends to this.
1.Pass the levy and move on.2. Wait till the state takes over and they will tell you how much more you pay or 3. which is the school disbands and you will pay more at a rate depending where you live and what district students are sent. All area districts pay a higher rate. If this levy puts the financial burden of putting you under, your problems are much greater than you realize. I support them all and yes I am retired. Everyone is on a fixed income, pay period to pay period, retired or not. This is costing ,you and me as well, more the longer it goes on. You choose to support what you want but realize you solve nothing. You will pay more. The only thing that remains to be determined is who you will pay.


Thomas I have made the prediction before that in the near future there will be a movement of consolidation. First will be for the schools then the community to follow to merge with Sandusky. In my opinion money will not fix Sandusky's issues and they will look to gain some positives from merging with Perkins Schools. City wise Sandusky is landlocked from any growth. They need to acquire Perkins to grow along with the fact they will gain a 1% tax from all the Perkins residents. I see this being discussed within the next two years.

Thomas Paine

I have no doubt that is where this is going. Without a viable school district Perkins has no identity. Sandusky schools has made some significant strides the last few years. If you look at their new plans for 5 years its very similar to what Perkins was attempting.


Watch it Finn somebody might call you a bully. From your general statements
I would make a haphazard prediction that your not the sharpest pencil in the box and are full of issues of where you have been wronged.

Ralph J.

Who are you calling a bully oldpirate? I found how you bullied that poor old widow who had no money left. You need to be reminded who the real bully is here.
Tue, 02/19/2013 - 11:37am
I remember many years ago when band members would go door to door and sell things. The booster club can have a paper drive and collect aluminum cans for sports. Do the boosters still sell citrus fruit? Asking the voters for more money is easy. The hard part is raising funds by doing some work. I have to work for my money. Churches raise money by having bake sales and bingo. At one time I was able to save about 10 percent of my money for retirement. My retirement money goes to my checking account to pay for more taxes. Soon I will have no more savings to pay taxes and I will not be able to live in my house. First to go will be all of my possessions which are in my house. Next will be my house which will probably sell for about half of what the county says it is worth. The way things have been going for me and others, the schools will go after grave lots and put a tax on them. If that doesn't work, they will dig me up, sell my casket for scrap and use my body for fertilizer. I haven't made arrangements for my funeral yet because they are to expensive.
Tue, 02/19/2013 - 1:07pm
Perkins voter I can't imagine the state of our society if there were a majority of people as self centered as you. Your life would be perfect if you could just suck off of society without any of the responsibilities most feel we sacrifice for our community's better good. If you are as miserable as you let on, why not isolate yourself someplace where you answer to no one.