Levy is the only alternative for Perkins Schools

May 1, 2014

A question we have heard from some in our community is “why do you continue to put a levy on the ballot? We have said no”

The simple answer is because we have no alternative.

Perkins Schools will have cut almost $4.5 million from our budget over the last two years. We have had our state funding reduced by $2.5 million. We have not had an increase in local taxes in 14 years.

These issues, coupled with continued unfunded mandates from the federal and state governments, have put our district in a difficult financial situation.

With your help, we can begin to emerge from this situation. The levy value of 3.94 mills on a $100,000 home would cost the equivalent of about two trips to Starbucks per month and would allow us to continue to provide a great education for the students of our district.

We have listened to the message from our community during the past four votes. The board has reversed 3.2 mils of inside millage with the rest to be reversed in the near future. No money from this levy will be used for new facilities and all facility plans have been placed on hold.

With the input from the community at four public meetings, we have laid out specifically what would be restored with the passage of this levy. Music and art at the elementary level and reduction in play to pay fees lead the list.

The entire list of restoration is available on the district’s website.

The Ohio school funding mechanism is difficult on communities such as Perkins. It can tear communities apart. Perkins is by any measure the lowest cost school district in the county. We provide a high quality education, however, in order to continue that mission long term, we need your support.

As we move forward, we will strive to continue to listen to the community and use this input to make the best decisions for thestudents of the district and for the needs of this community. Strong schools make a strong community. Let’s continue our Perkins tradition of strong schools AND a strong community. Vote “Yes” for the Perkins Schools Levy.

Perkins Board of Education, Matthew Kosior, Terry Chapman, Bradley Mitchel, Andrew Carroll and Michael Ahner Vote for Erie MetroParks replacement levy on May 6



NO money from THIS levy will go for new facility. That's what we are afraid of. They moved money around after we told them no last time, I do believe no NEW levy money will go to the new school. But the money will come from someplace and that's what they are not talking about. There should be no new school, the voter have said NO. Until they talk about what there plane is for this huge project we will always be NO. There is no trust .

Whiskey Tango F...

Re: Thomas Paine...
Sadly enough, most people commenting here have never even heard about "common sense" or the role that it played during the revolution. Nor have they probably heard of Aesop of any of the fables. Sadly enough it is the company that you keep that prevents you from passing levies. Their reputation precedes them!

A scorpion and a frog meet on the bank of a stream and the scorpion asks the frog to carry him across on its back. The frog asks, “How do I know you won’t sting me?” The scorpion says, “Because if I do, I will die too.”

The frog is satisfied, and they set out. But in midstream, the scorpion stings the frog. The frog feels the onset of paralysis and starts to sink, knowing they both will drown, but has just enough time to gasp “Why?”

Replies the scorpion: “It’s my nature…”

For these reasons and many others I think the majority will vote NO.

Finn Finn

Thomas, your numerous comments ARE a turn off. Continuously throwing around the word "negativity" every time someone says they intend to vote no, no matter what their reason, is manipulative, not to mention annoying. You have an answer for EVERYTHING with nine comments out of 20 posted. You are no doubt one of those "yes" voters, who has voted yes every time, and will continue to vote yes no matter what. You pretend to be so level headed yet you are just as bad as the people who always vote No. Your Pollyanna attitude is not changing any minds, it's only making it easier to vote No.


No is a negative...just saying...oh,and I want no part of this conversation, I'm just here for the funny grammar and spelling....#publicschooleducated


I believe Thomas Paine is the same person from last fall who posted in the same style, who was for the levy. TP someone posted there would be no votes due to financial concerns, you say you don't blame them for a no vote, yet have no mercy for them should the levy pass. And Starbucks stuck out at me also, I don't go to Starbucks weekly, ever, it is too expensive, and the analogy is condescending.

Thomas Paine

The system should a levy pass does not show mercy. Its what is wrong with the system. That doesnt change facts the the school needs to be funded and this is the system they have to work with. And I was a yes voter last levy and this one. I was a no voter prior. Once again if its financial reasons I understand completely. This letter addresses everything that can be addressed that is a reasonable request. Making coffee the reason you are upset offers nothing of value to the debate of what direction you want the district to go. That is what I take issues with.


, I don't go to Starbucks twice a week, nor can I afford the tax increase, why not all yes voters pay for this levy and leave the rest of us out of this. Those that can should ,those that can't comfortably afford this increase, or chose not to, should be free to decline. No one is stopping yes voters from filling the coffers for this .

Thomas Paine

Finn Finn. I am sorry you feel that way. But for the record not that its any of your business I was a no voter for multiple Levys when the previous board wanted to build Taj Mahal. No way this community could afford the upkeep after it was built. I was ticked when they moved the millage. Slower than they should have but the no voters got the message across and the board has eased expectations. After attending some board meetings I was a little more comfortable this past levy and am even more so now. By no means do I know everything and I have stated that before. The system for funding is broken and both sides need to fix it now rather than later. The negativity I have mentioned are the no signs all over town. We are the only community I have ever heard of doing something like that. My opinion only The signs are petty and not an image our community should be proud of. They portray our community in a very poor manner.


All that negativity stems from the superintendent. Vote no 'till Gunner goes.


Gunner is done in 2015… he’s all ready announced it. However, as Thomas Paine has stated, who will want to come here?


Sorry Tom. When I add up All the taxes ( Federal, State, FICA, Municipal, Property), fees and surcharges I pay every year and look at what I have in my pocket at the end of the year and find out that I have worked 3 months out of 12 to pay them, I get a little puckered up when someone tries to convince me that what I already worked for wasn't enough.


The NO Signs are the tax payers showing there support for what they believe in, they went to the poles, voted NO several times, the BOE and Mr. Gunner did not listen or care.


Did you read the letter? We elected these guys. They are trying to explain WHY!


Have always been a YES VOTER but I was hoping to give it a break for at least one year. Why keep shoving this issue down the tax payers throat. Would of been very wise to wait until 2015 to bring this on the ballot.


To this point; Does anyone here know how much it costs to put something on the ballot? 'Cause it ain't free....


May and November elections are no cost to the district.


Did you read the letter? We elected these guys. They are trying to explain WHY!

they do not have the luxury to hope


The NO signs are the taxpayers showing there support for what they believe in. They went to the poles, voted NO several times but the BOE and Mr. Gunner did not care.

Nam Vet

Maybe when old Gunner takes his paycheck to the bank and pays off the 3,000,000 dollar loan I might vote yes. Till then he can stick it. And the rich board members can help him pay the loan too. Till then I'm VOTING NOOOOOOOOOOO.


I can see that I am not the only person offended by BH, now Thomas Paine, telling us that if we can or do enjoy a decent cup of coffee now and then we should be willing to commit to funding Gunner's palace for the next 20 years, fountains and all. It is simply incredible Chutzpah, to infer that minor luxuries should be eliminated to pay for the mismanagement of the prior board, which has some members still present on the current board. How many cups of coffee would the 3 million dollars wasted on design plans, plans made AFTER THE NEW SCHOOL LEVY WAS REJECTED, how many Dinner and a movie, how many 6 packs of Strohs, how many packs of cigarettes, would that have paid for? How many cups of latte equal the amount of money the board silently pulled from education to build a stadium after claiming the boosters had it covered, how many cups of coffee do you owe us for that. We are just sick and tired of the trite tropes and condescending arrogance of Gunner, the board, his chief un-employed minion mouthpiece. And if Gunner ever did give us back all the cups of Starbucks that he owes us, how long would it take for some more to magically appear, that just happened to be overlooked beforehand to save the sky from falling when a levy isn't approved. Not a single levy supporter who has spoken out has been honorable, upstanding and truthful, not a surprise at all that the pro-levy people are the ones who stole the votes at the Soldier and Sailor's home. It is the same lies over and over "We haven't had an increase in funds since 1664" as if the revenue and budget has not changed and taxes didn't increase alongside home prices and the total property value with the development of the township. LIES.LIES.LIES, but none compare with the lie of Gunner promising to move to the district. Are we supposed to trust him now? Just do us one favor and quit telling us what we are allowed to buy with our money or how much $100 buys today, we already know, we actually earned our money.



Perkins Resident



well said.


For the record, although I agree with a lot of what he says, BH and Thomas Paine are two different people.

Thomas Paine

Sandusky Guardian

Funny thing is I am not offended you have a different opinion than my own. I can disagree with you without being offended. It doesn't appear others can. I will argue that nothing in the boards letter implies where you spend your money whatsoever. Its a comparison of what it will cost. Not a statement to change your habits. Also my opinion but it appears coffee is only thing in that letter to complain about, since everything no voters have fought so hard to accomplish is being addressed in the letter. Coffee.

However, I am offended by "Not a single levy supporter who has spoken out has been honorable, upstanding and truthful" You have no idea who I am. And I don't know you. Not once have I said you weren't honorable, upstanding or truthful. I have disagreed with some of your statements. Big difference. I have called some of you negative. I have also called the signs out in yards petty. Three things define a community- Jobs, Housing, and School districts. All of you have the right to put up the signs, I also have the right to call them tacky and a disservice to our community on so many levels other than the school district.

For Queenjhb, magdi, and samiam and any others in their situation voting no is understandable. Their reason is simple and based on their truths and you cant argue with their logic. I will and can argue with facts that the schools income has gone down even with property value changing and like everyone else costs have gone up. School funding is complicated. Schools are extremely limited on how they can raise funds to offset a downward income and rising costs. Cuts have been made. As cuts are being made new federal and state mandates are being implemented. Adding more costs. The State of Ohio is completely screwed up on how they handle funding education. Blaming Perkins or any other school is pointless. It does nothing other than making everyone in our community mad at each other. Once again pushing levies based on property value to fund education has been ruled unconstitutional in the State of Ohio. And nothing has been done about it for years. That's the only change that can happen to stop the schools from coming back again in August if this levy fails. In the mean time if the state does come in and take over the schools we will all regret it. And before somehow that statement is turned into some kind of threat, it is not, it is reality. Go to the state and look it up if you don't trust the board.


You forgot to threaten us with having to merge with Sandusky if we don't give you your 50 million for your school. Actually that is a pretty hollow threat at this point since to pay for laptops for every kid Gunner already brought Sandusky to us (open enrollment, fleshing out each and every classroom with Sandusky's top children). And people actually have a good idea who you are, all a person has to do is go to a meeting and see the guy who keeps looking up at Gunner with glowing milky warm eyes. We get your new tack, it is we are supposed to be mad at Columbus for the unconstitutional funding of schools and hand over all of money for the Perkins Versailles without holding the board accountable for all their waste.

Thomas Paine

Ill respond later. In the drive thru at Starbucks getting my coffee.


Thomas Paine, you could've donated that money to Gunner, too bad your own advice didn't stick.


You know what I might actually fall for? If Gunner does a speech, begging for all the money, and then as theatrics balls up the blueprints of his new campus and declares that the new building is off the table, if Perkins passes the levy that him and the board promises there will be no more talk of a new school, no further attempts to build the school and no more money spent designing a new school. If he could promise that he would actually win. I would also have him declare that this is the last levy, that they suddenly respect the voters, respect democracy (although it is ok to manipulate our fragile heroes at OVA and deprive them of the voting process that some of them became disabled while defending), they respect the fact that the voters have spoken and if we pass this levy there will be no more levies, no more manipulation, no more games with pay to play, that if we pass the levy we will not have any more votes on the levy.

Thomas Paine

The first part could be possible. The second part of no more levies will never happen. It is an unreasonable request. Without major changes. 5 years from now there will be another one even if we pass this one. It is inevitable with how the current funding system is set up. You can be angry about it and continue to vote against any levy. That's your choice. But the need for levies will never change unless our State does. Mentioning the State as the major issue (This does not exclude multiple issues with our districts board, and super which there are many) is not something new its been said on here before during other levy campaigns. Talk to other districts all of them will say the same thing: our state system is horrible. Mentioning the state is not a vote yes or vote no for the Perkins levy campaign speech. Its just information to understand why the schools keep coming back year after year month after month. Maryland spends about the same amount of money as we do per student yet are ranked near the top of education annually. We are near the middle. We should look to implement a similar system as Maryland or other Atlantic Coast states which annually perform better than we do. If you are interested on doing some reading on their system here is a link. http://www.marylandeducators.org... It would create less of a burden on smaller lower income communities. Just food for thought.