Rep. Kaptur ignores debt issue in criticism of Rep. Ryan’s budget

Apr 29, 2014


According to an April 23 Register story, U.S. Rep Marcy Kaptur, D-Toledo, doesn’t like the impact a federal budget proposed by Congressman Paul Ryan, R-Wis., supposedly would have on education.

Speaking April 22 at a BGSU Firelands community forum, Kaptur reportedly said the Ryan budget “would cut one-third across all accounts, from Pell (grants) and work investment funding” and that it would “leave casualties everywhere, from students to retraining”

The Register dutifully reported Kaptur’s claim, so now why doesn’t some enterprising reporter call Rep. Ryan and ask why he’s proposing cuts? Is he trying to punish students or could it be he’s extremely concerned about our $17 trillion and growing total national debt?

Indeed, are there harmful economic consequences of a massive debt like that, not to mention unfunded federal liabilities of $60 trillion (I’ve seen as high as $100 trillion), and the debasement of our currency — all fueled by profligate federal spending and unreformed federal entitlement programs? I happen to believe there are, and it appears we’re on course to experience them in the not-too-distant future.

Also, here’s another possible story: Have taxpayer-subsidized, low-cost loans like Pell and Stafford grants distorted normal supply-and-demand market forces and, as a result, greatly increased the cost of a college education, leaving many young borrowers saddled with huge amounts of debt?

I doubt you’d get an objective answer about that from a Democrat like Kaptur, so I suggest you contact someone like Dr. Richard Vedder, distinguished professor emeritus of economics at Ohio University and director of The Center for College Affordability & Productivity. I’ll bet he would be glad to speak to a Register reporter.

— Jeff Reed


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Repubs like keeping their home on wheels base stupid.


Still trying to kick that can huh? Hopefully some day some kid kicks your can for burying them in debt.


I'm pretty sure we can push that 17.5 Trillion dollar debt up to 18.6 before everything here collapses.....go for it Marcy.......

Bottom Line

In all honesty, have you ever spoken to Marcy Kaptur one on one? She has got to be the dumbest person EVER elected to any public office. And I could care less that she's a democrat.



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Ahhh yes, the right wingnuts bashing women again. Feel better?


Yes that is why she is the longest serving woman in the House that is not chairman, or ranking member of any committee or even important subcommittee. The dims are the ones who vote their party members to run those and her own dimocrat colleagues won't vote for her, even though she is 17th in senority out of 435 in the House. They know she is not able. Those are your Democrats who bypass her. Theyare the ones ignoring the women... or do they know she isn't able to do much. Read her wiki lined below... again. She has done almost nothing in her 16 terms.

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The only thing doubled pooh is your stupidity.


Can't dispute the truth, piddles?

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She was the only woman who voted in favor of obama's proposed budget....

And, she was one of only TWO who voted in favor of it....

Time for her to start serving her "second" term....


Re: " She has got to be the dumbest person EVER elected to any public office."

There is a reason why as the being the longest serving woman in the House, she has never bee Ranking member or Chairman of any committee. IIRC she has only once even been head of any subcommittee... and that was for Energy and Water. There is a reason she is not running any subcommittee let alone Committee, despite being 17th in Senority out of 435 in the House... None of her dim colleagues in the House would appoint or vote for her. She does the minimum in office.

Bottom Line

Couldn't play the race card but you'll sleep better knowing you could at least use gender. You make everything about discrimination further proving to the rest of us on here with brains that you are the prejudice one. Its people like you ruining our country.


LOL, yeah if you can ever get her or one or her flunky staffers to contact you when you call or email.


Might as well have a box of rocks in DC instead of Marcy. She and fellow libs ignore math (too dumb to add and subtract) and history. They will not be satisfied until our debt exceeds our GNP. Look at Germany in the 1930's, took a wheel barrow full of marks to buy a loaf of bread. But those on the government dole have no worries as long as somebody else pays the freight. But what happens when nobody can pay the freight? Duh!!! That is the standard lib answer.

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To bad actual history gets in the way of your fiction. At the end of each Repub Presidency, the deficit is on the way up. At the end of each Dem Presidency the deficit is on the way down. FACT!

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So when will this president will stop spending like it is our money and start spending like it is his money


Dog is 100% correct. It's been that way since 1980.

Dr. Information

Print, borrow and spend our way into bliss. The ultimate Democratic way. Who cares who has to pay for it, as long as I am getting it free, I don't care (the modo of the democratic voter).

There you go again

And isn't it funny that Obama and his clan are so-o-o concerned about passing global warming on to our children?!?! Never mind the outrageous debt we are passing down ....nope gotta worry about the average temperature rising 1 degree.


Kill America in the present, to hopefully provide enough funds for 30 years from now. The ultimate Republican way. Who cares if the poor and middle class have to pay for it, as long as we take care of the 1%?

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"The US had been the global leader, the world's number one economy since 1872. That means we have held the record for 142 years, and in less than five years Barack Obama is causing the United States to lose the top spot. There's no excuse for this!.....well, there is....they're called "democrats"


Marcy is a life-long member of the same party that bankrupted Detroit. What she and the rest of her party know about fiscal responsibility you could fit in a thimble.


I don't know if anything can get any worse in that department and I don't want to find out, so I'd rather keep her in than end up crying this time next year wanting her back so she can do nothing productive. That seems to be how things end up. You expect someone to do wonders and boy oh boy do they do wonders.


Well she has been a seat holder, seat warmer for over 30 years, and has accomplished nothing to speak of. If only she voted present like obama used to do, I wouldn't care. She is better than Dennis the Menace would be. Although I did like Dennis... he had his own view whether you agreed with him or not, he worked for what he believed in. No matter how much a wacko he is... he worked for his beliefs. Marcy keeps the seat warm and stays out of the way. She doen't even carry water for her party... she just keeps the seat warm.

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the National World War II Memorial in Washington,D.C.

Back in the mid-Eighties, a constituent who was rural mail carrier asked Congresswoman Kaptur at a local fish fry why there was no memorial to World War II. His name was Roger Durbin and he had fought in the Battle of the Bulge. Congresswoman Kaptur listened to his idea and introduced legislation to build a World War II Memorial on the National Mall in Washington. That bill was the start of a 14-year legislative mission that culminated with Congresswoman Kaptur joining President George W. Bush to dedicate the memorial on May 29, 2004. The memorial has become one of the most popular sites in our nation’s capital, the ultimate destination for dozens of "Honor Flights," and a fitting tribute to the sacrifice and valor of America’s "greatest generation."


Nice copy and paste from Marcy's own website. Too bad it was so important that it got almost no coverage... outside of her own.

Even her own website is rather thin for a 30+ year member of the US House. Thanks for helping to prove my point.


You had to go back that far to find one thing? How sad is that?

There you go again


There you go again


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Indeed, she has always championed the cause of America’s veterans. She has secured funding for a new regional VA health care facility in Toledo as well as a a study by Case Western Reserve University of the mental health challenges that often afflict our warriors returning from combat.

Congresswoman Kaptur has been honored by the Veterans of Foreign Wars with their coveted Americanism Award. She is also the only woman ever to receive the American Prisoner of War "Barbed Wire" Award for her commitment to veterans.


And another copy and paste from her own website linked above. It is only "newsworthy in her own website, no media attention at all for her stellar accomplishments for her 30+ year career as seat warmer.

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She has been a vocal opponent of so-called "free trade" agreements that have shipped American jobs overseas. In 1993 she led the fight in the House against the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and later against legislation to grant the People's Republic of China most favored nation trading status. She has introduced legislation to renegotiate unbalanced trade agreements to reflect the principle of fair trade that respects workers rights and protects the environment.


And once more big news from her own website. Poor, poor, piddles. Trying to prop up a 30+ year seat warmer and not finding anything she has accomplished... outside of her own website... it is rather sad to see him desperatly searching for what isn't there... outside of what she paid someone to write on her website. Where are the articles in the New York Times and Washington Post extolling her leadership skills in the House? The TV clips of her discussing the State of politics on the Sunday shows taking advantage of her 30+ years experience in the House? Writing bills and getting them through Congress and passed into needed laws?


Quick pooch.....who signed NAFTA into law? One guess.... it was a democrat


Grumpy: in TODAY'S edition of the SR, you'll see an article about the WWII Memorial. Guess whose idea it was? Marcy Kaptur, who introduced it to Congress in Dec. 1987.

For several paragraphs of her accomplishments while in office, please visit:


It covers the same 3 or 4 things that are in her own website. Extremely thin for 16 terms and 30+ years in Congress... As I said she is a seat warmer.... I notice you didn't list all the glorious laws she wrote, backed or got passed through Congress. All the national articles written about the longest serving woman with the highest senority. Her resume is very thin. Thanks for proving it again with your link.


While I agree that the lack of competent representation for the 9th Ohio district is a significant issue, most commenters have entirely missed the point of Mr. Reed's letter. Mr. Reed is asking why the SR didn't at least make an effort to do some due diligence when they reported on Ms. Kaptur's speech. What ever happened to presenting both sides of an issue? What is being taught in journalism classes these days? If you want to be a public relations mouthpiece for a political party, great - go join a party and spout the party line. But if you purport to represent yourself as an independent news organization, then do your homework and present both sides of an issue.

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That's been my chief complaint. There's hardly ever an opposing/conflict position in articles like that.


You know, you're right. You make a valid argument for why Fox News should be taken off the air. Yes, what ever happened to presenting both sides of an issue?

When an entire network becomes, as you say "a public relations mouthpiece for a political party", while insisting they are "fair and balanced", we have a problem, don't we?

Dr. Information

Then CNN and msnbc need to be taken off air too. They are totally left leaning media outlets.

Lol@ u again. Just like a true liberal. Silence anyone that doesn't agree with you.

Steve P

Would expect piddle to support Kaptur, he made a career out of being a political/union hack with no personal accomplishments.


Marcy does not even read the bills before voting on them.
If Her God Obama proposes it she votes yes. If any Republican bill comes up she votes no. A non-thinking drone that does what her god tells her to. Is that really representing the people? No, That is representing her god in congress.


Actually, unlike a lot of politicians, Marcy doesn't always vote party line. She voted against NAFTA, for example. Perhaps you should become a little more informed before you opine.

I don' think she believes Obama is God. It's more likely that she is just relieved that he is in office, instead of some Republican.

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Post your snake oil someplace else obamabot!


As usual, the GOP's answer to the problem of us not having enough money to run the country 30 years from now is.....wait for it....
to make sure that we don't have enough money to run the country today.

If that sounds like a stupid philosophy, it's because it IS a stupid philosophy.

Why would anyone think to look to Republicans for advice on the economy, anyway? Since 1980, the deficit has GROWN under every single GOP president, and has SHRUNK under every single Democratic president. They presided over/caused the worst economic disaster in 90 years in 2007-2008.

You wouldn't listen to a 600-lb. person for diet advice. You wouldn't go to a fast-food worker for brain surgery. Don't go to Republicans for anything related to the economy/deficit/debt.

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Maybe that 600lbs. Person had a weight of 1,200lbs. so it was cut in half.

Didn't Obama promise if he didn't cut the deficit in half in his first term, he wouldn't run again? Why would we believe a liar?


I think that he vastly underestimated how hard the GOP would try to undermine his every move. I'm amazed at how much he has accomplished with the other party paddling in the other direction. Imagine where America would be today, if Republicans as interested in helping Americans as they are saying NO to anything he has proposed.

He hasn't been perfect - who is? - but he is a HUGE improvement over his predecessor, and as a result, we are better off than we were in 2008, at the low point of the Bush Recession.

Dow 2008: 7949
Dow Today: 16,459
Unemployment 2008: 7.8%
Unemployment Today: 6.7%
GDP Growth 2008: -5.4%
GDP Growth Today: +4.1%
Deficit/GDP 2008: 9.8%
Deficit/GDP Today: 3.3%
Consumer Confidence 2008: 37.7
Consumer Confidence Today: 78.1

Yeah, I think I like 2014 a lot better than how things were under Republican leadership.

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The Hero Zone

The lowest single point of 2008 was the week of November 17 at 8046. It was 6626 the week of March 2, 2009. Of course single points in time are ripe for cherry picking and allow for the lack of any kind of context. They also apparently invite attribution to people who may not deserve it.

Now let's take a look at the labor force participation (
2008 - Averaging around 66
2014 - So far around 63
So it would seem that less people are working overall.

Unemployment (
Your number for 2008 was the first for 2009.
2008 - Started at 5.0 and ended at 7.3.
2014 - Started at 6.6 and "ended" at 6.3.
This is for the "U3" number, of course.

The U6 unemployment rate counts not only people without work seeking full-time employment (the more familiar U-3 rate), but also counts "marginally attached workers and those working part-time for economic reasons." Note that some of these part-time workers counted as employed by U-3 could be working as little as an hour a week. And the "marginally attached workers" include those who have gotten discouraged and stopped looking, but still want to work. The age considered for this calculation is 16 years and over.

2008 - 9.2 start, 13.6 end
2014 - 12.7 start, 12.3 "end"

So now we see that we still have very high unemployment despite the fact there are less people working, looking for work, or have full time work.

Your GDP figures are also cherry picked. Let's take a look shall we? (

2008 GDP for the Year: -.03% (-.3% in 2011 revision, 0% in 2010, .4% in 2009)
Q1 2014:

Advance Report - Scary-low growth of only .1%. Exports dropped 12%, while business spending fell 6.1%.
2013 GDP for the Year: 1.9%

It's certainly better than nothing but far from your uncited figures. I'd hope for better from a former teacher.

How about debt and deficit? (http://www.usgovernmentspending....)
Bush Deficits
FY 2009†: $1,413 billion
FY 2008: $458 billion
FY 2007: $161 billion
FY 2006: $248 billion
FY 2005: $318 billion
† Some people have emailed to insist that the FY 2009 deficit should be assigned to Obama. Sorta.

Obama Deficits
FY 2015*: $564 billion
FY 2014*: $649 billion
FY 2013: $680 billion
FY 2012: $1,087 billion
FY 2011: $1,300 billion
FY 2010: $1,294 billion
* Federal Deficit is budgeted.

Federal Debt? (http://www.usgovernmentspending....)
Today’s Federal Debt is about $17,635,474,940,000.
The amount is the gross federal debt issued by the United States Department of the Treasury since 1790. It doesn’t include state and local debt, and it doesn’t include the so-called unfunded liabilities of entitlement programs like Social Security and Medicare.
Federal Debt per person is about $54,047.

FY 2009 $11.9 trillion
FY 2014* $17.9 trillion
* Federal Debt after 2013 is budgeted.

Consumer Confidence? (
Consumer confidence: Worst since '92
Conference Board's measure falls more than expected in May amid concerns about a weak labor market and poor business conditions.

Here's one about what we know so far about 2014. (
Consumer Confidence in U.S. Declines More Than Forecast
Consumer confidence fell more than forecast in February as growing concern about the U.S. economy’s direction outweighed improving perceptions of its current state.

So overall it only took about SIX TRILLION dollars of public debt poured into various places like the DJIA to artificially prop up a tepid economy. Only more and more will be spent and as indicated it's budgeted.

As for "unfunded liabilities"? Here's a snapshot from the GAO about the Post Office alone. (

More broadly, let's think about this: You Think The Deficit Is Bad? Federal Unfunded Liabilities Exceed $127 Trillion (

This isn't even about the dumb sterotypical gripe of those receiving government benefits. This is about each and every single United States citizen facing a very real threat of financial oblivion overall or either a severe reduction in benefits or sharp increase in taxation. In the end it is going to be those who one way or the other rely on those benefits what will suffer the most because of the same policies that are intended to help them.

Those same people such as the record breaking number of food stamp recipients (not begrudging, simply pointing out to contend your paradisaical evaluation of taking 2014 over 2008) and those receiving super duper long term unemployment are the scraps fought over by Congress as this unsustainable spending continues. Something's gotta give soon and I can assure you it is the most financially susceptible (and ignorant even if not by their own accord) among us that will bear the greater burden.

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The old saying hz, figures don't lie, but liars figure. You did a lot figuring to try and make your point.

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The Hero Zone

Please state your specific gripes with my sourced material or claims that the least among us who cannot produce for themselves for one reason or another will bear the brunt of the financial hardship we face.


Thanks for expanding on the numbers I came up with. It helps put the economy more into context when comparing the present state of the country to what it was under bush. It doesn't show what would have happened if a different president or congress. It only can show what has already happened. We can't go into a wayback machine and change what has happened and see what the difference would be, we can only see what has happened with this president, congress and the laws, and policies that were made. Thanks for making the effort to put the numbers into more of a context.

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The Hero Zone

What's really concerning is that I heard a report on the radio that the total number of people working is the same as 2007, however our population has grown by 16 million over seven years. There's many factors that play into it but that's a sobering starting point from which we can explore the context of how things are today.


Thanks for expanding on the deficit numbers I came up with, I got tired of writing and copy and pasting. You have more stanima than I, good job! It helps put the economy more into context when comparing the present state of the country to what it was under bush. It doesn't show what would have happened if a different president or congress. It only can show what has already happened. We can't go into a wayback machine and change what has happened and see what the difference would be, we can only see what has happened with this president, congress and the laws, and policies that were made. Thanks for making the effort to put the numbers into more of a context.


The economic problems have not been caused by the Democrats or Republicans but by politicians, including BOTH Dems and Repubs. The solution is not going to be found either with the current incumbent politicians nor by the inept administration currently in the Whitehouse. The ones in charge of this are the American voters (only one vote per legal citizen, thank you) and they are the ones who have the power to change things.


How much do we need to run the country today? Well if you ask the admin there never is enough because they keep creating programs that cost trillions and do nothing (Obamacare for example, 2 trillion dollars and they are not even breaking even when half the bill is being OBSTRUCTED by your god).
Look there goes another 85 billion to wall street because our economy is doing so good! I wonder who is going to pay that bill when it comes due?

Darwin's choice wouldn't go to a "never ran a business, only life experience of community organizing, questionable American, muslim following, chicago thug experienced "present" voting senator" for President either....! From the same party that's given us Detroit and Chicago...


Actually, he has 5+ years in the Oval Office, so the "he isn't experienced" argument is both silly and wrong. I'm sorry to hear that you've fallen for the extreme rightwing nonsense about Obama. What I like about Obama is that he is a normal guy, a bit of a nerd, and very intelligent - the exact opposite of a thug.

Darwin's choice

So,forget the rest? Detroit, Chicago? Run into the ground by democrats! And obama was exactly what I said he was, he had no experience at anything else, before being propped up in his current position..failure in chief!


Re: "Why would anyone think to look to Republicans for advice on the economy, anyway? Since 1980, the deficit has GROWN under every single GOP president, and has SHRUNK under every single Democratic president."

You are 100% correct that the deficit has come down from Bush's last year. But lets look at what both Presidents deficit's have been.


2002........159 Billion.........................2010...........1294 Billion......................................
2003,,,,,,,,304 Billion.........................2011...........1300 Billion....................................
2004........412 Billion........................2012...........1087 Billion.....................................
2005........318 Billion.........................2013............680 Billion.......................................
2006........248 Billion.........................2014............648 Billion Projected by CBO.........
2007........161 Billion.........................2015............564 Billion Projected by CBO..........
2008........458 Billion.........................2016............432 Billion Projected by CBO......
2009......1413 Billion........................2017.............482 Billion Projected by CBO........

Totals....3473 Billion............................................4361 Billion first 4 years actual ........
...........................................................................2527 Billion 2nd 4 years Projected...
...........................................................................6888 Billion Total ......................

Obama deficit spent more in his first 3 years than Bush did in 8 years. CBO project Obama to deficit spend nearly twice what Bush did after both served 8 years.
It is projected that Obama will add more to the National debt than all presidents before him... combined. But coasterfan thinks that repubes are bad economically and dims are great economically. What do YOU folks think?

Bush had highest single year deficit. Obama had next 6 highest deficits.

These are Fiscal Year Numbers end of August to first of September.

You can check my numbers by going to the CBO website or numerous others that have the deficits and National Debt numbers.

This is the second time I have brought this to coaster's attention... He must think I don't remember it. He didn't respond last time and I don't expect him to this time. He should know I have these numbers bookmarked... just waiting for next time... and him not responding... again.

Ralph J.
Dr. Information

Coaster jump off freaking bridge already.


What most of you are not considering is the Big Picture. Now that the U.S. is no longer tied to the gold standard...we are up the proverbial creek without a paddle. The printing presses keep making more money and there is nothing behind it of value. Its only "value" is that we all trust (hope) the next person will accept it as a means of barter. This caveat currency is a cancerous noose around our necks that WILL come back to bite us (HARD!) in the rump. It is the Grand Daddy of all Ponzi schemes. I know this comment is WAY off subject but...more people need to know about it, discuss it and be as prepared as you can for the human tragedy that is coming.
Any thoughts?


You post this comment in an article that is on page 6 that has had one other new post added to it in the last 2 days? Do you really think many people will look this far back? You are 40 years too later to do anything about going off the gold standard. It should have gone to some other commodity to back the dollar. Today I would say oil, but 40 years ago I would have to look and think about what should have been used. To use gold again the dollar would take quite a hit in value or else gold would be in the hundreds of thousands if not millions per ounce. There is way too much cash out. Besides Social Securiety is giving the dollar a run for biggest Ponzi Scheme. In 20-30 years the unfunded mandates will be peaking. Currently I think that there is one worker paying for each one retiree on SS. 20-30 years of baby boomers will break the system.