Vote for the Perkins Schools levy this time around

Apr 28, 2014


Although I opposed the past three Perkins School levy attempts, I am now urging Perkins residents to vote yes and support the May 6 school levy.

I have attended many school board meetings in the past year and witnessed the difficult yet necessary decisions the board and administrators have recently made to preserve our school system.

Significant permanent cuts in personnel have been made with remaining employees assuming additional duties to maintain services for our students.

The majority of the inside millage has been restored to the operating fund, and pay-to-play fees have been drastically reduced.

Plans for new building construction have been eliminated.

Our parents and grandparents paid to educate us by their support of past successful levies. With no new operating levies having been approved by voters since 2001, we are way overdue for voting approval of a new levy. It is our turn to step up to the plate and as parents, grandparents, and Perkins alumni, join together to vote yes on the levy.

I realize miscommunication, apparently overly-ambitious construction plans together with escalating levy demands all helped defeat past levies, but those problems are now in the past.

Please recognize the hard work of our school board, administrators and staff by voting yes for the new lower Perkins School levy on May 6. We need to preserve the school system of which we are all so proud.

— Bob Weichel



A community is judged by it's ability to educate the future leaders. Having graduated from Perkins H.S. in the 70's, that education has served me well, providing me with opportunities that only were afforded to well prepared students.

Perkins Resident


Dr. Information

Residents of local towns have to realize that education is very important. Many schools have made significant cuts, its time to vote yes.


Thank you Mr Weichel for your comments. I can't stress more the importance the community stands behind the school system at this time. The reality is that even if voters are upset with some decision or particular person they only hurt themselves by
not supporting this levy.


I have no issue with a person "sending a message" with a no vote. I have no problem with a community doing the same. However, when a community votes down a school levy time after time...year after year (for essentially the same reason), then I start thinking it's not just a problem of the school, it's a problem concerning the VOTERS.

Since 2001, the voters have had multiple opportunities to replace board members, etc. I get it...the people don't like the present superintendent. Well, I don't think they liked the previous ones. I have a feeling they won't care for the next one, either. But at some point, it becomes a matter of holding the education of our youth hostage because of personal issues.

Or worse, it's looking for an excuse to NOT vote for a levy. It's an abdication of our responsibilities to prepare our youth. When I was in school (graduated 1968) my education was funded in part by the taxpayers in that community. Not just my parents, or the parents of other students of that generation, but ALL of the taxpayers. Some of which weren't pleased and weren't rich. But they realized the value of education...because like my old man (who lived to be 85 and NEVER voted no) a number of them were born in the '20s and didn't have a lot of book learning. They knew if their kids were going to have a productive life, it was up to them to put them in the best position possible.

It's called paying your civic rent.

This is my opinion. I realized it doesn't address all things people are concerned about or why they are so set against passing a levy. It's not meant to.


Just wondering why a Huron guy is voting on a Perkins levy?


The school district covers more than Perkins Twp.


Sorry dbl post


We will still be a NO vote until the trust is back, our kids go to the Perkins high school, and are doing great. As far as I know the school board or Mr Gunner has not come out and said where the new school projects stands or where it will go if the levy passes. It seems like they think if they don't talk about it, we will forget about it. I have Heard a lot of the " yes " voters say they ASSUME the project is dead since there is not enough money. But I think it is safe to say the tax payers assumed when they voted no years ago for a new school it would be dead. But the BOE moved money around and put themselves in the situation they are now and then say its the tax payers fault for not supporting the school.


Oh really goodtime? Actually your kids success is largely due to the fact that teachers and support staff are picking up the slack
so that YOUR kids do not suffer. Perhaps it's time for you to step up and support all the students. When ME become WE the community will be a much better place.


I think you have it backwards, kids success starts at home with good parenting, teaching respect, honesty, good work ethic, in general being a good parent leading, guiding, punishing when necessary. It is not the schools job to raise kids to be good kids, that starts at home. My job is to take care of #1, that being my family, not to pick up the slake of others, that might sound cold to some, but when money is tight, that is they way it has to be


"Oh really goodtime? Actually your kids success is largely due to the fact that teachers and support staff are picking up the slack
so that YOUR kids do not suffer"

No, his kids' success is a function of how he raised them. Raise your kids right, and they'll succeed in any environment. Raise them wrong, and all the school spending in the world won't help. Which kids are going to the Ivy League and which are going to prison is largely determined before they walk into Kindergarten.


When MY social security = Gunner's paycheck, I'll vote "yes"! :)

Perkins Resident

I like all the no vote signs. Especially the ones across the street from the high school and meadowlawn.


Those of you who are attempting to belittle and bully residents,on this website, to vote "yes" for the school levy please stop. You are creating an us vs them atmosphere. It's not conducive to passing the levy.

I believe there is still and undertone of discontent with the administration and school board. Until this situation is resolved school levies will be difficult to pass.

My kids will not have a problem with this financial situation. My wife and I take an active role in their education. It's just a matter of time.

Good 2 B Me

Until Gunner is gone...NO!!

nosey rosey

Anyone who votes yes for a school levy is a fool.

Brick Hamland

I respect the no voters that come out and say "I am voting no because I don't want to pay more taxes." I can respect your honesty. I can't respect those that make up reasons they are voting no, and then when those reasons are addressed they still vote no. If it is your vote to vote no that is up to you, but don't make up excuses about Gunner, BOE, pay to play, inside millage, etc. if those are not truly the reasons why you vote no. Don't hide behind excuses, if you can't afford to pay more taxes or simply don't want too that is understandable. I am a St. Mary's grad, don't really care to pay more in taxes, but I support the levy because without a good school providing an education I fear what today's kids will become when they get out of school.


So, that St. Mary's education taught you to vote in favor of a levy in a school district where: 1--It's OK for a school district to have a superintendent who A) lives out of town, B) gets a mileage allowance, C) misuses funds, and D) lies to the community; 2--you have employed (for several years) a teacher who took t-shirt money from campers to pay for personal debts; 3--taxpayer money is spent in an irresponsible manner, and has been since (at least) the 1980's; and 4--the teaching staff is grossly overpaid. I don't live there, but would certainly vote NO.

Looks as if that St. Mary's education didn't work out too well for you in the common sense department, but it did teach you well about the catholic way: "It's OK to rob Peter in order to pay Paul" or turn the other cheek when a priest becomes a pedophile.

sandtown born a...


themomx6's my reason. Gunner has LIED TO, MANIPULATED, THREATENED, and probably a lot more that hasn't come out, the people of Perkins township. I DON'T TRUST him as far as I could throw him! Until he's gone, I'll never vote yes on any levy simply because I don't believe a word the man says. I voted YES on every levy before he came. Lie to me ONE TIME, and my trust (and support) in you is GONE!!He's LIED numerous times. You want to pass a levy? Don't treat the township like we're a bunch of sheep who will believe anything you tell them. Let us know when the BOE fires Gunner. Until then forget a "yes" vote from the majority of the people.


could you be specific? Many accusations but very little substance.


Unsafe building....LIE

If levy fails school district disbanded..........LIE

No plan for building new school.....LIE

Operating money is gone.......LIE

Pay to play fees............MANIPULATION

Coercing OVH residents......MANIPULATION




Don't agree with you.

Unsafe bldg- asbestos levels alone need to be addressed. Facilities need upgrades of various things.Unsafe isn't always life threatening.

disbanding - if we don't wake up soon it will happen.

no one ever said their wasn't a plan for new bldgs. no plans for this levy though because of lack of money

never stated money is gone now but will be soon;

pay to play is only your opinion

OVH has never resulted in different results at the voting booth.The result have been constant so non issue.


Ware are the numbers for unsafe asbestos?

The disbanding should have already happened, that was the last Levy we voted no to. That was just a scare tactic.

There was lack of money for a new school years ago when we voted NO and money was moved to do it anyway.

paying back over a million dollar loan to Citzen's bank for the new school planes, that we voted no on to begin with.


You keep telling yourself that about scare tactics. I do somewhat agree about the school plan loan but I feel we are throwing money at a bad situation in the old bldg. Any asbestos is unsafe contained or not, In the tile floors, ceilings,and insulation to name a few examples.


"Any asbestos is unsafe"

No it's NOT. If it's encapsulated or otherwise non-friable, it's not a hazard. It has to be able to get airborne to do harm. It's not some sort of voodoo magic evil that can reach out through solid matter to hurt you.

Asbestos is turning out to be the lead paint of new generation. All those millions spent to eradicate it, and here now they discover all the inner city lead poisoning was from all those cars burning leaded gas.

And yes, scare tactics - school boards use them all the time to get yes votes. My favorite is when they claim they'll cut advanced placement classes, which cost NOTHING. The kids who take AP won't take a study hall that period, they'll sign up for an extra academic course, so they'll still be occupying a classroom and utilizing a teacher, so zero savings. The only difference is whether they'll be discussing calculus or sociology. But school boards love to threaten it to make people think that if they don't pay til it hurts, their kids will become failures. It reminds me of the old Commodore computer commercials where the kid returns from college after only a week as a failure because his parents didn't buy Commodore's crappy junk computer.