MetroParks still dealing with unresolved Greenway issues

Apr 25, 2014


(Erie County) MetroParks has a levy on the (May 6) ballot. Before going on to new areas, they should take the leadership role to resolve past issues.

Perhaps they could spearhead coordinating issues necessary to obtaining new deeds for property owners along the corridor once known as the Huron River Greenway.

I am a property owner along the corridor that was officially closed in the fall of 2011. To date, only two property owners have had their properties legally transferred back into their names.

Mick Coles has been working with the auditor’s office, MetroParks and Hartung Title to get the necessary surveying information and other documentation done in order to have the land sections taken by the the MetroParks transferred back to the legal property owners.

During this time, I am sure that both sides have had issues before moving on.

We appreciate everyone’s efforts. However, we wonder how much longer we must patiently wait before the issue is finalized.

I am sure that (the) MetroParks would also like to finalize this issue and concentrate on their many positive programs available to the public.

— Theresa Johnston



Metro Parks IT'S TIME YOU MAKE THIS RIGHT! Vote NO for more money until they fix the property owners titles!

Ralph J.

The Erie MetroParks wants ADDITIONAL money to the current levy.

The lawyers approve of this message. More money for lawyers.

Whiskey Tango F...

Uh Oh! A truth! I know, I know that was a bad bad man that used to work here. He's gone now, so open up your wallets and give us some money! Think about all the baby eagles and furry bunnies that will benefit from your money. For just a few dollars you to can support land grabbing and wrongful use of eminent domain. Luckily Mr. Coles EARNED his resources and was able to fight the war until these criminals were put in line! I wonder which way the people on river road are gonna vote?


I know which way I'm voting. It'll be no on any levy for metro parks until they are accountable to the taxpayers.


Metro parks have done some good things. However this issue will likely get a no vote from me. My wife and I really enjoyed the greenway, and we really wish that metro parks would have acquired the property in a legal manner. Because they did not, it has been closed.

Julie R.

To date, only two of the property owners have had their properties legally transferred back into their names?

That doesn't surprise me in the least. The corrupt Erie County courts ~ knowing my deceased mother & stepfather's house in Huron could not be sold through normal channels unless the criminal transfer of my mother's half seven months before her death was acknowledged and the property put back into her estate ~ sold it at a scam sheriff sale under a scam partition action and a fraud preliminary judicial report ........ and I'm STILL waiting to see how the jokes are going to clear the title.


I was actually on the fence about the levy until reading this. Now I'm a no vote. There's no excuse for this. The current board's failure to expedite the restoration of these people's property constitutes endorsement of the previous board's criminal behavior.