Reader invites Murray Jr., to watch intersection traffic

Apr 23, 2014


I wanted to take this opportunity to respond to Mr. Dennis Murray’s “Stop signs more safe than stop lights” (Reader forum, April 22).

I should first state that you are probably much more experienced in these matters than I am and your stance, in general, is probably pretty accurate.

However, in regards to this specific intersection I think that maybe you should check with those that live at this intersection before taking this stance.

As a 10-year resident of this intersection, I navigate the intersection daily and have been a first-responder on several occasions (including the April 11 accident).

The intersection is definitely more dangerous without the light. Due to the parking on Columbus Avenue, the underpass, and difficulty getting off of Parish, many drivers say a prayer and aggressively turn onto Columbus.

Right or wrong, there are several very close misses daily.

Come see us. We may be able to give you some more specific insight previously not considered. I invite you to come sit on my porch with me from 3 to 5 p.m. any weekday.

We can have a few root beers and I can illustrate in better detail why your current stance may be flawed in this particular case.

— Ron Hile
Columbus and Parish



The city is too cheap to put up another stop light so the city will wait until more accidents pile up before they decide to put the light back up.


So should the City also put up lights at 42nd, 44th, 46th. 48th.? etc. etc. A stop sign is a stop sign .Read it and obay it, end of problem. Or should I say: GET OFF THE PHONE AND DRIVE.


Once again, the city is made up of people who are not taking responsibility for their driving decisions. If one can't see clearly enough to proceed into the intersection, then one should proceed slowly until they can do so safely. The people are not crashing into each other while they are walking, are they? No, of course not because they have a clear sight line.

I watch all sides before I go through any intersection. Just last week a man was riding bicycles with his children and the girl started across the intersection without checking the traffic and had the other driver and I not been watching, she would have been hit because we had the green light on Main at the bypass. The parent was following instead of leading. He was lucky that time.


great letter..nicely written

New mom

Very dangerous intersection without the light I travel that a few times a wweek on columbus and people on parish get tired of waiting and just go. The traffic on parish backs up if your gonna have the post office and job and family services on parish put the lights back up


Well said akmed!