Stop signs more safe than stop lights

Apr 22, 2014


I think this is an excellent opportunity to point out that properly utilized stop signs are statistically much safer than stop lights. (“Injury crash slows Columbus Avenue traffic” Register, April 11.)

If there ever was a legitimate reason for a stop light at this intersection, it long ago faded away.

The problem with stop lights is that drivers race through the yellow and often the red.

A stop sign on the subordinate street (Parish, as having much less traffic) smooths and slows down traffic.

In this case, the accident was not caused by the absence of a stop light but the failure of the driver on Parish Street to yield the right of way.

America’s cities have suffered far too long under the yoke of highway engineers who insist on making highways wider and faster with too many signs and signals, making the surrounding community more dangerous and less desirable.

Cities are populated by people, not cars, and we need to design for them, not just their vehicles.

— Dennis Murray, Jr.



Everyone needs to start paying more attention to their driving and stop the texting, talking, fixing whatever and eating in the car.

Do NOT depend on traffic control devices and start using the brains you have for decision-making while driving!


Part of the issue would be traffic lights are at busier intersections which would obviously have more traffic resulting in more accidents. Stop signs are for intersections with less traffic.


Try convincing the victims on Route 99 and Strecker Road that, or Strecker and Rt 269 or even Portland and Rt 269... traffic lights get more attention than stop signs hands over. Even if someone shoots thru a yellow or red, there should be enough gap between changing colors to aide that to a certain level.


I thought Dennis Murray Jr. was smarter than his letter shows. Maybe his firm likes the resulting lawsuits. People get tired of waiting for a break in traffic and take an unwise chance.