Degnan for fire chief of the Sandusky Fire Department

Apr 21, 2014


Dave Degnan is a captain with 18 years on the force. He was an instructor for EMS at EHOVE. He also works at Firelands Regional Medical Center Emergency Room. He loves people and animals. He recently rescued a dog from the kennel. You can ask him what breed it is. He really loves being a fireman and protecting the people and property of Sandusky.

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Dave’s wife, Rene, works at the courthouse, and they have two daughters; one is married to a Marine. Both Dave and Rene were MPs in the military.

Being 87 years old and living here all of my life, I speak for many of the citizens of our great city. We would like all the jobs filled with local people. There are enough of them here.

Please give Dave your consideration for this job. He would be a great fire chief.

I saw the overpass in the west end, the demolition of the Keller Building, Apex and Sandusky Metal Products, and the restoration of the Reiger Building.

I hope it doesn’t take as long to fill this job. We have a good city manager with Don Iscman. Please keep him.

— Richard Davie



What the heck is this, a campaign?? The Fire Chief is appointed, not elected. Also, Mr. Iscman is interim, not permanent.


Ah ~ this 87 year old gentleman is merely stating his opinion as to why he thinks Mr. Degnan should be considered for a job. I would say the same about his comment regarding Mr. Iscman. He is from a generation of people that cares about their community, wants to be part of the process and has sent a letter stating such. Perhaps his letter would make a difference. No need to scrutinize him for it. He's probably watched the City of Sandusky for the entirety of those same 87 years and all of its ups and downs ~ and still has hope for good things. More people should try and be a positive part of this community and involved in successful solutions.

Jason Werling