Christianity is important this weekend, and every weekend

Apr 21, 2014


Why is it that when actors, athletes or celebrities come out in public and announce they are gay, that people applaud them and stand behind them, yet when an athlete, actor or celebrity publically announces that they are a believer in Jesus Christ and take a stand for Christianity, they tend to be ridiculed, made the butt of jokes on talk shows and laughed at?

I, for one am publically making my stand for Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior. This week is called Holy Week in the Christian faith, because of what Jesus Christ did some 2,000 years ago.

On Friday, which we call “Good Friday” Jesus took our sins and died on the cross as a sacrifice for all the sins of the world.

He sacrificed His blood to take away all of our past, present and future sins, to all those who believe in their hearts and accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior. And on the third day after His death, He conquered sin by rising from the dead on Easter Sunday.

This is not a myth or fairytale. It is recorded in not only the Bible but also by other Jewish historians of His day. In fact our calendars were completely changed to commemorate the birth of Jesus Christ, hence we have B.C. and A. D.

I am not a perfect man by any means. I have made many mistakes in my lifetime that I am not proud of, but by the grace of God, I accepted Jesus into my heart and I know where I will be when my life is over on this Earth.

Churches are not meant to be social clubs, or just a formality or tradition that people do. They are places to worship our Lord and our King and to grow spiritually stronger day by day. We were given the command to go into all the world and spread the good news of Jesus Christ.

Our country was founded as a Christian nation, “one nation, under God”

This Sunday was Easter, the biggest Sunday for the Christian Church.

I, for one want to stand and be counted for as a Christian. “For I am not ashamed of the Gospel of Jesus Christ”

— John Lewis





Hi John: I'm an atheist, but respect your right to worship the god of your choice. Although a majority of Americans now support equal rights for gays, they are still targeted and ridiculed by those who don't understand the cause/nature of homosexuality. They also are quite obviously targeted by religious individuals and religious groups, who ascribe to biblical views against homosexuality.

Millions of everyday Americans - not just actors, athletes and celebrities - find the Bible to NOT be a historical account by any means. There are a dozen or so well-known 1st century historians from that area of the world who do not mention Jesus at all. Furthermore, the gospels were all written 70+ years after Jesus' death, and none are first-hand (or even second-hand) accounts, and their accounts of the crucifixion/ resurrection contradict each other in many ways.

I never knew about any of the above until I became an ex-Christian, and began to read up on it. As Christians, we aren't taught to question anything, are we? We're told that it's true, and we just accept it. For example, it wasn't until later that I learned that the resurrection story is common to many other biblical gods.

There is scientific-based evidence about homosexuality, while there is no evidence whatsoever for gods or other supernatural beings. Until such proof can be provided, there will always be those who ridicule those who believe in things such as gods, unicorns and ghosts. From where I'm sitting, believing in an invisible god is an extraordinary claim, and as such, requires extraordinary evidence.

Dr. Information

coaster, talks more than a bored parrot. Care to link any credible sites to these so called facts?

For someone who doesn't believe, you sure do like to preach. If you don't believe, then why are you against something you don't believe in? Why do you care what others do or think if you don't believe?

Im calling closet believer all the way.

God's not dead, he's surely alive. Happy Easter to everyone.


Yeah, I guess I did come across as a bit preachy. I'm actually a closet atheist, who is testing the waters via online anonymity here. Only a very few people know that I no longer believe in God, since we atheists are looked at negatively by a majority of Americans. That's why a majority of atheists are "in the closet". There are a LOT more of us than Christians would guess...

Ten years ago, I was a music minister in a local church. In 2005, I traveled overseas and learned, to my surprise, that most people in France don't believe in God. Our guide put it at around 98% atheists, and almost all of the churches were now museums or public buildings.

A few years later, I married an atheist, but still kept going to church and still believed. Then, a few years later, I read a story in Psychology Today magazine about priests who no longer believed in God. The article mentioned Richard Dawkins book "The God Delusion". Intrigued, I read the book, and finally asked myself all the questions that Christians never ask themselves - questions that we're never encouraged to ask, because we're discouraged from ever questioning our faith.

My faith, in a matter of days, fell away like a house of cards. I next read "Atheism and the Case Against Christ" by Matthew McCormick, which was a huge wake-up call. That led me to Dan Barker's book, "Losing Faith in Faith: From Preacher to Atheist", which hit home because, like me, Barker was a church musician and composer.

Wanting to be open-minded, I did also read "The Case for Christ", by Lee Strobel, and "God Is Real". Without the pre-conceived notion that God MUST be real, both books came across as silly. You can't use the Bible to prove the Bible is correct. I - for the first time - realized that there really wasn't any proof or even compelling evidence for the existence of God.

We Christians have all sorts of excuses to explain things. If we get what we pray for, we thank God. If our prayers aren't answered, we say "we can't know/understand God's ways".

I used to think that all atheists must surely be angry people, who became atheists because of some unhappy life experience. I'm here to tell you that this isn't the case, for me, or most all of my local atheist friends. Although I enjoy a good debate like many people, I'm the happiest I've ever been in my 50+ years. And I enjoyed "The Book of Mormom" musical a lot more than I probably would have 10 years ago.

I don't expect to coerce anyone to agree with me. I'll leave coercing to the religious folks; that's something they do quite well. I'd just be pleased if they would keep religion out of politics and schools, and quit shoving it in my face everywhere, from Facebook to billboards, to people knocking on my door. Other than at this online forum, I don't espouse my views to anyone...


Coaster is just a miserable person inside his wife probably left him or something devastated him and he hates and blames God. I'm willing to bet he caught his boyfriend cheating on him and it's Christians fault or perhaps a priest got to him. You can tell us coaster we'll be here to support you.


That's odd, I don't feel the least bit miserable. Not as miserable/angry as you do, that's for sure...

Things are fine with me and the wife, and I wouldn't blame God for anything, because I don't believe he exists. I'll be here for you, too, if you need someone to talk to you about your anger issues.


we will be overrun by muslims if obozo has his way. you will convert or die at their hands. i will die in a pile of spent brass before i believe any of that fairytale bs..


Hmm. Obama has been in office for 5+ years. You can toss this silly prediction about "Obama turning us into Muslims" in the trash, along with the equally silly prediction that he will "take away our guns".

At some point, don't you have to realize that the stuff Rush and Hannity say are clearly wrong?

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“Why is it…?”

The answer is simple.

John 3:19 “…light is come into the world, and men loved darkness rather than light, because their deeds were evil.”

John 15:19 “If ye were of the world, the world would love his own: but because ye are not of the world, but I have chosen you out of the world, therefore the world hateth you.”

it’s a real turnabout where you, at one time, had to come out of the closet to admit you’re homosexual, and now you have to come out of the closet to admit that you’re a Christian.

This world says that this is all there is, yet we believe the One who says there's a life after this.

I am an unashamed Christian who will stand for the Word of God until the day I die. I will spend my days obeying Christ’s command to be salt and light to a lost and dying world. A work that every Christian can and must give themselves to.


Hardly. Christians hold sway in most every conversation. If you want to know what it's REALLY like to be a minority viewpoint, try being black, try being Latino, try being gay, try being an atheist.

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Mr. Lewis

The answer is simple. When someone famous proclaims themselves as a Christian, there is no hidden agenda behind their intentions. They're are accepted by the almighty.

When a celebrity comes out of the closet, it's for an agenda. They will do a magazine story (that they get paid for), the press wants in on it. They want to do the "breaking story". It's about money, and maybe not so much about conviction. Lets be honest here. Who really cares who's gay? When someone comes out, people are either "well that's no surprise" or "another one?". It's not even news worthy, in my opinion anyways.

I ask why else do the homosexuals feel the need for us not only to accept their lifestyle, but to embrace it? Someone who accepts themselves don't need the acceptance of others.


+++++ - couldn't agree more!

Dr. Information

Agree, great post and very true JMOP.


I don't think gays want anyone to embrace their lifestyle. They just want people to stop discriminating against them. There is still a sizeable chuck of the American population who believes they should NOT have equal rights.

And it will continue to BE newsworthy as long as there are bigoted people who are JUST as vocal, and until conservative lawmakers stop trying to pass laws that discriminate against them. Understand now?


"I respect your right" said Coasterfan, followed by "although". Typical democrat that knows what's better for everyone.


Our country was not, in fact, founded as a Christian nation, and the "under God" part of the Pledge of Allegiance wasn't in there until the 1950's when it was added as a response to the fear of Communism. The fact that Christians often ignore science and facts are what subject them to ridicule.

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I'm not a Christian, but to assume that they ignore facts and science is a broad assumption to say. I believe they look at the whole picture instead of just pieces of scientific facts. Then again, I'm not a Christian, Its just my assumption of what I see.

Kinda like Coaster who says there are scientific facts about gays and not God? I'm not sure what he means, but should I ask for scientific proof that he loves his wife and trusts her? Some things can't be proven, but are felt.

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The Hero Zone

We are all creatures of belief in the unknown. The culmination of our beliefs make up a life of faith. How that faith is practiced varies from person to person, but even for those who claim to have neither a belief in or a faith around the unknown may not be taking everything into consideration.

When you cross the street as a pedestrian, you can only believe that you won't be hit by a car ignoring signals. You have no proof that it will or won't happen. Maybe in your life it never happens (and thankfully!) but there is still the ability for something like that to occur. After a length of practicing these beliefs, you have faith that you will live a safe life. There is no guarantee of it (nor can there ever be such a thing) so you just have to go on in your beliefs that bad things won't happen.

Now that belief can be expressed as a thankfulness to a supernatural entity or it can be attributed to the person who could have ran you over but didn't. But your relief and reinforcement of your faith continues in either case perpetuating your willingness to cross the street again despite its risk and danger.

To explore more just how/where science and religion intersect, here's few things to read:

The Biology of Belief

The Faith of Biology & The Biology of Faith

What do Scientists Think About Religion?

Scientists & Belief

That's probably enough links for now. When it comes to a portion of my own beliefs, there is no greater celebration of/reason for life than discovery. Questions. The endless opportunity to grow, learn, and discover the amazingly complex universe in which we live. Challenging ourselves and our beliefs is the strongest exercise of them we can perform and there is no greater form of "worship" (as it were) than to do so every day.

Why else do we possess the one trait that other animals don't? No, not opposable thumbs. Rather, the ability to tell a story. Not just about ghosts, gods, and goodness. But even through the lens of science to create theories about or explanations of things and events that are unknown, unmeasurable, or otherwise a mystery?

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Very true Hero!

I've read and seen miracles happen. Scientists and doctors can't offer an explanation as to how or why it happens, but they accept them, and there will always be more questions than answers.

Thanks for the links too.


When someone says homosexuality is a choice, or that the earth is only 6,000 years old, they are ignoring science. When they claim that we were founded as a Christian nation, and then use "one nation, under God" as an example, they are ignoring facts.
Oh, btw, I am a Christian. But not the holier-than-thou, science-disbelieving, and fact-ignoring type that so many are. And obviously, since the OP used homosexuality as an example, he is.

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Homosexuality has not been proven that one is born that way. There's no DNA code found, at least not yet.

The B.C. and A.D. are used as a reference.

The Deceleration of Independence references God. What about oaths? So Help me God, that was first used in 1789.


BC and AD go back hundreds of years to a time when the Catholic Church was quite literally as powerful (or more so) than any government on earth. Most scholars have been using BCE and CE ("before [the] current era" and "current era") in more recent years. I'm not sure why they bother since the dividing line is still the purported birth of Christ! Regardless, it's a holdover of the Church that's since become meaningless to most within that particular context.

The Declaration of Independence references only a "creator." The Constitution doesn't even go that far.

The only oath of office in the Constitution is the one for the President. It does NOT contain the words "so help me, God." That was added by George Washington at the time of his first inauguration as was the use of a Bible. While the oath of office is mandated in the Constitution, it isn't prohibited to ADD to it, and Washington did. Other presidents have merely followed suit, though I suspect most of them don't realize they're just copying Washington rather than taking the official oath of office straight up (the Constitution, by the way, FORBIDS any religious "test" to hold office).


US CONST ART VI requires all state executive, legislative and judicial officers swear an oath of office though the wording is not provided.

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I think you may be confusing the Declaration of Independence with The Constitution (btw, who is the creator that is referenced?). The very first paragraph names God in the Declaration.

I'm well aware of the Religious Test Act, that doesn't require a person to swear on the Bible, or reference God. Which didn't happen till the 50's or 60's. My point was religion played a role in establishing this country.


There isn't a DNA code for a lot of things that are supported by science. The fact is, whether you choose to believe it or not, is that scientific study supports that sexual preference is in inborn trait.
The word God doesn't mean only a Christian god. Nonetheless, the word God isn't in either the Dec of Ind or the Constitution.
No one has to say so help me God, or use a bible to take an oath.


Do you have a citation to a peer reviewed journal to support your claim that sexual preference is an inborn trait?

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His/her “scientific fact” is substantiated because Lady Gaga said he/she was “Born This Way”.


There are numerous studies, some by international groups of researchers, to support this. Look them up.

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The type of feeling that you have toward members of the same sex is NOT an innate tendency. Homosexuality is caused by external factors often related to abuse and parental bonding issues.

Pterocarya frax...

Do you have a citation to a peer reviewed journal to support your claim that homosexuality is caused by external factors often related to abuse and parental bonding issues?

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Still waiting for you and misInformed to provide yours…

For a moment, let’s pretend sexual preferences are DNA driven, are you then prepared to accept all sexual preferences as normal?

Show me a study that claims to have proven that sexual orientation is biological in nature, and I will show you a flawed research design.


Don't believe I made that claim. However I would point out that if homosexuality is genetic in origin it would become rarer over time as the genetic factors would not be passed on in as high numbers as heterosexuality. To evolutionists any trait that is contrary to survival of the species results in elimination of that trait.

Homosexuality seems to be more prevalent in hedonistic societies such as ours. In a society where people are busy trying to survive there doesn't seem to be time for a people to do their own thing. Thus, it appears to me to be an exercise of free will and self indulgence.


Where do you get this information? From some ignorant religious book from the 1950's? These are MYTHS.

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Not only should you feel guilty for sexual relations with a member of the same sex, you should feel guilty suggesting Jesus doesn't mind watching that kind of thing.


you are spouting nonsense and are a homophobic, gender neutral nonentity.


Thank you, Informed, for an outstanding 'to the point' comment.


Churches are meant to be social clubs.
Bomb shelters.
Bingo halls.


You always notice the Atheist go after Christians because they know Christians are taught to turn the other cheek (Actually if you interpret this correctly it does not mean not to defend oneself but more to aggravate the situation by in a way saying "I got another cheek think you can do better"). Why don't they grow a pair and rag on the Muslims for awhile and see how that works out for you? Athiest love to voice their opinions of the folly of religion yet are not firm enough in their opinion to voice it to those who are just as devoted but to another sect of religion and don't mind knocking them in the head to remind them to keep their opinions about religion to themselves.


The truth is that nobody likes a preacher. I don't mean a real minister of any faith here, but rather the man or woman who likes to go on (and on and ON) about what a great guy their personal pal Jesus is.

Don't want to be teased or insulted? Stop teasing and insulting others by incessantly trying to convert them. And for the record, Coasterfan, your little missive above was proseletyzing in every sense of the word, and I don't find you any less annoying than the people who earnestly ask (usually repeatedly) if I've found Jesus yet.


LOL ....or the person who goes on and on and ON about everybody else's preaching.


...says the woman who regularly outposts me...


Hey Lady define "woman" and "outposts".


Yeah, I realize that now, and wish I'd come off a little less lecturing in my initial post. It doesn't change the essential truth of what I said, of course...


Wow. Anyone forget their history? America was founded on the right for EACH person to worship as THEY deem proper.


And without any endorsement by the government!


When I read it, I see it as an equal statement of Freedom of Religion and Freedom From Religion.

And knowing that most of the Founding Fathers (Adams, Franklin, Hamilton, Jay, Jefferson, Madison, Washington) were atheists or agnostics only lends credence to that.

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“Just because you go to church doesn't mean you're a Christian. I can go sit in the garage all day and it doesn't make me a car” ― Joyce Meyer

To some, the word “Christian” is a way of identifying oneself with a belief system, or maybe even a political agenda. For some, it means nothing more than “I believe in a God”.

Going to church does not make you a Christian; nor does saying a prayer, going down an aisle, passing a catechism, telling yourself that you are, or trying to be a decent person. You can only be a Christian if Christ is in you.

Many may call themselves Christians, but are just deceiving themselves.

“Flesh gives birth to flesh, but the Spirit gives birth to spirit. You should not be surprised at my saying, you must be born again.” John 3:6-7

We are all born into this world, but there is a spiritual birth that awaits those that seek Truth.

Jesus is alive! From that day forward I have strived to serve him, believing in His Word and walking in faith and His grace, thanks to the indwelling of the Holy Spirit that all TRUE Christians receive at the time of their new birth.

There is no other religion, no other system, no other philosophy, or any other way to God except through Jesus Christ.