Dianna’s Deli owner deserves better from media

Apr 17, 2014


As friends with the Gonos family I’d like to say I find them a very respectable family. (“Dianna’s Deli owner to prison” Register, April 11).

Honestly, I am not happy with the Register’s display of their plight in the paper. I have known Mr. Gonos for a long time. He has given his heart and love to this community for many years. He has been successful only through hard work and long hours.

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Where else can you go and find the friendliness of the owners and gratitude they show for your support of their business with more than fair prices and good food.

Mr. Gonos was pushed into accepting a deal from the government he couldn’t turn down, right or wrong. He again sacrificed part of his life for his family.

There are mitigating circumstances to this whole story. Don’t always believe what you read.

In the Bible it says those without sin cast the first stone. So as a community member, I will continue to support Mr. Gonos and his family. They have given and been supportive of this community. I ask nothing of them, but they always offer, beause that’s their heart — to serve.

I, for one, would like to extend my gratitude for their success in making our community a better place to live. Their success has helped and brought many jobs to the area.

Please continue to support them. I respect Mr. Gonos.

— Robert Nickester



Are you serious?


Drug abusers, drug sellers, woman abusers and messing with underage girls is respectable??? Come on now do the Gono's and their friends really think the community aren't aware of their actions. We know and like I said before they should be thankful they didn't get busted for even 1% of the other crimes they've gotten away with.


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Why do some think it is okay to break the law and deserve no punishment but others should be confined forever for silly stuff? I have heard horror stories from some of his employees. Busted is busted!! Period!

The Big Dog's back

Just part of living in 2 Americas deertracker.




deertacker, what law? A law that says you can't conduct business so as to preserve your privacy? You should check out some other instances of what is done in the name of that "law."


Define "respectable". These people are no different than Clive Bundy (the cattle rancher) or any of the corporations that steal, lie and cheat from everyone.

"Big Dog is correct>>>"2 Americas".

Then there is the news media that calls other countries "corrupt"! right.

If you aren't part of the 1%...you are either up a creek without a paddle or will be when the Oligarchs have their way. Putin's Russia is exactly where we are headed.


This administration has us running towards it.


You do the crime, you do the time.


You do the time in a for-profit prison, but ONLY if you are poor or sort-of middle class.


Nice to see the readers forum back online. I too don't condone what was done, but agree that the Gonos family are hard workers, and earn every penny that the restaurants generate. It will be interesting to see if any future comments cause the forum to be removed again.


What you say may be 100% true but he still broke the law. I am not sure every penny was actually earned!


Sex, drugs and money....the making of a movie right here in Sandusky!


Wow I actually agree with deer tracker! Great comment bud.


When someone gets caught for illegal activity, let's remember that they CHOSE the behavior and there is no excuse that makes it ok.


Reading signs, let's think about that. It was once illegal activity to help escaped slaves, to refuse to participate in school prayers, and for black people to sit in the front of the bus.


I just wonder how many people here break the law , but just have not got caught? I bet we be surprised. I really don't care what the Gonos do in there private lives as long as there restaurant is clean and the food is safe to eat.Get a life people!!!!!!


Welcome to America! Now pay your taxes or leave!


Hey Bob I like the family to talk to them every time I going there but guess what I have to pay my taxes you have to pay your taxes why the hell doesn't he have to pay his taxes. So why would you feel sorry for him.


Jerry, they weren't convicted of not paying taxes. They were convicted of not being adequately inviting to a government colonoscopy to see if there was a way to squeeze more taxes out of them.


Also I would be interested in hearing the other 1% of the things they do wrong I would like to know more.

AJ Oliver

I don't care who is involved - if you trash someone, do it under your own name. Otherwise, it's like being back in Jr. High all over again - with apologies to all those mature Jr. High kids out there . .


You just can't get over your identity fetish, can you?
Identities only matter when you can't engage on the issue.
Those who keep harping on identities either suffer from the conceit that own identity adds weight to their words, or are looking for hooks on which to hang ad hominems. Which one are you?


The story didn't paint these people in a bad light...it simple told what happened to them. They didn't make it up...they REPORTED the outcome of what happened. If the story made them look bad, this family had no one to blame but themselves. You cannot sugar coat what happened to them and bend the news to make what happened look one way or the other. Then every one would be screaming "biased reporting" would they not?

It seems to be that 18 months is nothing and probation for the boys is nothing. The father won't be in for the full 18 months either and we all know that. Probably 9 months if he is lucky. As soon as the debt is paid off and the government gets theirs...a few months later, he is off the hook. That is all the government wants anyway.

The family has always been nice to us when we go in to their restuarant as well. But when you do a crime, you do the time, as many have already said. This is the USA...right or wrong...you pay taxes on ALL income and you declare what you get. Everyone knows you can't carry more than $10,000 EVER since 911. They should have a bank in Greece and wire transferred it. You will get caught every time. It's obvious someone turned these people in and they were being watched.

So don't be too shocked and don't blame the paper for printing the truth about what happened. Just give your friends the help and support they need and be there for them, but don't blame the messenger for the bad news. That is the fault of your friend. As for his concern for his kids and their drugs more than the money...I am with him. At least his priorites are straight.