Closing of west side fire station angers resident

Apr 16, 2014


I was surprised to read that despite pleas from West Side residents, the city commissioners would not change their minds regarding closing the Venice Road Fire Station. But then, should we be surprised?

Not really, since not one of the commissioners lives on the West Side of the city.

I think it is very sad that the vote for closing was unanimous. In other words, not one commissioner stood up for the West Side area.

So it is obvious that the welfare of not only the residents of the West Side, but also the businesses, nursing homes, factories and school mean nothing to the commissioners.

But I am sure you will want votes from the West End residents when you are up for re-election. These businesses are in operation 12 months out of the year, not just during the winter months. The months of May through October are the busiest months of the year, and yet that is when our fire protection will be at risk. Who came up with such a bone-headed idea?

Many years ago, when the West Side was annexed to the city, the residents were promised (by the city) a fire station to protect them. That is why the station on Venice Road was built.

Yes, commissioners, there are still residents who live on the West End that remember that promise. Now that promise is being negated — what a shame. How can we feel protected when the response time will be longer? Your refusal to use emergency funds is shameful.

A person’s life is priceless. And yet the commissioners seem to have put a price on the lives of the West End residents, and that price is non-negotiable. How sad.

— Susanne Lemert



The writer makes a very good argument for Sandusky moving to a ward system to ensure representation of all residents.

My Opinion is...

Very well stated, Susanne, and I couldn't agree with you more! Once they opened the Overpass (which, by the way is the Stupidest Design Ever!) it seems the Commissioners stopped caring about us West Enders. Maybe we should send the Commissioners a formal Notice - don't bother sending re-election junk mail or yard signs to the West End because you get what you give.


West Enders need to stick together. Time to form a Tea (House) Party!


oh yea!


When will people realize that elected officials do not care about the voters, they care about the money and kickbacks.

JT Adams St

A number of Sandusky residents have already met to discuss an increase in the admissions tax for the purpose of keeping the city's three fire stations open 365 days a year. The next meeting is scheduled for 9 am, Saturday, April 26, at the central fire station. A notice will be posted in the Register's community events calendar next week. Our goal is to place an admissions tax increase on the November ballot through a residents' petition. Anyone who is willing to support that effort is invited to attend the meeting.

If the commission believes that Station No. 7 can be closed some months out of the year, they believe that it can be closed permanently. Emergencies on the west side do not occur on a schedule set by the commission. So, the commissioners' willingness to close Station No. 7 for even one day suggests that they view it as redundant. Therefore, in the absence of new revenue sources, or a new city commission, Station No. 7 is doomed.

Any support that west side residents and businesses are willing to offer in our effort to keep Station No. 7 open through an increase in the admissions tax would be greatly appreciated.

T. A. Schwanger


@JT Adams Street.

I do not mean to throw a monkey wrench into the effort to increase the Admission Tax. I agree a raise is necessary to pay for City services tied to tourism (streets) and horticulture (300 diseased, dead or dying trees).

However, doesn't is seem odd now that the City budget has been approved and the public has shown overwhelming thumbs down to an income tax increase magically there will not be layoffs in the fire department and #7 will be closed "only occasionally"--an income tax increase tactic used several times in the past.

As I stated during the first Admissions Tax meeting. Sandusky has a $4 million dollar carryover balance for 2014--in 2009 the carryover was $3.1 million. The hysteria being created over reducing safety services and other essential services is smoke and mirror politics aimed to increase taxes, whether income or admissions tax.

Be very wary of giving the holders of the purse strings too much money to squander. They are good at it.


Is it even necessary to petition for an admission tax increase now that all four fireman are going to keep their jobs? It is all about the firemen being used as pawns in the tax hike so more revenue can be collected from the people. Now that the issue has been resolved, why give the city more money to spend. Increasing the admission tax percentage is giving way too much to the fire/police departments no matter what the increase may be.

Ralph J.

In 2001 a group of citizens in Sandusky, Ohio tried to change the city government to a mayor/ward system. This site tells about that election. The site remains for others to use for research or to learn what can happen in their own fight for change.

JT Adams St

Thank for you for the post. Since Messrs. Murray and Brady have sworn themselves to silence on an increase in the admissions tax, and since Mrs. Farrar has indicated her support for an admissions tax increase, we can at least hope that the commission won't send out a letter opposing an admissions tax increase.

Stop It

Who would want to go to Cedar Point if they have a fear of getting beaten and/or robbed, to or from? CP needs to pay for infrastructure to sustain itself and the city in which it resides.